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Passive-Aggressive Bullying

If human decline has a pathology, it is passive-aggressive bullying. Unlike regular bullying, where the bully approaches his victim and terrorizes them, in passive-aggressive bullying the bully mocks his victim so that a group of people then terrorizes that victim.

Although democracy argues that it protects the minority against the majority, what it does in practice is make the minority into a majority because enough outrage causes the leaders to address that special interest group as if it were necessary for power.

Special interest groups invariably style themselves as victims and use this complaint as a means to argue against the legitimacy of government, so government buys them off if they start to make noise. This happens at every level and paralyzes the society to act on big, real problems.

Instead it spends all of its time on special interests, working to avoid outrage and offense more than moving forward toward any goal. The more chefs in the kitchen, the slower every decision is to be made, and soon the kitchen is paralyzed to do anything but repeat what it has been doing.

To dominate in democracy, you form a swarm and portray yourselves as victims so that the egalitarian society owes you something in order to make you equal so that this society keeps its founding principle intact:

Human swarms are comprised of those that have no culture. Some people described them in the past as “hordes,” such as barbarian hordes, which prompts a distinction between high and low cultures. This situation is not described by Hofstede, but his analysis can apply to it, in that we see low cultures have only six of the eight attributes of organizations that he describes.

In terms of human cultures, we might surmise that “high” and “low” refer to degrees of organization, with diverse cultures being inherently disorganized through lack of common purpose to their members. This is why they require the enforcement the workplace provides, but if created outside of that model, act more like natural swarms with out of control replication ending in collapse.

We tend to forget the cultural aspect in our charge towards technology or diversity or globalism, which may result in all of us losing our cultures, thereby becoming “drones” of the “hordes.” Culture is what keeps our organizations operating at the level of National culture, and when we lose it — a consequence of diversity — we turn nations into institutions in search of a purpose.

The herd or mob commands such a society not by having a goal, but by not having one, and therefore by investing itself in every special interest and demanding free stuff from its overlords. It responds to the calls of victimhood and outrage with revolutions.

Therefore, the societies that survive this period become ones dedicated to ensuring the equal misery of their citizens in order to stop the revolution process. This requires that they impoverish most at least in a relative sense and keep them dependend on Keynesian socialist handouts.

When this system takes hold, the future of such a society becomes one of decay, incompetence, failure, and infighting:

Why is there no intention to improve? To answer that one must separate organizations from humans, because the singular reason that human life expectancy increased was effective and efficient organization. Once the organization achieves its unintended initial goal, it does not dissolve and/or re-organize as it should, but becomes human-like with its own desires and image. And once that happens, it also adopts the same Achilles heel that humans have.

Human failure is complex and multifaceted. It consists of failure to achieve any of the fundamental human needs but even more, the inability to find some thread that ties them together and creates a sense of existential well-being. Living in Athens or Rome during their glory days would have tied it all together, since to labor for that society was to be part of something significant. Our modern time lacks that greatness and also adds stress in a form where young adults spend six hours each day feeling “stressed,” in part because of the lack of meaning to their existences. Other vectors of failure include neural blocks, SJWs, fatherless homes emancipation leading to emasculation, self-hatred and the Liberal Mind, all of which have the same source as the stress: human failure.

If very few people are able to handle stress, what happens to organizations? Just as humans get defensive, so do organizations. A dark organization will decline in financial performance while attempting to avoid going bankrupt. This means that the seeds of its own destruction are already in the system despite tremendous initial performance and massive profits, but its owners and employees have turned against the interests of the organization in order to exploit it for their own gain and externalize the costs of their activity to society at large.

This society lives by the carrot (free stuff from government) and stick (threat of poverty) and can only keep going through a demand-based cycle of taxation, welfare, spending, and price rises called a circular Ponzi scheme:

The circular Ponzi scheme long described by this site is a process by which liberal democracy funds itself based on demand for its currency.

It takes the following form:

  1. Government taxes its citizens who are above the poverty level, and promises to redistribute this wealth to people below the poverty level.
  2. The impoverished then buy up consumer products, increasing economic activity.
  3. Based on this demand, government makes borrowing easier.
  4. Government then takes on more debt based on the collateral of this “thriving” Potemkin economy.
  5. It uses this debt to distribute money to its impoverished citizens, and repeats the process.

The notion for this odd program came from Keynesian economic theory, which holds that government should borrow to invest so that its economy can grow and its taxes will be higher.

Passive-aggressive bullying requires that the bullies take on the appearance of victims in order to motivate the crowd to smash down whoever is in power. With this threat they rule from behind the scenes like Illuminati or Freemasons of lore, but also condemn themselves to a dysfunctional society.

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