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  • Mike Tyson Reveals Disturbing Details About His Children’s Hatred Towards African Americans

    Apparently “it hurts him because his children do not like black people and only date other races” which he considers to be a result of his own example (“I look at my daughter, I see she’s attracted to white guys, and I think, ‘I didn’t set a good example as a black man’”) which he hints may be sexual addiction (“I’m not faithful enough. I’m just not that kind of guy. I don’t care about nothing enough more than my dck, so how am I gonna be faithful to somebody?”). Perhaps it could also be that a white audience made him rich and important, and this reflects on what his daughters see as important. The job your father works defines much of how you see the world. Being in a world of ethnic Other — in this case, white people — means that your ideals become confused. Diversity helps no one and hurts everyone.

  • Swiss Stock Exchange reveals 80% of traders influenced by Trump tweets

    Concentration of media into a single channel means that the channel in question has more power than any other source. We have never had this much communication from our Chief Executive as we have with Trump, and he has used Twitter as a policy tool beyond the imagining of previous administrations. Perhaps this is the promise of the internet, briefly shining before it vanishes in a falling house of cards from censorship, monopoly, and the stupidity and callowness of the average user. Nu-internet is terrible for the same reason public restrooms are: they are equally open to the public, which means that the homeless people with schizophrenia, pedophiliac urges, hepatitis, heroin addiction, and diarrhea are in there just like the nice people.

  • Earth bacteria may have colonised other solar systems

    Life wants to expand. It serves a role in the universe that, at this stage in its development, the universe may need. That which expands constantly needs to also increase complexity — using a few structures repeated in novel ways — in order to maintain its internal balance and not fall into randomness or repetition.

  • First case of new China coronavirus confirmed in Japan: health ministry

    The epidemic begins. Luckily, this will mostly clear out cities if it gains ground. Unfortunately, modernity can fight most epidemics with prompt medical care. However, that only applies to the first world. Could natural selection be fighting back against our equality inversion?

  • HISD staffers caught on camera dancing, dressed provocatively during holiday party

    Massively diverse minority-majority city continues to reap the fruits of social breakdown. Soon it will be an epicenter of monosyllables, promiscuity, drug use, corruption, and crime. Oh wait, it already is.

  • Even when sober, frequent marijuana users are dangerous drivers, report finds

    About ten percent of marijuana smokers are interesting and self-reliant people. The rest tend to be selfish slobs looking for escape from a life made of their own terrible decisions. Not surprisingly, slobs tend to be bad drivers, and the ability to engage in mental sloth while high conditions their sober reactions as well.

  • Lev Parnas Says Mike Pence Was Tasked With Getting Ukraine President to Announce Investigation Into Bidens: ‘Everybody Was In the Loop’

    The Democrats advance the argument with this impeachment that no one can be investigated for crimes if he is a Democrat candidate for office. If Biden was engaged in corruption, he should not get a pass just because he is running for office; doubly of importance, he was not running for office at the time of the investigation. Trump may get his “drain the swamp” and “because you’d be in jail” moment if this one takes down a Democrat political machine, as we suspect the Obama-Clinton gang have been running for some time. The swamp fights back with claims that withholding aid is illegal, claiming that “the President is not vested with the power to ignore or amend any such duly enacted law” but not mentioning that he also has duties to administer the laws correctly, which would prohibit giving aid to any known corrupt entity. The official statement claims that the “withholding was not a programmatic delay,” but fails to mention that discretion is involved whenever a fiduciary duty is present. Of course, this will be an entertaining legal battle culminating in the Left still having unconvincing candidates, since everything that they demand is failing across the world.

  • FBI arrests 3 suspected white supremacists on federal gun charges

    Government relies on media events to keep the proles occupied and fascinated by what is otherwise simply propaganda staging. The state of emergency in Virginia means that they will arrest many people, confiscate guns and other things, and charge them with dubious accusations, simply to keep the Narrative message of “nationalist bad” out there in the public eye.

  • US lawmakers concerned by accuracy of facial recognition

    Some technologies “misidentify women and people of colour.”

  • Investors see smoother path for U.S. stocks as Warren’s election odds slip

    Warren wants a wealth tax, which will force people to sell investments, including ownership of their own companies. This backdoor socialism will in turn have devastating effects on the markets as ownership passes to small shareholders for short-term holding, which creates the worst aspects of corporations, namely a desire for short-term profit and pumped up value without regard to long-term health of the company, the industry, or the nation. Naturally, if she moves on and less radical voices prevail, economic health will remain higher. People should remember that Bill Clinton got ahead by being Leftist in image but avoiding as much radicalism as he could, simply because he knew that “it’s the economy stupid” was more than a soundbite. Interestingly, Hong Kong shows the same thing, namely that the more government you have, the less economic health (and culture) you have.

  • No cancer cells detected: First major step to recovery for British boy in Singapore for experimental treatment

    Perhaps we have another metaphor for the twenty-first century in the form of stimulating the immune system. This therapy creates a receptor that binds to cancer cells, inducing the immune system to attack them. If we are intelligent, we will find something that attaches to “equality” so that anyone talking about this dangerous brain-virus gets attacked by the herd and driven out of society covered in tar and feathers. Were we to do this sane and easy thing, we would reverse our civilizational path toward suicide.

  • One in four countries beset by civil strife as global unrest soars

    Liberal democracy continues failing across the world as the poorer countries encounter the grim reality that they cannot pay for first-world style entitlements programs, resulting in instability. As union pension protests continue in France, farmer protests roil across Europe, and the United States appeared divided in 1850s levels of alienation, it has become clear that liberal democracy has entered its final stage. Now we decide whether we rebirth our civilization, or go down screaming in flames as democracy always does and end in tyranny, which means rule for the convenience of those in power without regard for the health of the nation except as a means to the power of the tyrant. Kings, or Stalin? This question will dominate our political future.

  • No one knew why the kids in 2 Amish families were dying suddenly. Now researchers have some answers

    For decades, conservatives have argued for a Benedict Option or retreat of The Remnant into strategic hamlets to ride out the decline. The Amish are often cited as inspirational. Here we see the problem with that strategy, namely that like any species cut off from its natural environment and roaming range, small populations like the Amish become doomed by inbreeding. We will have to reconquer our civilization instead.

  • Russia’s ruling party approves Putin’s pick for new PM

    Putin chooses a replacement who made his career by successfully collecting lots of taxes. This enables Putin to rule from the shadows. While the West will foam and moan over this, it reflects the reality of rule in a low average IQ, third world style warlord society like Russia, and will lead to continued stability. Whether or not Russia can implement an upward breeding scheme to raise its average IQ, drive out the bad, and replace them with the good remains to be seen; it will take centuries if it happens, since Russia is starting from behind with a population of escaped Western European serfs hybridized with Asiatics, Turks, and Semites.

  • D.C. Fire Department recruits might be making “white power” hand gesture in photo

    A few recruits made “OK” hand signs. In the best scenario, they get fired and sue, win, and after millions change hands, government accepts that the “OK” sign may or may not mean “white power” but is an entirely acceptable political and social position, similar to identity politics for other tribes.

  • U.S. threatened Europe with auto tariffs over Iran nuclear program

    The usual wishful thinkers out there celebrate the Trump idea of “America first” because they thought it meant less war. They were correct, but now they see the price. America now demands that other countries do what it needs, instead of allowing them to behave as is convenient with America picking up the tab. If you want us to like you, you have to do what we need you to do. In the long run, keeping Iran impoverished will cause regime change and bring more stability to the region.

  • Thailand to File Complaint Over China’s Dams Choking the Mekong

    When the food and water wars come, people will reflect on the absurdity of our previous policy of not managing these resources. They are best managed by keeping the human population low so that we do not place stress on our resources or the massive ecosystems required to support them. You do not have clean rivers full of fish without vast acreage of wild forest upstream. Clean water will not be available if anyone can dam, pollute, and fish in a river simply because it runs through their territory. Humanity will have to start managing resources, which means saying NO to some of those who want to use these resources. Expect warfare and revolutions.

  • EU raps Russia for saying Poland helped start World War Two

    Unfortunately for the EU, good evidence exists that English and Polish collusion started this war in a series of bungles and “clever” deceptions that backfired. Further investigation may show that democracy initiated this war to conceal the instability of democracy, which is inherently self-consuming and therefore needs constant wars to keep itself from collapsing, much as we saw after the French Revolution. When you create a society based on individual desire, the resulting disunity makes it dysfunctional unless you have a constant crusade to mass mobilize the citizens.

  • Video shows man hanging large swastika in subway station

    Man trolls media by making large swastika out of transit flyers, then hanging it on a wall in front of a video camera. As someone remarked jokingly some time ago, inscribing a swastika on something may be the only way to get media and government to pay attention to its condition. People are going to start drawing swastikas on every broken door, glitching parking meter, and abandoned building in order to get government — which is drunk on the orgy of entitlements and powers granted by the civil rights jihad — to pay attention and fix the mess. L L L

  • 38-Month Long Progression-Free and Symptom-Free Survival of a Patient With Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Case Report of the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) Used As a Stand-Alone Treatment after Failed Standard Oncotherapy

    It turns out that a traditional diet — the “paleolithic ketogenic diet” (PKD) — may potentially alleviate some of our modern health problems. In any case, eating less sugar and bread seems to work wonders for people who were otherwise generally of ill-health.

  • The rise of Japan’s ‘super solo’ culture

    Modern life proves so completely alienating that people are choosing to pursue a life alone. This phenomenon makes an appearance makes itself known in the West also.

  • Anonymous internet posters successfully sued in Ontario court for defamatory comments

    Connecting everyone in the world together simply revealed how much everyday hatred and resentment lurks among us. Consequently, the pendulum swings back toward punishing those who abuse their voice and slander or libel others. However, this misses the big point, which is that we need a society oriented toward a realistic depiction of events. Some of the slanders and libels are partially actual, and we would do better to pursue the best description of our world that we can, warts and all. After all, several centuries of lying and propaganda have done us no favors.

  • ‘OK, Boomer’ makes a Supreme Court appearance in age case

    If you do not have enough civil rights mania in your life, now ageism becomes a political issue. We did better with strong culture than we have with all of this government, and now the red tape piles up even higher, increasing misery.

  • Twitter apologises for letting ads target neo-Nazis and bigots

    We are seeing the beginnings of the nationalist market as a niche to which advertisers pitch products. This will not happen under any banner tainted by neo-Nazism, but it will happen under populism, which combines libertarian economics, reactionary traditionalist social conservatism, and nascent nationalism into an identity politics for The Remnant: we want to restore Western Civilization, be ethnic Western Europeans, and cease concerning ourselves with the problems of others, since at any time most of humanity is oppressed, impoverished, war-torn, corrupt, infected, and confused by its own lack of mental organization. All we can do is organize our own minds toward the good, and the first step is unifying and being recognized. Today Twitter bans ads for populists; soon, however, they will see that this is a growth market and the cutting edge of youth culture and independent middle class living.

  • In Seychelles, nature is prized above mass tourism

    Our species slowly shifts its thinking from individualism to the value of places. A stable, orderly, and mostly natural area will be worth more than most other areas, so while not everyone gets to be rich, the society in that area is able to enjoy the value of tourism without self-destructing. This achieves a balance that we cannot have when anyone who can purchase land develops it, and soon the familiar wallpaper of fast food, big box stores, hotels, gas stations, and government buildings takes over the landscape.

  • Domino’s Pizza, Burger King and Pizza Hut chickens ‘bred to be in constant pain’

    The problem with lies is that at some point, they are uncovered. Unless you go full Asiatic tyrant and exterminate everyone who knows the truth and destroy all evidence, at some point someone will poke around and stumble upon the obvious but denied and concealed. It turns out that our prole-oriented business model proves to be totally destructive, not just to the poor chickens but to us. Doing things the right way costs more but has higher quality; society either orients itself toward quality, or constant internal improvement and increase in complexity, or quantity, where there is a constant lowering of standards to include everyone and a corresponding increase in disunity, disorder, disorganization, and dysfunction. Modernity reminds me of urban Hell.

  • China’s deal to buy more US goods is ‘distortion of the market’, Europeans complain

    The media occupied itself whining about impeachment, so most have missed the trade deal with the greatest impact in a century. Trump broke the triangle where the USA bought European products, China bought European products, and the USA sent all its labor to China and paid for European defense. This allowed Leftism to flourish worldwide and shows the triumph of the Clinton plan for world Leftist government. Now Europe must stop cruising on the past, since its only viable products are BMWs and cheese, and China must inherit the results of its declining labor powerhouse, since by applying modern government it has raised costs and killed what made it rich. In the end, entitlements will decline worldwide and Austrian economics will come back into focus after years of speculative, conjectural, and inaccurate monetary theory based on the Clinton-era idea of “fast money” and demand-based economics anchored in the selling of national debt as an asset.

  • UK company to sell knives with square tips after sharp rise in knife crime

    At this point, the UK is playing whack-a-mole with its rising diversity violence. Ban guns, they turn to knives; ban knives, they turn to clubs; after that, your cities will break out in an epidemic of violence by rock, bottle, fist, bomb, and vehicle. There is no way to end this cycle except by escaping it, which requires abolishing diversity, since before diversity, none of this violence existed.

  • NASA May Have Found the Goldilocks Planet of Goldilocks Planets: TOI 700 d

    More on the place that humanity needs to go that is only a hundred light years from here. We would be thinking about this more seriously except that we have been engaged in bickering over equality for a millennium now, but when we snap out of that, there we will go. Or rather, someone will. Whichever nation manages to beat back the egalitarians and focus on reality will conquer the rest, and then send its most promising members to the new world, leaving behind the rest to slowly devolve back into apes with the remainder of humanity. Those will do nothing but watch the night sky in silence until one of those points of light gets larger and crashes into the sea, swamping most lands and blocking the sun in moisture until few hominids remain. At that point, nature will restart evolution again, hoping like a drunk middle manager on holiday in Vegas that this roll will turn out to be the big win.

  • Trump rails against refrigerators and promises cleaner dishes

    People have known since the 1990s, when Bill Clinton adopted the disastrous EnergyStar regulations, that the new “environmental” dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, and stoves are ineffectual and probably waste more energy than the older versions, not to mention lasting a tenth as long, obliterating any efficiencies they might claim. However, since EnergyStar is “green” and the media rages on about climate change every twenty seconds, voters remain afraid to touch the issue. Now that Trump has broken the ice, maybe we can get rid of the mountains of paper and rules that do nothing and focus on something simple, like making gadgets that last fifty years or longer, since the manufacturing cost of these is most intense in emissions, energy, pollution, and physical waste.

  • Smog in southern Europe sparks car bans and street protests

    Our miracle technologies had a downside but this has been suppressed in order to keep the Narrative of denialism intact, namely the notion that everything is going well and we have achieved “progress” to greater states of wealth, enlightenment, happiness, and other hollow superlatives. Instead, we are finding that everything has an arc; between when it is adopted and you see its consequences, great profits can be made, but then everything comes crashing down. Our illusions are falling together simultaneously: modernity, liberal democracy, equality, diversity, globalism, world government, pacifism, altruism, and most of all, the notion of one truth that fits all of us. Let us celebrate the death of illusions, since those are the greatest evil because they lead us away from sanity into insanity and then leave us unaware that we should be doing something else until we have forgotten how.

  • Guatemalan leader says Mexico plans to contain new caravan

    Trump, in the classic conservative style, defers accountability, responsibility, and reward to whoever is local to an issue and capable of producing the most granular, particularized solution.

  • The UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria has warned the children are in a “particularly precarious” situation.

    The League of Nations intended to resolve problems between nations; the United Nations hopes to govern all of humanity according to “human rights,” or forced equality in all affairs public and private. No one who stays in this agenda, which is toxic like the EU and even the United States is to the South, will escape its implosion.

  • German lawmakers push to ban flag burning

    Germany wants to ban burning of foreign flags and the EU. After the American flag, it seems that EU and Israeli flags burn the most. As usual, the bureaucrats hope to limit the diversity by restricting certain actions, but they confuse that with pointing the diversity in the right direction, namely because everyone knows that foreigners will never be Germans, only imitators. This especially irks and harms the foreigners.

  • Climate threats now dominate long-term risks, survey of global leaders finds

    They focus on a symbol for other problems which are far bigger, such as ecocide and civilization collapse. Maybe instead of looking at problems, we should figure out where we want to be and then head in that direction. In the process, we can design around, fix, or otherwise avoid these crises.

  • Incredible, secret firefighting mission saves famous ‘dinosaur trees’

    There is some good left in the world, Mr. Frodo.

  • NZ Gun Buyback Scheme Lacklustre Results

    Governments are comprised of bureaucrats; if you do not have bureaucrats, you probably live under a king who has delegated local lords (dukes, barons, marquises) to manage territories in a nice pyramidal leadership structure. Bureaucrats like dumb, obedient, fearful, and neurotic people who cling to the bureaucracy so it can write itself whatever checks it wants, hire more bureaucrats, and change society however is convenient to its continued power; essentially, bureaucracy is tyranny, albeit of a slower and less concentrated form than, say, full Stalin. The bureaucrats in NZ think like most bureaucrats, which is that the System is good and therefore they must look for aberrations and anomalies and squash them, so all bureaucrats love gun control and banning sources of fun and joy like alcohol, tobacco, and freedom of association. However, two-thirds of gun owners “lost” their weapons instead of handing them in. They know, as we know, that liberal democracy is unstable and one L.A. Riot type scenario away from anarchy, at which point it is good to be able to kill anything that comes down the driveway before it gets a shot at you.

  • For First Time in 26 Years, All U.S. Metros Enjoyed Income Gains

    The Trump agenda kicks in strong. Imagine how well we would be doing if we banned unions, gutted the Administrate State comprised of administrative agencies like the FDA, instituted a 10% flat income tax and sheared off everything but the military, science, and infrastructure from the federal budget.

  • Among Black and White Young Adults, High School Completions Are on Par, Study Finds

    We have dumbed down high school to the point where everyone graduates, but then has a worthless degree. Gaps remain at the collegiate level, so they will make that free and dumb it down next, then move on to destroying graduate school. At some point, you will have to jump through hoops until age forty to get an entry-level job above minimum wage.

  • Warren makes debate case: Democratic woman can beat Trump

    Elizabeth Warren thinks she can win on the SJW, women, and minorities ticket. In the meantime, most missed this:

    “She said that Bernie stated strongly that a woman can’t win,” Trump said. “I don’t believe that Bernie said that, I really don’t. It’s not the kind of thing Bernie would say.”

    All of this simply makes it clear that with diversity and the necessarily resulting identity politics, no election will ever be decided on real issues again.

  • Resolution to add Frederick County, Va. to West Virginia passes Senate

    As Virginia swings to the Left, the remaining normal residents want to escape to West Virginia. This feels very War Between The States II, since we are seeing a great sorting across America between those who want normal life and those who want ideology. The ideological types, who are denialists asserting that the failing regime is still good according to its Narrative, will cluster in high population areas where people make money by convincing others to buy value-added products; the normal are heading toward a lifestyle of independent homesteads, freelancing, buying ingredients and cooking at home, owning guns, low taxes, and voting against civil rights, socialism, and all other egalitarian tropes. We can see mass defections happening now, and the West Virginia resolution acknowledges this.

  • McDonald’s still rejects reusable mugs — but promises change following customer outrage

    The fast food model, like all of modern society, caters to individualism. Why cook, when you can buy some mass-produced stuff and throw away everything you use to eat it? No dishes, pots, pans, napkins, or silverware must be cleaned up. Now that fast food has become ubiquitous, however, its purveyors find that the audience includes normal people who would prefer something less environmentally destructive.

  • Flame retardants and pesticides overtake heavy metals as biggest contributors to IQ loss

    Good news! We beat a few of the thousands of toxic chemicals in your world thanks to industry and disposable products, driven by the need for constant economic activity to keep the egalitarian regime afloat. No wonder everyone seems incompetent; pesticides and flame retardants (for the safety! for the security! for the lazy parenting!) have made everyone retarded, at least, more retarded after that the mind-drug and brain-virus of egalitarianism has done to them.

  • ‘Bullet holes’ found at black German MP’s office

    Everyone knows it, no one will say it: Germans should be ruled by ethnic Germans.

  • South Africa to strip refugees’ status for any political act

    For all those “civic nationalists” who believe that “assimilation” can happen so that the new raceless citizens will equally carry on the “values” (read: political, economic, and legal system) of the ethnic Western European founders of their nation, look at how easily laws are changed to invert their original meaning. Your “freedoms” will go away quickly, and you will end up in a typical third world kleptocracy, since that is what happens when there is no unity in the population, and diversity erases unity.

  • It’s just bad, Satya Nadella says about CAA

    It turns out that it does not matter what genetic background someone has; to get vested in the System, they must preach the equality doctrine, which then makes them see workers as little cogs that need to be controlled, leading to the bloated and sprawling bureaucracy of corporations. Add to that the demands by Mom-and-Pop shareholders for more short-term gains, and you can see why all of our corporations are producing output of low quality and high price.

  • Canada to deport pregnant woman Friday despite doctors warning it’s unsafe for her to travel

    Everyone wants to cut back on immigration, but they are all afraid of attacking diversity head-on. Trump and Farage have come the closest to doing so in a responsible way, avoiding the extremes of ideologues while pointing out the commonsense truth that immigration erases a civilization, depresses its economy, causes crime and near-anarchy conditions in “no fly zones,” and obliterates national identity in a cornucopia of special interest group (political, ethnic, cultural, religious, racial) identity politics gambits.

  • Simulations show parts of Amazon could switch from carbon sink to carbon source by 2050

    We are out of forest that we can cut down without consequences. This means that the days of cheap wood are over, and trees will have to be farmed like any other plant. In addition, we cannot add new farmland, despite adding more citizens. The Left will respond to this by demanding that we all crowd into high-rise apartments and eat vegan food which will leave us malnourished and with lower brain function. That does not bother the bureaucrats; they will as members of the nomenklatura continue to eat steaks and live in city suburbs from which their personal drivers will convey them each morning. After the aristocracy, we got the dominion of the middle class and through them, the rule of bureaucrats. This will end democracy.

  • Using Huawei in UK 5G network ‘madness’, says US

    Do not invite in the enemy. If the enemy owns a company, assume that it is compromised. In the meantime, the US is cooking up an alternative.

  • Nazi flag taken down amid calls to strengthen anti-vilification laws

    People demand censorship in response to dissent. Despite all the talk of change, democratic humans resist one form of change above all else, which is changing themselves to adapt to their world and improving themselves through self-actualization, self-discipline, and intellectual maturation. This is how you know that you live in a prole-run regime.

  • Dozens of German cities petition to take in more refugees

    People never update their mental maps of the world, so they are always a generation behind in how they believe things work. They assume, owing to human solipsism, that the world has not changed since their youth. Solipsism follows the middle of the bell curve, with the dumbest being too short of memory to be solipsistic and the smartest able to think their way out of it. These German politicians are following the 1960s-1990s model and in doing so, pursue death.

  • West Philadelphia bar owner target of vandalism after allegations of hosting Proud Boys

    Our pundits like to talk about a divided America. Really, the Left broke away in the 1960s and formalized its extremity in the 1990s, showing that it wanted to head back toward the Soviet Union while the rest of us want something more like heritage America. Irate at the failure of their own rule, the denialists want to enforce the Narrative on the rest of us.

  • JRR Tolkien’s son Christopher dies aged 95

    Christopher Tolkien carried on the legacy of his father, in writing mythology in an un-literary fashion during a time when literature crawled into the navel-gazing thought bubble of method (i.e. “the workshop method”) and ignored the heart of literature, which is a desire for meaning in life, more akin to philosophy, religion, and music than the dry moral platitudes of the Left. We have Christopher to thank for the release of parts of and editing of most of the sprawling oeuvre his father left behind.

  • Bushfires give impetus to calls for Koala National Park

    Fires kill koalas, but in the long term, the big threat to them is logging, since more people means a need for more wood. Instead of making a nature park for koalas, how about creating giant nature preserves so that half of the land remains natural, and prohibit all human activities there? You can save more than koalas that way, and leave them outside of a managed state so they maintain their natural adaptation and competitiveness.

  • US budget deficit running 11.8% higher this year

    Until we cut the entitlements that make up three-fourths of our budget, we are not getting anywhere. Cut those, implement a flat tax, and you will have no one voting on how to spend money earned by others. Make everyone have some skin in the game.

  • Akon created his own city in Senegal called ‘Akon City’

    The Back-to-Africa movement, which slumbered during the US civil rights era, gains momentum as minorities find that despite civil rights, affirmative action, and entitlements programs, they still do not feel comfortable as minorities under rule of another group. If the whites go away, the Hispanics will take over, followed by Asians. No one will be happy. The solution is, as Akon has it, for minorities to return to their ethnic homelands, bringing money and skills from the West so that they can make these places thrive as well.

  • U.S. weighs sending Brazilian migrants to Mexico amid spike in arrests

    We aim to deter immigrants from coming here in the first place. That requires sending back as many as possible in a way that causes them to lose money, so that they no longer view trying to get into the US as a worthwhile gamble.

  • Facebook removes pro-Soleimani Instagram content, calling it support for terrorism. Laurence Tribe says FB has it wrong

    US law mandates removal of material posted by members of terrorist organizations about those organizations, but social media has been removing material by non-members. If this case sets a precedent, social media will find it harder to remove material by “white nationalists” (effectively: anyone to the Right of Bill Clinton) who are not members of official white nationalist organizations.

  • Residents call for city council member to resign after racial remarks on social media

    We have entered dark Soviet times when saying anything against the orthodoxy results in rabid mobs chanting for removal. The solution, as always, is to let people speak their minds and separate accordingly. Not everyone wants diversity, homosexuality, transgenderism, and forced equality in their communities.

  • Phase 1 commodity targets likely more than China can chew: analysts

    The deal Trump made with China will force that country to switch from its current suppliers to US products, almost eliminating the trade gap. He pulled this off by making it clear that with his tariffs, Chinese industry would collapse if a deal was not made.

  • German police raid ‘Islamists’ suspected of planning attack

    Diversity means that people walk among you who intend to kill you. Immigration is always an invasion, even if the immigrants only realize that after they come to the new country and realize that life as a minority is unstable, which motivates them to want to conquer.

  • Much at stake in court battle between Eskom and Nersa

    Diverse society cannot manage to keep the power on, and in the wake of mismanagement, some want to reduce the bureaucracy and standardize prices. That attacks what institutions are in the third world, which is jobs given to members of powerful groups so that the wealth transfers to them. We are seeing the same thing in the American educational system and anywhere a minority-majority government takes over, leaving cities in debt with malfunctioning institutions.

  • SUVs and other polluting cars could be removed from sale, automotive industry warns

    It makes sense to limit the size of engines that people can have in their vehicles unless those are needed for job-related tasks. This offends citizens of democracy, who vote for more disorder but then buy giant cars so that they can insulate themselves from the social chaos their votes created.

  • Inheriting the fine china? Many younger folks say no thanks

    High taxes mean economic instability. This means frequent moves, and people no longer accumulate the finer things. Soon everything will be disposable and, if possible, everyone will live in an apartment or condominium. Those are denser than houses and allow cities to reap more money in property taxes.

  • German police probe motorbike-riding ‘Hitler’

    The West has made self-parody of its high moral standards by demonizing anything but Leftism, which means that it is easy to trigger an absurd and extreme response to even innocuous provocations. This reflects fear more than goodness and makes the West into a laughingstock of its own citizens. Luckily, this will hasten the demise of liberal democracy.

  • US drinking more now than just before Prohibition

    Other than alcoholics, for whom alcohol is necessary like air, normal people do not drink much except on the weekends. However, ordinary people in the West now guzzle wine, beer, and spirits in order to make it through the week. This suggests that despite our shiny technology and individualistic society, people are miserable in an existential void as they mount that treadmill for more unnecessary activity that is needed to stimulate the economy so that our taxes can keep liberal democracy functioning. Not surprisingly, deaths from unhappy behaviors have reached a new high. Modern society is dead, liberal democracy is dead, diversity is dead, individualism is dead, and the idea that one universal standard fits everyone is rapidly dying. We are entering a new dark but unencumbered age.

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