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DiversityWatch (August 31, 2023)


They tell us that Americans have started spending money again, but it seems most likely that retailers are having to discount prices because of bad sales and people are buying purchases that they have put off for some time. Credit card debt continues to climb, suggesting that people lack the money to purchase items they need, and most are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

None of the first world nations have hit their reproduction targets. Deaths of despair continue to climb. Biden’s piecemeal war in Ukraine is working less well than Trump’s strong stance in favor of diplomacy backed by overwhelming force. In Africa, revolutions are overthrowing the globalist (world liberal democracy) regimes and replacing them with homegrown alternatives.

Organized religion continues to die as it liberalizes and drives away its core audience. The fake statistics that prop up the Chinese economy hid the crisis for a long time, but now it is too big to hide. Despite all the happy propaganda, the BRICS nations remain unstable, like China having chosen to build up their economy with government payments and altered statistics.

Democracy is collapsing, and we are all just waiting for the voters to get wise to that fact.



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