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Nazis And SJWs Agree: Anti-Semitism Is What The Hip Kids Do


Anti-Semitism is wrong because it identifies the wrong threat, crucifies the wrong scapegoat, and leaves the worst problems intact while claiming to solve the problem. In addition, it makes us murderers or murderers-in-waiting of men, women and children who have a place on this earth, even if not among us.

The above image shows the enemy, the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) agree with a white nationalist that Jews are “the” problem of our civilization. I wish it were that simple, but I am grateful that it is not. Our problem is our own. It is our error, and we cannot blame anyone else. Until we take responsibility for that, we are lost.

Our civilization suffers under decay. The primary vector of this is individualism, or the choice by the individual to prioritize convenient mental reasoning over that which benefits the society as a whole, as if it were an organism.

We fail when we identify a scapegoat, such as Jews or bankers, for what is a systematic failure of our civilization. Our failure is individualism; it spreads like pernicious death among us, corrupting the good and emboldening the bad.

Of course the Left endorses anti-Semitism, even through its cryptic form of anti-Israelism, because that deflects from the evil that has corrupted us. Leftist ideas have broken our back, corrupted our society, and made heroic people into liars. Even if you murder every Jew in the world down to the last child, that will not be fixed.

Let us posit instead a better vision:

Each group acts in self-interest. This is natural and logical.

For this reason, groups cannot combine. Diversity and globalism are dead.

Instead, each group must find its destiny. What is our destiny?

Perhaps it lies more in the glories of the ancients, who fought for the rightness of prospects related to reality, than to the modern vision, where people humble themselves for social popularity.

Therein lies our failure.

We can beat this, but it requires discarding assumptions.

No one did this to us but ourselves. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that.

What we must do is overcome the evil within us, not external threats. We are the only force that can defeat us.

But to go to victory, we must stop looking at external symbols and scapegoats, and start analyzing our own failures.

Are we brave enough?

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