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  • NJ residents blame ‘Jew shenanigans’ for deadly kosher shop shooting

    People are tired of diversity. Your problems are not our problems. If you irritate people enough that they try to kill you in 110 nations, then we think you should go to Israel where you will be safe and eject the Palestinians so that you can live there. We are not hostile, but we are also not dupes, suckers, saps, and hosts. You will have to solve this problem yourselves.

    In the meantime, the American multiculture was just grumpy that its day was interrupted:

    “My children are stuck at school because of Jew shenanigans,” one woman said. “They are the problem. Because if they ain’t come to Jersey City this s*** would never go on. Take that s*** somewhere else.”

    “I blame the Jews,” the woman continued. “We never had a shooting like this until they came. It this had been the other way around, they’d be killing us, and everybody who’s standing right here knows that,” she said, pointing to an African-American crowd of onlookers.

    “Four of yours are dead, right?” the woman asked the Jewish activist, who replied that he doesn’t know. “It they were dead, that’s great,” she said.

    Another resident was heard saying, “Get them damn Jews the f**k out of here. Get these f*****g Jews. Get the Jews out of Jersey City.”

    It turns out that the whole thing is just the usual diversity race war:

    Also, investigators believe the two dead attackers – who were thought to be a couple – identified themselves in the past as Black Hebrew Israelites, a movement whose members have been known to rail against whites and Jews, according to a law enforcement official who was briefed on the matter but was not authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

    You can read more of about the Black Hebrew Israelites behind the attack at the New York Post.

  • We Just Got a Rare Look at National Security Surveillance. It Was Ugly.

    Since 1978, we have been spying on our own people in order to prevent terrorist attacks. This problem exists only because we have diversity; if it did not, we would not have Wahabists, Black Panthers, Tamil Separatists, and Black Hebrew Israelites wandering around planning to kill each other. End diversity, and terrorist becomes a lot less likely, simply because it is much harder to recruit suicidal killers from an ethnically-homogeneous national population.

  • Major global hotel brands accused of profiting from sex trafficking

    When you see something like this, recognize a shakedown. The hotels are told that they did not do enough to stop sex trafficking, when for the past fifty years they have been criticized for harassing women about their marital status or other ways of keeping prostitution at bay. If you have prostitution, you will have sex trafficking. The lawyers want to squeeze money out of these hotel chains for the now-destitute sex slaves. If we ended diversity, we would not have foreign prostitutes and sex trafficking.

  • Water is ‘common’ on alien worlds, scientists say in finding that could transform search for extraterrestrial life

    It turns out that we can terraform just any planet with enough water, so the criteria shift toward distance from the sun and level of gravity. At some point, we are going to find another world or worlds to which we can journey. The question then remains whether we can overcome our infighting and lack of social organization to get there. If we find multiple worlds, it makes sense to settle each one with a single ethnic group. Then in a million years we will know how humanity did without the constant problems caused by diversity.

  • Feds Collect Record Taxes Through November; But Still Run $343.3 Billion Deficit With Second-Highest Spending in Nation’s History

    Amazing. What do they spend it all on?

  • Bloomberg calls for ‘war on poverty’ on 1st California trip

    The voters are so dumb, apparently, that you can just keep repeating the same old slogans and the little mental toddlers keep pulling the levers. The “war on poverty” was LBJ’s notion, following up on a similar idea from FDR, and it failed because dumping money on a problem never fixes it. It just buys ignorance for a time. However, MRB knows that voters are simple creatures. They do not understand that “free” things are just tax money. They do not realize that government does not just print more money when it runs out. They understand happy feelings, socially-popular ideas, and that they want more money in their hands right now before that next pay period. Basically, they are little more than talking macaques. If anything dooms MRB, it will be the suspicion by voters that he really is just a creepy little nerd who found a way to get very wealthy by exploiting the stupidity of others. We certainly have no shortage of stupidity in Late Stage Democracy.

  • Clinics where majority of US patients get abortions are rapidly closing

    We still have 344 abortion clinics. In the meantime, people are making a values statement here… we are tired of the sexual revolution. It leads to nothing good. Abortions are just the most visible form of its horror. However, abortion is always going to be with us, because people do stupid things on a regular basis. In fact, humanity could be summarized as a desperate attempt by us to get control of our big brains before they lead us into greater stupidity because there is no creator of idiocy like the rationalizing mind. Ideally, we would wage war against stupidity by making our entire educational and social system geared toward enforcing discipline on the rationalizing mind, but that is not popular with proles who are incapable of thought at that level therefore see no need for it. Food comes, they eat. If someone gets naked, they have sex. They are bundles of nerves responding to their environment, and therefore they project that onto everyone else, which is how you get egalitarianism. They want easy and legal abortion because, being bundles of nerves that react to stimulus only, they cannot control themselves and frequently end up with reproductive boo-boos. This is why abortion is popular, and for decades, all of us have gone along with that, but now we see yet again that any behavior that we tolerate simply increases. Instead of a few accidents, now abortion has become a regular escape valve for people leading reckless, hopeless, and clueless lives.

  • Thousands of lawful California gun owners are being denied ammunition purchases. Here’s why

    Welcome to the world of database rejections. If your information is not identical on file to what you have on your driving license or passport, or the overweight lady distracted by the radio who was doing the data entry got one character wrong on your birthdate, you will be rejected by the state. Funny, the state has zero obligation to fix these problems, and no hope of getting on top of them, mainly because the only people who go to work for the state are oblivious as one would have to be to do that job. In addition, the state gets a handy way to screw up your life: one phone call to a buddy in the records office, and any police officer or bureaucrat can ensure that your application will always be rejected.

  • With Rise of Far-Right Extremists, N.Y.P.D. Creates Special Unit

    The threat is not rising, nor are organized groups the problem; more people are recognizing that Leftism is not only a mistake, but has always been a mistake, and that it was a trap because it took so long for its utter failure to become visible to your average person (sensitives got it, many years ago, but society tends to kill those off or starve them so that they do not reproduce). The Left keeps pushing the narrative that there are organized Nazi groups out there who are sending their iron-jawed legions forth to infiltrate, but what is really happening is that people are joining these groups of their own accord, adopting “far-Right” (formerly: moderate, ca. 1960s) views of their own accord, and going into careers where they can have power and influence in order to save their nation. Of course, doing so will involve kicking the crypto-Communists at The New York Times into Long Island sound.

  • Suspended student expelled after posting “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE” flyers at OCU

    The student was suspended from the law school for having a Tinder profile that said he did not want to date race-mixers. Then, he was expelled for posting innocuous “It’s Okay To Be White” posters on campus. This tells us exactly what we need to know about the tolerant Left. We are not going to have any future until we end diversity and eject the Leftists. They will be happy in Venezuela or Cuba.

  • Krispy Kreme, Panera Bread owner to give $5M to Holocaust survivors over family’s Nazi ties

    The shakedown continues! Holocaust-worship is not good for gentiles or Jews. At this point, it has become desperate, since people recognize that while it happened, there are problems with the official narrative, and exploitation of those problems has made a lot of people very rich in the past seventy-five years. Furthermore, none of these people appear to care that they are stealing from the future in order to get paid for being professional victims. It is time to end the shakedown forever.

  • ‘I won’t be able to have healthy food’: millions of Americans to lose lifeline as Trump cuts food stamps

    The Guardian concocts more lies about how people have “suddenly” fallen into poverty “through no fault of their own” and are being victimized by Orange Man Bad who cut the food stamp programs. In reality, when you offer free stuff, people come to depend on it and ignore other options as a consequence. Remove the free stuff, and they explore those other options. The pearl-clutching hysterics of neurotics at failing UK newspapers aside, welfare programs — in the long term — benefit nobody.

  • Russia is Beijing’s best ally in the disinformation war against Hong Kong

    Russians are ethnically about a quarter Chinese or ingredients thereof. They live in Eurasia, which spans Europe and Asia. They have waffled on whether they want to be European, Asian, or something in the middle like Semites. During the Communist years, they chose China. Now we see that it is simply a case of blood being thicker than water, and mixed blood heading stronger toward the outlier than the origin. They will become a tool of the Chinese, just as they were a tool of the Mongols during those invasions.

  • YouTube bans ‘implied’ threats, race and gender identity insults

    None of this matters. YouTube bans arbitrarily anyway. No matter how much you follow the rules, if someone complains, YouTube will toss the matter over to a huge room full of people who are underpaid and not that bright and entirely minorities or lower-echelon whites. They hate you and your smart person nonsense and they are going to look for any excuse they can to take your content down. They can only get away with it because BitChute pays less and has fewer viewers. If that changes, we might get an actual internet, instead of a few monopolies running everything because all of the sheep use their platforms.

  • Arson, mischief and recklessness: 87 per cent of fires are man-made

    Despite all of the rage about climate change, it turns out that 40% of these fires are deliberately lit and another 47% are accidental. This means that climate change turns out to be in yet another way a scapegoat for the collective impact of human selfishness. Not surprisingly, the “solutions” to climate change are just more collective human selfishness: make someone else pay carbon taxes, since that is “free money” in the minds of the voters.

  • UK votes to decide the fate of Brexit, again

    They already voted for this. The A-students in The System decided that this was a bad idea, simply because they have memorized biases which tell them so. They set about trying to thwart the vote. Now, having exhausted the voters with drama for several years, they want another vote. That way, people are going to vote to “make the problem go away” and stay in the EU. People wonder why nothing gets done; perhaps the problem is the voters? They slept through the formation of this System, approved of it every time it handed out free stuff, and now suddenly have noticed that the Devil’s Bargain as usual involves short-term benefits in exchange for long-term misery, and they do not want to pay the piper. The only way out is to get out of the System, which means leaving the EU, ending British socialism, aborting diversity, and cutting government back to something that manages the military, roads, fire, and police. Prole-rule has failed.

  • Survey Finds Japanese 18-Year-Olds Short on Hope and Aspirations

    No one wants to live in Clown World. You will be assigned to do something pointless to create fake economic activity so that government can keep running so that people can feel good happy feelings of togetherness (actually, personal safety: you can no longer judge them, exclude them, or downrank them for incompetence). What happens when you put a bunch of humans together? You amplify the worst of them, namely the fear, narcissism, greed, envy, revenge, and other Deadly Sins because the group serves as an echo chamber and people talk about what they fear is not true as if it were true. That means that you have a bunch of monkeys expressing their fears to one another in the form of lies, and those lies become popular, and so the group amplifies whatever is insane and vigilantly wages war against the sane. Without hierarchy and some kind of transcendent goal, society devolves into poo-flinging Simian chaos. It takes longer in higher-IQ societies, but it also takes on weird and perverse forms. I mean, these are the tentacle porn people.

  • Pakistan protest: Patients die as lawyers ransack Lahore hospital

    If not properly restrained, lawyers will destroy the world. These are just more up-front about it.

  • Court tells Facebook to reactivate Italian neo-fascist party’s account

    People are tired of the internet censorship. Regardless of what the law currently says, if you want cyberspace and an information superhighway, there needs to be access to all information, especially that which upsets people. Instead, through the magic of herd behavior which always leads to monopolies, we have been centralizing the internet for two decades and now, just as happened with daytime television in the 1980s, a few big companies control everything.

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