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  • DHS boss McAleenan accused of opposing, leaking planned ICE raids

    This is what a “deep state” means. A whole cancer shot through the entire government and industry of people who have made each other popular by repeating lies to each other, and now defend those lies against anyone else because those lies are the source of their power. Consequently, they sabotage everything done by the few sane people. Physical removal will be necessary.

  • Anticholinergic Drug Exposure and the Risk of Dementia

    It turns out that being prescribed antidepressants in middle age can create an almost 50% risk of later developing dementia. This follows up on earlier research which shows a similar link, with long-term antidepressant use factoring in as a high risk behavior.

  • Homeland Security Secretary Alex Azar urges Congress to act on the border crisis and blasts the ‘false narrative’ on deplorable conditions at shelters

    The Left has been playing this two ways: insisting there is not a crisis, but creating entirely false hyped-up accusations that the detention centers are concentration camps. A saner perspective might see a population charging across your border illegally and taking over the vote as being a major crisis, but the Left wants the results of this one.

    ‘We have a humanitarian crisis at our border. We’ve got families and kids flooding across our border in unprecedented numbers,’ he said.

    ‘We’re full and we’re running out of money. We need this money to take care of these kids,’ he said.

    ‘I can’t put a kid in a bed that does not exist and I cannot make a bed that Congress doesn’t fund.’

  • Further Decline in LGBTQ Acceptance among Americans Ages 18-34

    The LGBTHIV+ community is about to discover the high cost of associating themselves with (a) the neurotic Leftists that make most of want to shred someone and (b) the ruling deep state and its “GloboHomo” agenda and narrative. Instead of being rebels, the LGBTBBQ+ are now part of the Establishment, and since the Establishment is failing in everything it does, they are rightly reviled. The best it gets for homosexuals+ is Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We tolerate you — a 1.6% minority — in exchange for you keeping your practices, which gross out normal heterosexuals, very very quiet. You get a gay district with bars and clubs and restaurants and we leave you alone, but you do the same to us. Homosexuals broke that covenant by joining up with the Left, which was part a reaction to moronic “muh family values” conservatives from the 1980s who thought that the solution to high taxes, mandatory college, promiscuity, and a dying culture was to pick on some gay people. Moron planet is a painful place to live, and anytime proles are in control, we are moron planet because the smart people are hiding out waiting for the nightmare to end.

  • Trump blinks on immigration, failing his supporters one more time

    Trump has been moving forward with delicate steps. He faces a hostile media and panicked herd of deranged Democrats who already think that he is Hitler, Stalin, and Enrst Stavro Blomfeld all in one. He is about to get a break: due to his lack of doing anything too extreme, media interest in Trump is dropping like a rock, which gives him a chance to go ahead and just do things instead of announcing them, which reeks of manipulation. He will have to wait another couple weeks.

    In the meantime, his base gets fired up each time he announces something, and then gets disappointed. As in 2018, his weak spot is that he will not have done enough and people will not get out to vote for the Right, and he is allowing the Democrats too much leeway here in my view. It might be better to push America to the point of open revolution instead of letting the Democrats delay his vital activities so that his voters stay home. They know that we need more deportations in order to raise the cost of coming here. The other half of what they must do, Trump is doing well, which is reducing the benefits of being here.

    If the Supreme Court takes out affirmative action, or Trump reverses its interpretation (“disparate impact”) with an XO, the pincer strategy can function: more risk of arrest at the border, no guaranteed good easy life here. And in the meantime, in a first Mexico has sent its military to the border in order to avoid USA tariffs, which sees Trump yet again achieve his goals through indirect action, so his “let’s make a deal” “4D chess” seems to be working out better than we might have thought.

  • NATO calls on Russia to destroy new missile, warns of response

    NATO wants to treat Russia like a lapdog, getting its oil cheaply through the Nordstream 2 pipeline in order to break free of America, but then keeping Russia from dominating the region by using the threat of American military force. Basically, Europe is in the hands of not just charlatans but incompetent charlatans, although the real bastards are the voters who put them there. They forget that while to them, it is a question of representation, to Russia it is a question of dominion. Either Russia rules Germany, or Russia is threatened by Germany, and so while the childless neurotic cat ladies of Europe bicker and chatter around the issue, Russia is planning to move its tanks into their nations. They will be shocked when this happens, of course, but will pour another glass of box wine and rationalize it somehow. It really is time to get the middle class out of politics.

  • Men’s fertility irreversibly damaged by age of 18 thanks to Western junk food diet, study finds

    This article is mostly woo, because it advocates the usual Leftist dream of “a diet dominated by fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit,” but it makes a bigger point: something, probably multiple somethings, is crushing fertility in the West. Much of this may be the “averaging effect” where we measure a multicultural group and conclude that the healthiest tribes within that group are having a loss of function, when in fact lower function is normal in other tribes who are averaged into the results. The bigger point here is that whatever we are doing is not working, and it affects people early on. Maybe less time in class, breathing car exhaust, watching television or vidya, fewer packaged foods, fewer vaccines, and more confrontation with life itself will help. At least walking five miles a day would be a good start.

  • ‘Climate apartheid’: UN expert says human rights may not survive

    These wailing neurotics never stop:

    The world is increasingly at risk of “climate apartheid”, where the rich pay to escape heat and hunger caused by the escalating climate crisis while the rest of the world suffers, a report from a UN human rights expert has said.

    Yes, if you have money, you pay to escape the disaster (which is actually that we are using too much land, covering it in concrete, and then polluting it with internal combustion engines). In the meantime, the disaster has been caused by the surging numbers of poor. The rich did not do this to you; just as you did before the French Revolution, you have reproduced past the carrying capacity of your environment.

  • Men arrested after alleged Atkins attack

    White nationalists get on Grindr and lure in weird creepy pederast who wants to have sex with a fifteen-year-old boy. So far, so good. Then they beat him; jailarity results. This is a good initiative but must be approached carefully, since you are detaining someone under threat of violence. Better to just get the whole thing on video when a pederast/pedophile finds himself confronted not by a pre-teen twink but four haired, tattooed nationalists who look ready to eat him.

  • The Existential Threat of a Democratic Texas

    Cucks keep trying because they have been “educated” to think that this behavior is “rational”:

    Seeking to win back Latinos, Republican elites may sabotage immigration enforcement and champion the return of the pro-amnesty policies suggested in the 2012 autopsy, thought to have been killed by Trump. No wonder Ann Coulter is so pessimistic.

    They are thinking linearly. Latinos will never vote Republican. The only solution is to find a way to drive Latinos out before they dominate the vote. The author himself mentions that the best Latino vote has only been 34% for the Right, which as they become a majority, means the Right will never win again.

  • Disabled grandfather is sacked by Asda after colleague complained about him sharing an ‘anti-Islamic’ Billy Connolly sketch on his Facebook page

    1. We live in a “free” and “open” society, except that when you notice that free/open means failing, you face totalitarian repercussions.
    2. Never, ever tell your employer about your social media accounts; if they bring an account to you, say “that’s not mine” and “they’re using my pictures but it’s not mine” as need be. Never admit to anything, never apologize, never resign.
  • American Library Association to remove Dewey name from medal over his anti-Semitism and misogyny

    A truly free and open society would be able to tolerate dissent and dislike between groups, but instead, we have become enforcers of the idea that everyone is the same so that we can justify our free and open society, which is no longer free nor open. Instead we have many symbolic victories, every day, for the ever-expanding quest for human equality, an idealistic and Utopian religion that will consume us. Will we ever escape this tedious, repetitive, and circular time in history, or are we doomed forever to repeat the same actions and expect miraculous results despite a legacy of complete failure?

  • Americans’ plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows

    This is not the news; people during the 1990s reported on this as well and it crops up every couple of years. Recycling is expensive. It is usually not only cheaper, but more energy-efficient to simply make new instead of recycling all that paper, glass, metal, and plastic. We could fix this by limiting the types of packaging we use. We are already cutting down on paper, at least for printed materials. However, when we are a subsidized marketplace rather than a culture, much of what we do consists of entertainment, advertising, and other methods of soliciting business. We did better under the aristocrats, who owned everything and meted it out as sponsored monopolies, restricting competition and thus, the sheer amount of waste produced. A sane aristocrat might replace fast food with cafeterias, drive-throughs with walk-ups, and raise the price of cars to keep people using public transport instead. No one will consent to that until the disaster really raises its head, and that will require hundreds of millions of casualties, something the food and water wars — and ensuing disease — will be only too happy to supply.

  • Thomas dissent rips into Kavanaugh SCOTUS opinion – over racial politics

    In Flowers v. Mississippi, Kavanaugh wrote a 7-2 majority opinion overturning a sixth conviction of a cold-blooded murderer who was convicted of killing four people 23 years ago. Although he was convicted with evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt, in Kavanagh’s view the jury pool was racist.

    The big point is this: no one wants a jury of anyone other than people like them: religion, ethnicity, culture, race, class, political outlook, lifestyle.

  • Morrissey reaffirms support for far-right party and claims ‘everyone prefers their own race’

    Diversity is so dead. People are pulling back from it at light speed and kicking the Overton Window wide open. They did this by, instead of saying nasty things about other groups, pointing out that diversity is a logical paradox. Either people are equal and there is no need for diversity, or they are unequal and diversity will intensify class warfare; if people can assimilate, then none of the benefits of diversity will be conveyed, but if they cannot assimilate, then diversity is warfare and genocide; either culture is values and can be taught, in which case we can simply send our equal people to foreign countries to learn their ways and bring them back, or culture is genetic, at which point diversity is genocide which will obliterate the advantages of any nation (seemingly this is why it is so popular; no one gets ahead of the herd, and each person has the right to intervene anywhere).

  • Ford, GM don’t make the most ‘American-made’ car. Here’s who does.

    Do you ever wonder why the American car industry, which once led the world, is now basically a falsehood? Here is your answer: unions killed it. If you wonder why your car is basically a NAFTA product, thank a union.

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