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Periscope (November 26, 2018)

  • The Anti-American Americans

    Let’s review this again: Leftism is a messianic ideology based in the idea of equality, which is both a signal of the goodness of the Leftist (altruism, empathy, compassion, love, peace) and a way to use herd behavior to conceal the bad behavior of the individual. This means that the root of Leftism is individualism and the desire of the individual to overthrow any standard larger than the individual, including but not limited to culture, hierarchy, values, morals, common sense, long-term thinking, and awareness of the consequences of the actions of the individual. For this reason, Leftism attempts to interrupt any realistic thinking, or that which is based in measuring results in reality instead of how people think about something, because those create standards and hierarchy. What this means is that, by virtue of its messianic approach and being ideology itself, the Left opposes whatever was working before Leftism came along. Nature is not equal, so it is bad; traditional culture was not equal, so it is bad. America was not built on equality, and therefore, it too must burn, even if most of the Leftists saying this are merely being trendy and showing off their plumage so that others like them because they are iconoclastic, different, unique, etc. despite those, like the altruism of the snake oil salesman and social signaling of the politician kissing babies, being obvious clichés of fake behavior. For this reason, all American Leftists have always been anti-American, but in the past conservatives were still too strong for these Leftists to publicly admit their hatred of their origins.

  • Americans don’t trust their government, its institutions, or each other. This is not a good place to be

    Nitwit Leftist observes that we are moving from “a high-trust to a low-trust society,” not realizing that the research predicts that diversity does exactly that. Diversity destroys social trust and that causes people to become polarized and look for others to be in their gang to help defend them against the chaos that we all know is coming. So now we have the Left saying, “Look, we wrecked your society… but what are you going to do about it?” The answer is to un-wreck it and then implement rigorous physical removal of anyone who thinks that equality is a good idea in any way.

  • Study: Over 20 years, Silicon Valley workers’ median wage has fallen by 14%

    Leftists took control of government and implemented high tax policies all around, while changing the law in 1965 to dump immigrants into our country, probably as a response to the abuses of unions during the 1950s, which picked up where they left off after the 1920s and 1930s in wrecking businesses with strikes in order to transfer more money to people who did not deserve it nor could make a business case for the economy supporting their demands. This created a clear dichotomy: hire native-born for much higher rates, which you can pass on to your consumers, or hire foreign, charge the same prices, and pocket the difference. Since people are self-serving creatures — especially the most publicly “altruistic” ones — this meant that the new norm for the cutting edge because hiring foreign just enough to bulk up profits. Now, Windows 10 cannot ship a functional update, none of Google’s stuff has worked right for a decade, and most web sites seem to be security nightmares, but in theory tech is still leading the economy. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Arizona to sell you…

  • Liberal Jews are still turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism on the left

    White people instinctively hate Jews because they are a crasser version of ourselves and thus, they succeed brilliantly with a crowd while laying down hidden future problems that only we can see. A white — and by that I mean Western European — artist will agonize over the right color to use to portray the crucifixion, where a Jew will be simply pragmatic and point out that orange is 52% more popular than any other color, so use that and the picture will sell for more. This offends our inherent sense of heroic aesthetic idealism to life, but we cannot argue that it is not true, because the Jewish mind is astute in achieving a bottom-line minimalism of what is real. They succeed relentlessly through that, while white people seem endlessly caught up in attempting to find perfectly correct answers to problems that are no longer the great questions of building an epic civilization, but spam of the everyday tedium of modernity, which we avoid because to see it would make us despair of life itself. Having thus dispatched with the reasons for anti-Semitism, and how it is about Us and not Them, it then makes sense to say that Jews are struggling with the same internal conflict that whites are, which is that Leftism is the ultimate popular idea that makes a crowd swoon, but we who have IQs above 120 also realize that it is a path to suicide, so we have moral and practical reservations about even selling it, much as we might sell weed to the neighborhood kids but draw the line at cocaine, heroin, and PCP… Leftism is attempting to take over the Jewish people just as it is assaulting Western Europeans, and it intends to destroy them just as surely as it destroys every other group that it touches. Leftism is how nature checks rapid rise, and it attacks intelligent populations and turns them into third world ruins, because (as the wisdom of nature knows!) third world populations will not develop technology on their own and thus their ecological impact will be minimal. Those of us who rise above that standard, like Icarus, must be careful not to fly too close to the sun.

  • The Steward of Middle-earth

    Tolkien, Lewis, and the other Inklings were among the most important writers of the 20th century because they pushed back against modernism — a creation of the individual and thus of individual consensus, which required materially objective and tangible observations like science to exist — with a sense of the mythological, metaphysical, and transcendental as derived from observation not of the tangible but of the pattern-order discernible within it. In doing so, they rebuked The Enlightenment™ and pushed back toward the times of Plato and Homer, when Western man at least had more spirit and a greater sense of decency than the world wars, giant markets, and vast mass culture elections could support. The connection to mythic imagination that they found echoes the basic idea of nihilism, namely that there are no universal truths, only esoteric discoveries. That nihilism leads, paradoxically in the way that in life a cause often does not resemble its effect, to a discovery of eternalism and the world of pattern languages introduced by Plato, leading to a mytho-historical view that

  • Migrant caravan: Mexico to deport group which stormed US border

    Trump made a lot of promises, knowing that he was speaking over the long term since our system is based on impediments to power caused by internal conflict rather than strong power. We live in a democracy, after all (a liberal democratic republic, for you “but muh republic” types). Through diplomacy and the use of market forces, he is slowly setting up the scene where doing the sane thing becomes rewarded while doing the insane receives punishment through lack of opportunity. Mexico has seen that there are benefits to working with us, and none to working against us, including that we may simply withhold certain rewards that Mexico would like to be entitled to. As a result, people are snapping out of the stupor of rights and equality and becoming more realistic, which is the Triumph of Trump that history will remember.

  • Science Fiction writer claims the Lord Of The Rings series is ‘racist’ because it discriminates against orcs

    This is top-tier trolling. By claiming that a fictional book is “racist” against fictional races of evil beings, he has pointed out how the fear of “racism” is blind to the question of whether we should accept individuals simply because of their membership in another race, without looking into their moral character as individuals, and of course the broader question of diversity. For example, in a society of orcs and elves, do the laws protect good or evil? Obviously neither, so you end up with the anti-standard of pluralism, which is why diversity destroys social standards and removes social trust and goodwill.

  • Trump threatens to close Mexico border ‘permanently’ after US police fire tear gas at migrant caravan

    This caravan provided Trump with excellent opportunity: if the Left makes the border a problem, close it; we do not need it. Others may need it, but if they are not stopping the problem, then they are part of the problem. Let those who are interested in solving the problem work together.

  • Police face-off with tribe in missionary killing

    This clown world nonsense shows us exactly how Leftism works: one guy violates the rule of the tribe, knowing the consequences, and then faces those consequences. The rest of the herd then pushes their way in, demanding “justice” that actually simply means that they will force themselves on these people, force these people to obey herd-rules, and destroy anything unique that is going on there. A sane world would view the Sentinelese as having autonomy and this missionary as having assumed the risk of death, and so would leave his corpse where it is buried. The fact that a Christian in America believes in universal morality and decent burial has zero bearing on what happens on Sentinel Island. Our clown world has just told these people that they must accept our sickness because their lack of it makes us feel as if we might after all, possibly, be wrong.

  • China is buying good press across the world, one paid journalist at a time

    Following the lead of Genghis Khan, the Asiatic empire extends its reach to journalists worldwide. They probably found it even easier to bribe journalists in America, where Leftists — all journalists are Left-owned, at this point — believe that Russia is the threat, not China, and are following Hillary Clinton’s lead of making profit by selling the country to the Chinese.

  • Mother falls from border fence, impaled by rebar during illegal crossing with kids

    Our journalists found out long ago that humans respond to stories of other humans in distress even if those other humans brought the crisis upon themselves. In our first example, an illegal immigration invader from Guatemala scales a border fence, falls due to her own incompetence, and skewers her buttocks on rebar, then gets hauled off and saved by the domesticated Anglo and his EMTs. In the second, some guy who stole a car 34 years ago and got off light due to an administrative error is finally asked to serve the rest of his nominal sentence. In each case, we are expected to think of Jesus on the cross, and not Pharisees manipulating the system for their own benefit.

  • EU to UK: Lose-lose Brexit deal is best you will get

    We let the wise fools design a vast labyrinth of laws in order to make themselves feel clever, and have missed the big point: the UK is going on its own, and whatever the EU does to the UK, the EU has ended as a practical experiment. No wonder everyone in Brussels is grim. Their free ride is coming to a stop.

  • Charter, Comcast don’t have 1st Amendment right to discriminate, court rules

    This court ruling essentially says that if a minority group produces a product, you must buy it or we assume that you are discriminating. Expect this case to be a huge battle as the defendants point out that there are other reasons to want to avoid the product. This echoes the failings of affirmative action, which fails to recognize that a minority candidate may be rejected for reasons other than his minority status, but Leftism government wants to force integration at all costs.

  • Ukraine-Russia tension escalates after Russia seizes Ukrainian navy ships in Azov Sea

    World Wars always kick off in the peripheral territories used as buffers by empires made unstable by diversity. Maybe this will escalate, or maybe not; Russia clearly wants to own Ukraine again, and Western Europe wants a buffer zone against Russian tanks.

  • German prosecutors charge Chinese-born engineer in industrial espionage case

    Prison ethics rule international politics. That is, everyone wants to be top dog, just as in a wolf pack or monkey troupe. Therefore, whoever is on top will be under constant assault from those around him, unless he manages to either kill them all or so definitively subjugate them that they have no hope of challenging him. This drives humans into a madness to have the most people and money so that they can have the most power, figuring that this will bring stability, but it does not. Instead, it forces them to constantly defend. If they exterminate all their competition, they will fragment from within; if they do not, they will exhaust themselves constantly fighting the others. The Chinese, addicted to the chess-playing forward paranoia of the East, seek to dominate the West through subterfuge, subversion, and infiltration. Slowly, slowly the democracy-addled brains of the people of the West are realizing this. Slowly, slowly they are figuring out that ethnic loyalties are stronger than oaths to constitutions, economies, or national citizenships. When this knowledge trickles down, diversity will end, thanks to China.

  • Trial set to begin in deadly white nationalist rally

    Leftists remove Confederate statue; Rightists protest, and Leftists — with the encouragement of police! — attack. Rightists defend themselves, and one drives off in a panic, colliding with another car. Someone, perhaps aided by a steady diet of Newports and vegetable fats, dies. Now we have a national dialogue where most of the focus centers on how bad white nationalism is. We clearly live in a Leftist regime, and those of us who dissent from the Regime are the outsiders, while those who support “muh equality” in any form are allied with the Regime. When do we overthrow this controlling, parasitic regime and restore a sense of oh, I dunno, civilization itself?

  • Polish prime minister says US is only real guarantor of European security

    The EU, who are crazy in the way that all of Europe has been since the malevolent virus of democracy entered normalcy, want to create their own superstate and have a superpower military to support it. Poland, since it is on the periphery of that and will be used as a buffer state, wants instead to continue American hegemony. In the meantime, no one is focusing on the persistent enemies we have gathered at our borders and how to conquer them and drive them away so that we can do our own thing without these incompetents interrupting us.

  • 10,000 girls and women in Finland have undergone FGM

    Diversity. To people whose minds are overthrown by the virus of equality, it means that all people are the same except for the stamp we put on them at the factory, and that stamp consists of our legal, political, and economic systems, not who we are, including our inner traits and the world to which they correspond. For that reason, the befuddled useful idiots of the West imagine that they can import the world, transform them into Europeans, and then rule the world because we have everyone here and everyone loves us. Obviously, this is social thinking, not realistic thinking. Now, we when we find ourselves shocked that these other groups have not been magically transformed, we have to ask, what assumption deluded us so thoroughly that we thought this would work? It was never about Them, and always about Us, and our ongoing class warfare as proles and merchants attempt to suppress our natural aristocracy so that mass rule can replace rule by the competent.

  • An aging America: Old people will outnumber children for the first time in the country’s HISTORY

    This tells us all that we need to know about Leftism: despite producing the biggest baby boom in history, sexual liberation and Leftist social order made a society so miserable that those did not reproduce at replacement rates. We have gone down a fatal path.

  • Mueller report will be ‘devastating’ for the president: Frequent Trump defender

    Mueller will portray Trump in a light that will be “politically devastating” but not reveal illegal activity. We knew that already: the Left is throwing as much mud as it can to portray Trump as corrupt, when they are merely defending their own Deep State corruption against those who wish to shine light on it.

  • ‘Robin Hood’: The Biggest Blockbuster Bomb of 2018

    It turns out that people — especially the American middle class who make up the most reliable consumers — are losing their taste for take from the rich and give to the poor style films. As history tells us, the hunting preserves of the aristocracy in fact were conservation projects that isolated much of the countryside from the development that democracy, in its zeal for constant growth and inclusion, will now perpetrate upon it. People are even stopping to think that maybe those aristocrats knew something instead of merely being pampered rich people with strange tastes.

  • Hate Crime: Driver Targets Jews In Hancock Park

    Some guy named Mohammed Mohammed goes full Grand Theft Auto on people in Jewish neighborhood. What do we do, when the diversity hates the other diversity? No one has a solution except to double down on our non-functional laws.

  • Salvation Army Bell Ringers With ‘Aryan’ Patches At NWI Walmart

    Hell’s Angels volunteer to be bell ringers for the Salvation Army, but wear Confederate and other outsider symbols on their jackets, prompting much hand-wringing, soul-searching, and other irrelevant drama.

  • Russia warns US against deploying new missiles to Europe

    All of the recent developments in Europe concern this fact: the USA has checkmated the Russia advantage in sub-based nuclear missiles by deploying nukes to Europe. This means that if Russia does anything weird, inbound warheads will quickly erase it from the map. That in turn means that Russia has to play nice in order to avoid escalation. Russia, predictably, hates this, and has begun attempting to exercise power in Ukraine and Poland so that it may eliminate Europe’s buffer zone. The EU, being run by incompetents at life who did well in school and at telling people what they want to hear, sees this as its chance to break free from America and become its own superpower, at which point China-Russia will promptly invade and make it a colony. It is time to see democracy as the suicidal insanity which it has become, since power reveals us and when given power, democracy showed us its inner core of hatred, envy, revenge, and herd behavior.

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