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Do Not Dare Spit On the Sidewalk, Ever Again

The British Colony of Australia declared spitting on the sidewalk a crime or public order offence mainly to teach people such as aborigines to be more civilized. One of the unique measures they implemented to combat this nefarious activity was later called the spit hood :

In one case, a 13-year-old girl was pinned to the floor by five staff members who put a spit hood on her head and handcuffed her hands behind her back, after she refused to go to bed.

Children spat at adults trying to teach them manners after they were caught spitting on the sidewalk presumably. The picture becomes clear when one thinks about monkeys defecating on big hunters walking below their trees taking pot-shots at them.

But to understand the problem better, one must understand also, that spit hoods was a general measure of the Western Establishment:

Lines said the hoods were also in breach of international rules around the treatment of prisoners and increased the risk of potentially fatal asphyxiation because children were often pinned in a prone position by several adults to get the hood on their head. The use of spit hoods has been linked to deaths in custody in the UK and United States.

It was in 1900 United States that women campaigned against the diseases being spread by people expectorating on the sidewalk.

At first, the city put up signs in street cars reminding people not to spit and encouraged citizens to remind each other not spew their saliva on the streets. But in 1909, a new health commissioner decided to enforce the ordinance more forcefully. On random nights, he instructed the health officers to arrest anyone they saw spitting on subway platforms. The Sanitary Squad, as the officers were called, would round up hundreds of alleged spitters.

This coupled the spit hood to public health as a controlling feature rather than civility.  To be fair, spit from tuberculosis carriers can infect other people, not that tobacco-chewing Americans worry about that to this day.

This enforcement of social behavior to establish civility and health (despite international rules which were/are not civil or healthy for some reason) could not end there of course.

So, between 1985 and 1995 the Establishment changed international rules to suit neoliberal democracy and human rights (but forgot about the Health part) and muzzled everyone else by means of the threat of outright war until they submit to this new civility. It meant that one could only be civil if you accepted being muzzled by political correctness.

The accumulated value added at this point in history is that civility required no spitting as well as democratic behaviors in public, but you could still spit and be undemocratic (and politically incorrect) at home.

To understand this picture, one has to imagine the bliss of everybody being civil and politically correct outside their homes, until the Great Recession of 2008 hit the Establishment’s pockets. It took them four years to lift their drunken fog but by 2012 they decided to double-down by becoming even more politically correct and droning everybody they did not like without even declaring war.

However, politically correct policies never work because normal people pick it up and work around it. By practising more extreme liberalism the Establishment evoked a stronger push-back from real people (not Conservative Inc) around the world which was exacerbated by the Presidency of Donald Trump. All measured were then taken by the Establishment to remove Trump and this resulted in the Establishment emulating the Scorched Earth Military Strategy of Lord Milner in the Anglo-Boer War.

One must pause at this point to imagine what scorched earth strategy means. The Anglo-Boer War broke the back of the British Empire by 1900 because, roughly speaking, their 500,000 soldiers could not subdue 30,000 Boer soldiers. The reason for this was determined to be the ability of the Boers to recuperate at their farms where their wives, daughters, and farm workers continued to operate. The British Monarch was angry and instructed Lord Milner to do whatever it takes. He then devised the scorched earth strategy to systematically burn all farms and jail all women, daughters, and farm workers. The British Command then set about the logistics to establish separate concentration camps for Blacks and Whites resulting in most of them raped and dead.

What this picture should tell you, is that people were individually targeted inside their homes despite having done nothing wrong according to international rules or even their own local rules. They were subsequently raped and left to die because the Establishment deemed it so.

Returning to the scorched earth strategy to remove Trump, the Establishment had to get down and dirty by targeting any individual inside any home they deemed appropriate. Instead of logistically building more cages, they decided to jail every person in his own house and to do that, they devised a new spitting rule called Covid-19 (to be followed by flu variants and self-administered vaccine pills and masks).

But this time the police will not be fitting the custom-made spit hood for you, you will do it yourself, meaning the Empire will not be breaking its back again by spending all that money on war. By commemorating the one year of Covid-19 success we should also commemorate the 120-year success of the Establishment’s Scorched Earth Strategy.

Because this time the random spitter will pay a fine in the thousands of dollars to learn the lesson of not only civility and democracy, but health too.  Our Civilization must be at its peak right about now. The Establishment is proud of this achievement because the police and soldiers will not be raping anyone anymore. After all, it is safer for the environment and your democratic health to just kill yourself. Suicides never attract attention, and it is always the dead person’s fault.

But whatever you do, just do not spit on the sidewalk, ever again.

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