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  • New High in U.S. Say Immigration Most Important Problem

    People react to problems when they are either completely irrelevant and are hyped up to conceal actual problems that people are afraid to tackle, or when those concealed problems actually threaten to change their way of life. We like to think of humans as having free will, but really, we are like yeast or moss, reacting to stimulus in our local area and oblivious to anything else.

    That makes sense, when you think about it, since we have no influence beyond our local area, but democracy does not, since it asks us to pretend that we do. In reality, most people live in very small worlds, and most of those are relatively nice white middle class places away from the trailer park, ‘hood, and tenement ghetto. However, diversity has finally made it to these places, not in the sense of more crime statistically but in the change of day-to-day culture to be more alienated and atomizing.

    Diversity destroys social trust. For that reason, people are fleeing it and now, almost a quarter of Americans admit that it is the biggest problem facing our nation, because it will tear up the past that we had and do so quickly. You cannot walk back from genetic destruction, and more than anything else, this is the issue that people are finally identifying. We are being replaced. Our society is being destroyed and replaced.

    Everything that we care about is going away, and for what? More tax money, more people to buy iPhones, more Democrat votes?

  • Report on Japan pension shortfall spurs anxiety — and a closer look at the system

    We are going to find out that we never could afford entitlements — widely adopted since the 1930s in the US and 1830s in Europe — but paid for them through debt, high taxes leading to high cost of living and low wages, and deferring investment and infrastructure payments, creating a society rotting away from within. In the name of paying for socialized medicine, welfare, free public education, and retirement, we have bankrupted our society and left a ruin for our descendants. In the USA, much of this burden falls on the states, and the first of the high tax states are experiencing a massive exodus of the wealthy that will leave them unable to afford their own entitlements.

  • Arrests over lynching of India Muslim man

    Diversity not working so well anywhere. In fact, wherever it goes, conflict and murder follow. You would think that the voters would take note of this and avoid it, but we must be different, at least in their minds. While the voters languish in lazy bloated mental denial, diversity advances because people think it flatters them to support it. Only gradually do we realize that 99% of our electorate is totally incompetent for the job of leadership and should be disenfranchised. India is showing us the way, because their hybridization with Islam has produced centuries of torment and zero success. The same is true of diversity anywhere and everywhere.

  • The Boomers Ruined Everything

    The political ascendancy of the Boomers brought with it tightening control and stricter regulation, making it harder to succeed in America.

    Boomers took the ideas of the Greatest (spit) Generation and turned them into dogma, which allowed them to apply those ideas outside of context, resulting in hippiedom instead of merely old fashioned murrican “freedom” and “independence.” Suddenly, we found ourselves saying that if our society was dedicated to freedom, we needed to subsidize everyone so that they were free.

    Ironically, the solution is simple: remove all Leftist programs, especially the Keynesian tax-and-spe(n)d wealth transfer programs. With those gone, we return to natural selection and natural rights, and sanity is restored. True, the Irish will end up gone, as will the Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Jewish, Cyprian, Algerian, southern French, Egyptian, Amerind, and African. Then again, we are heading that way inevitably. The second American conquest will begin rather than end with genocidal purging. In the meantime, people keep blaming capitalism for the problems of Leftism, specifically the subsidies which make the underclass an important market and rewards whatever they will buy.

  • Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

    Silicon Valley hires “professionals,” which means the obedient cucks who memorized everything that they were told to, and these people tend to favor Leftism because it makes an audience swoon. As it turns out, they are unprofessional, in that they took this from a personal preference to a business policy. Basically, they realize that their time is ending, and they want to retain whatever audience they can by showing off how “enlightened” and “woke” they are. This will not work, but they do not care; they are at Google for eighteen months and then headed on to another Silicon Valley moron sweatshop. Let us face it: if Iran nukes the San Francisco area, we will miss nothing.

  • George Soros to target far-right in eastern Germany

    Soros is the figurehead. The real action is NGOs targeting normal German voters with propaganda about how diversity is good for you.

  • Andy McNab: ‘At 16, I read my first book – and it changed my life’

    In our moron society, the intelligent give up on reading because idiots have dominated literature, academia, and journalism.

    I soon learned that the reason I hadn’t been able to join the army as a helicopter pilot, as I had hoped, and had ended up in the infantry instead, was because I had the literacy and numeracy levels of an 11-year-old. I had no idea that I had a reading age that low; I had just made words up when I didn’t know them, and usually ended up getting them wrong.

    It was just before I turned 17 that I read my very first book: Janet and John Book 10. I can vividly remember the sense of pride and achievement I felt. It was meant for primary school children but I didn’t care. I had read a whole book, and I was hooked. From then on I read anything and everything I could get my hands on.

    Let us hope that he found Brave New World and now is ready to overthrow democracy.

  • Clegg: Facebook to set up its own ‘court’ for content moderation

    Journalists bloviated on about how “cyberspace” was like its own country. Now they are shocked, shocked I tell you, that it will require parallel institutions to every one we have out here. Maybe we should send journalists back to get actual lit degrees.

  • Austerity and inequality fuelling mental illness, says top UN envoy

    As usual, the Left has it backwards: mental illness is fueling inequality, and austerity has momentarily paused The Great Roman Holiday Free Stuff Giveaway because that has failed to dent inequality despite sixty years of trying.

  • Half of supermarket packaging not easily recyclable, study finds

    Why should we recycle? So that we do not feel like murderers of our environment, of course. It is not profitable. If we stopped diversity and entitlements, we could afford the best recycling program in the history of humanity.

  • Japanese sign up for DNA matchmaking as country faces demographic crisis

    Twenty-first century arranged marriages, but the principle remains. Traits are heritable, so find someone like you, and you will have the greatest possible chance of compatibility. Comparing hobbies and playlists cannot compare.

  • N.J. library planned a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour.’ Then came 2 days of nonstop phone calls.

    People do not want ideological correctness. They want practical function. Having nice, heterosexual, and normal kids works; coming up with some transgender fruitbag of a child pleases no one of a functional outlook. Not surprisingly, the Globohomo We-Are-All-One agenda is not finding fans in the functionalist suburbs.

  • Muslim women defy ban to swim in burkinis at French pool

    Oh what a brave Rosa Parks™ style protest! Just kidding, it is just another special interest group advancing its control through victimhood. Send them all back.

  • Two-thirds of Tory members believe UK areas ‘under sharia law’, as poll reveals scale of Islamophobia in party

    They are not wrong. When one ethnic group rules them, the standards of that ethnic group will prevail, even if it is the dreaded anti-feminist sharia law.

  • deletes hotel from website after owner accused of writing racist messages

    Maturity: people do not like those of other groups.

    Immaturity: we must force everyone to like everyone else, or equality will collapse!

  • ‘It’s totally unfair’: Chicago, where the rich live 30 years longer than the poor

    What drama. In reality, higher IQ correlates with greater health. It’s almost like that Darwin fellow was onto something.

  • ‘White supremacy’: popular knitting website Ravelry bans support for Trump

    We must all social status signal so that it feels like society is coming together, when really civilization has failed and we are all wimping out on what must be done to restore it.

  • Police arrest 44 suspects over sexual abuse of girls in Yorkshire

    Conservatives say that diversity will result in ethnic warfare through crime and rape. Somehow, we have all this rape around. Must not be diversity. If it is, we have to give up on the whole idea of equality going back to the peasant revolts, and that means a lot of Leftists with no purpose in life any longer.

  • Israel Folau’s campaign shut down by GoFundMe, donors to be refunded

    Which is more important, culture or the universal human morality descended from Enlightenment&trade-era ideas of individualism? Apparently the latter, because even those from other cultures must BOW DOWN AND OBEY our mandate that everyone be equal, no matter how useless or contra-reality their behavior is.

  • Arabs are becoming increasingly irreligious

    It turns out that if you create a theocracy, and it ends up impoverishing everyone and failing to reward the good, it makes people bail out on not just your government, but your religion as well. They all want to get out of theocracyland and be rewarded for their contributions not their obedience. At some point, religion becomes an ideology, and this serves as a lesson for all Traditionalists who hope that simply bringing back Jesus everywhere will solve the problem of civilization. Alone, it will not.

  • Border Patrol finds four bodies, including three children, in South Texas

    Does Trump have his border crisis yet?

    More than 132,000 people were stopped while crossing the border illegally or presenting themselves at legal ports of entry in the month of May — the most in 13 years, U.S. Customs and Border Protections officials said.

    Thanks to Leftist NGOs, the flood continues unabated and in fact increases in intensity. If Left and Right issued a uniform statement of DO NOT COME HERE, this would drop off, but the Left resists because they depend on third world voters for their own permanent power. This is legal corruption on a massive scale.

  • Estimation of methane emissions from the U.S. ammonia fertilizer industry using a mobile sensing approach

    Despite all the Leftist bloviation, our pollution is caused by industry, in this case industrial farming, and not animals. We have too many people. It will be our doom unless we are ready to start cutting some out of survival. Grim but real.

  • White population of the U.S. shrinks for the second year

    Create a great society, invite people in, and soon they replace you. Typical democracy eventiture.

  • German police confiscate 4,200 liters of beer from neo-Nazis

    Anything to keep the population united on the democracy, equality, and diversity (D.E.a.D.) that will eventually destroy it. No tears; nothing but dreams now.

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