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Perhaps The Greatest Conspiracy

The porter had no idea what to expect except that he anticipated these men would be intimidating. He expected their footsteps to echo off the walls, or else to be accompanied by some aura of power but as each passed him by he felt only a stab of disappointment.

He looked down as they filed in. They could be called the puppeteers of the modern world and yet they seemed like ordinary men. His curiosity however was naturally piqued: why were these powerhouses all meeting in this building, what would they have to discuss? He longed to be a fly on the wall in that meeting room.

In the room atop the skyscraper that overlooked the United States sat four of the most powerful men in the modern world; Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates. Once all were in attendance the meeting began.

“What is our status?” Jeff inquired to the room.

“The population is almost fully inoculated,” Bill reported happily. “We can execute our plan on ninety-eight percent of the global population.”

“That’s far higher than the projected number,” Jeff commented. “I trust that the data has been coming in nicely?”

“Yes,” Mark answered robotically. “I have constructed profiles for each and every person who has taken the injection with Sundar’s help. We have determined criteria for selection and are almost complete.”

“What of the remaining two percent?” Sundar inquired.

“Those are both ends of the bell curve,” Bill Gates explained, “these outliers that are either so intelligent that they will not blindly trust the government or those people that are so unintelligent that they believe the inoculations are a great conspiracy by the government to control them.”

“Somewhat exacerbated by the rumors of microchips within the injections that leaked from our plan,” Jeff said whilst shaking his head. “How careless.”

“Regardless our eugenics initiative is almost a realization,” Bill Gates said. “And at a critical time too, just before the decline of nature. If we had allowed it to continue it is likely the system would have collapsed anyway, but this yields much quicker results. Ninety-eight percent of the population is sufficient for success.”

Jeff rubbed his hands together gleefully. “Then we are on the precipice of change gentlemen.”

Sundar nodded. “Lizard-persons,” he said. Bill licked his eyeball lazily. “And whatever you are, Mark,” added Sundar quietly.

Mark simply sat with an eerie smile on an otherwise emotionally void face. “Eugenics on a global scale, the likes of which has never been seen before. We will tailor the population, filter out the weak and keep the good, the strong and the able.”

“And block out the sun!” Bill Gates interjected to which they all glared at him.

“No… and please stop proposing that, Bill,” Jeff said.

“A shame that no one will know that we were the true heroes,” Bill commented, then looked up sharply when he thought he saw a fly out of the corner of his eye and began bobbing his head up and down.

“We had to keep our true motives hidden from the population,” Sundar said. “A shame really, but it is better that the population views us that way. If we adopted these ideas outright it would have caused them concern and we may have never been so successful as we are now.”

“Agreed, but gentlemen, before we continue it is time to decide a big matter,” Jeff said. “We all received a message from the anonymous leader of this group; I feel that the leader should no longer remain anonymous, so I say that he or it should step forward and claim their accolades.”

There was a silence as each turned to the other but no one made any movement. “This is awkward,” Mark said.

“I’m not the leader,” Bill said honestly and looked around. All nodded in the negative, stating that they were not the mysterious leader of the group. “But then, who organized all of this?”

Almost as if he had said a secret codeword they all heard a click behind them. Mark quickly scanned the wall and concluded that there was a hidden compartment there. Bill Gates used his lizard senses to find the hidden panel and opened it to reveal an elevator. They traded looks before entering.

Jeff jabbed the only button that there was and it took them down, way down, below the building surely. When it finally stopped and they exited, all four of them looked around and gasped. Mark almost malfunctioned because he could not absorb what he was seeing.

Before them in the room were rows and rows of chambers. The glass was fogged but they could make out the shape of a human inside each…in fact it seemed to be the same human. They stepped forward on tip-toes, peering through the glass…

When they all got a good look at the face they staggered back and fell over. A man walked toward them bearing the very same face that was copied in each of the glass containers. He laughed as he approached and they all looked up to see him.

“That’s impossible,” Jeff said.

“No, you’re dead!” Bill said.

“Holy shit!” Mark said robotically.

Jeffrey Epstein stood over them still laughing and said triumphantly. “Don’t falter now friends, the plan is almost complete. I have seen the scum of this earth and can say with utmost certainty that eugenics is needed on a large scale such as this. Come now, let us save the world and be the heroes we were meant to be!”

Jeff Bezos turned to the others. “I guess Jeffrey Epstein really didn’t kill himself.”

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