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  • Coronavirus breaks out in third German slaughterhouse

    Airborne blood seems to be a problem. Cities with a lot of knife and plastic shredder killings will feel this one hard.

  • French prosecutor opens investigation over suspected Monsanto file

    According to Le Monde and other French media, Monsanto built up a file of some 200 names that includes journalists and law makers in the hope of influencing their positions on pesticides.

    Like our adversarial legal system, where the defense and prosecution war it out without regard to what is true (much), our adversarial political system forces all participants to behave like lobbyists, and so you get this kind of manipulative behavior.

  • Far-right groups doxxing residents reporting stay-at-home violators

    Protesters of Washington’s stay-at-home order to slow the coronavirus rallied again Saturday at the state Capitol while some residents who reported stay-at-home violators said they’ve received threats after far-right groups posted their personal information on Facebook.

    One group publicizing the names, the far-right Washington Three Percenters, has promoted the stay-at-home protests and one of its leaders spoke at Saturday’s demonstration. State officials said the groups likely acquired the information through public records requests.

    “Far-Right” = Constitutional originalists. Anyone not supporting the neo-Communist regime is Hitler. In the meantime, Leftists doxxed conservatives for years and the media nodded and winked, so why should we care now?

  • China tries to calm ‘nationalist fever’ as calls for invasion of Taiwan grow

    War is inevitable. China can have 1.5bn citizens starving at home, or mobilize everyone toward a new conflict and stimulate their economy, just as the USA did in WW2.

  • Macau bans annual Tiananmen Massacre photo exhibition

    Fomenting that “nationalism” (really: revanchist) sentiment. Genghis Khan is alive and well, and as always the solution is to form an alliance to isolate this enemy until the dubious system of control they are using collapses, much as the Soviets did. We all pay, again and again, for the great egalitarian dream. It seems to be the major flaw in humanity.

  • Scientists Find The First Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive

    After the ecocide, these will take over and dominate the world. At that point, with no more mountains left to climb, they will adopt democracy and self-destruct. Maybe sentient rocks will rise after that, but they are inherently democratic.

  • Man assaults HEB cashier over meat limit purchasing

    These are the voters. They want a lockdown because they fear the coronavirus, not entirely illegitimately, but then they find themselves surprised as supplies dwindle. No one gets to a good place through democracy.

  • Shopper in Swastika Mask Posts Video of Quarrel with Santee Deputies

    The bearded man, who goes by “Dusty Shekel” but confirmed his real name is Dustin Hart, uploaded the 14-minute clip to BitChute, a service that the Southern Poverty Law Center says hosts “hate-fueled material.”

    “We were peacefully protesting all the crazy lockdown rules that have been and are continuing to be enforced here in San Diego, California,” says a video description. “These crazy rules are destroying any quality of life we had left. Now we are unemployed and literally have nothing better to do and nowhere else we are allowed to be.”

    In a 7-minute confrontation Thursday with two sheriff’s deputies, Hart says in the video: “We have a Nazi for a governor. Now you guys are here, literally proving my point.”

    Cool provocation, point probably lost in a multiracial society. Should have used Communist flags, but then they would not have been newsworthy, would they? In another five years, people are going to paint swastikas on blighted buildings just so the city will remove them and replace them with another Harriet Tubman or Holocaust museum.

  • Indonesia condemns abuse of fishermen aboard Chinese boats after release of corpse video

    China (in English): we want peace and worldwide prosperity. Have some defective masks.
    China (in Chinese, out of the side of the mouth): conquer the world, kill the roundeyes.

  • Finnish basic income scheme lifted mental wellbeing: study

    Finland’s basic income scheme, which paid the unemployed a small salary regardless of whether they also found work, did little to encourage recipients into employment as hoped, but it did help their mental wellbeing, a first major study of the trial found.

    2,000 Finns sent free money replied on a questionnaire that they thought it was more likely great than not. When the Right talks about high time preference, it refers to the tendency of nitwits and Leftists to praise something for having an immediate positive reaction without looking at the long-term, including whether it achieves the goal (ending poverty, the never-ending quest) or has major disadvantages.



  • New Zealand PM: No open borders for ‘a long time’

    After a few months of this, people will notice something. Or rather, the absence of something. Their lives will not be less rich and the lack of chaos will be enjoyable. Internationalism (globalism/diversity) has died in our hearts from a lack of utility. If the rest of the world but Western Europe vanished or went to another planet, what would we miss? We can make our own burritos and smartphones.

  • US senators want to halt immigration, just when the economy needs it most

    A good start, since people will also realize here that life is better without it. It is also pure common sense to stop bringing in foreign people when a pandemic is afoot, but this scares the Left and RINOs who want to keep “muh economy” going strong so they can borrow another $23tn to waste on entitlements.

  • Canada: DNA discovery lends weight to First Nations ancestral story

    Race and DNA are OK when used to prove that a pet group still exists in admixed form, which is another way of saying “does not exist.”

  • Elon Musk threatens to move Tesla out of California, then files lawsuit

    Business fleeing corrupt Leftist states would be a good thing.

  • Filtering out toxic chromium from water

    Give democracy a century of bribes and lobbying and your water will be toxic too.

  • Anti-gay backlash feared in South Korea after coronavirus media reports

    In times of stress, people attack the Other, in whatever form it takes.

  • Stricken coronavirus nurse: ‘Gross negligence’ has patients dying at NYC hospitals

    A nurse working the front lines of the coronavirus battle at New York City hospitals says “black lives don’t matter here” — and “gross negligence and complete medical mismanagement” are causing patients to die, according to a disturbing new video.

    The health care worker, identified in the YouTube posting and by a pal as Nicole Sirotek of Elko, Nevada, said that when she tried to advocate for her black and Hispanic patients, she was quickly taken off their cases — and witnessed basic medical flubs that proved deadly for others.

    Sounds more like the participation trophy generation is dedicated to following procedure, not achieving positive results. “I did everything I was supposed to,” is what you expect to hear from people coming out of authoritarian states. The race angle is a perceptual mistake since more minorities are dying from this coronavirus than whites.

  • Trump: ‘We want to terminate health care’

    Donald Trump on Wednesday said he still supports a Republican-led lawsuit before the Supreme Court that seeks to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Trump wants to crush entitlements because he realizes the high cost is what has made the middle class dependent on living on credit and driven away business. Three-quarters of our budget goes to this nonsense, and it still has not eradicated poverty or lack of healthcare or come even close. We are fighting the wrong root cause and bankrupting ourselves in the process.

  • Government is holding back Covid-19 data to avoid panic – report

    The Sunday Times reported that the government’s strategy to keep crucial data from the public comes after an earlier model on which the country’s strict lockdown laws was heavily criticised.

    President Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, Khusela Diko told the Sunday Times: “We don’t want to put these models out to the public as if they are the gospel truth.

    “There is an element where we want to avoid panic in communities, and we’re also mindful of the stigma of the virus.”

    This was the society praised for its handling of the pandemic?

  • Boost to hopes of finding life on Mars as scientists discover network of ancient rivers

    Everyone sane wants to leave Planet Moron and go to Mars at this point. We can start over, and try again, and this time hope that equality does not eat up our hopes and leave us with only dystopia.


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