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Overthrow: the next thousand years are ours


The 1980s were a pivotal time for the West. The great revolution had come in 1968, been mainstreamed and dialed back in the 1970s, but its consequences had created misery as the Left battled everyone else to get us to stop noticing the Cold War and the real threat of Leftism.

A grim truth emerged: modern society itself was the problem. Whether we beat the Soviets or not, everyone would still have to go to work in the morning. And work was stupid: repetitive, boring, clerk-style shuffling of paper and edging around rules. The clients were stupid; that was their problem. The projects were dumb. It was “cover your ass” all the way down.

No one wanted to point out the obvious, which is that our society had become insufferable. It had been this way for a long time, since the 1800s, but traditional social institutions held it back for some time. But with the fall of the Western European elites in 1968, and then the mainstreaming of diversity, everything fell apart.

Now instead of a society, we had a giant marketplace with every man for himself as we all tried to dodge the vast problems created by the pretense of our voters. The politicians would suggest something stupid; the voters would go for it. Huge swathes of our society defined themselves as “good” based on their adherence to this zombie-like, parasitic ideology.

We lived in a totally venal time. Casual sex was accepted not just by the hippies, but the marketplace, which resulted in lonely people with ruined lives and no families. Mass culture was just total garbage. The music was stupid, the movies idiotic, and the television brain-wrecking programming to be a selfish shopper and good office tool.

There were no responsible adults. Conservatives became caricatures who barked out the mantra of “keep your head down, work hard and do the right thing” as if that solved anything; mostly, they wanted us to make the same mistakes they had in order to validate their big contribution, which was not addressing the problem. Liberals as mentioned above were crazy zombies who enjoyed luring other people into making mistakes and then dancing away in the night.

We shared no purpose. Yes, yes, we wanted to beat the Soviets, but that was mainly because of what we knew about life in the Soviet Union: starvation, paranoia, alcoholism and state-sponsored executions. But as to why our society existed? The only meaning any of us had was to get a career and buy our way into comfort so we could ignore the ongoing collapse of all institutions, values and intelligence into a vast mishmash of stupidity.

None of us knew how to state the fact that we were in the middle of an ongoing process of radicalization as a means of not noticing that Leftism had failed us, that it controlled our society, and that our real problem was the huge number of people who acted like acephalous robots in carrying out the Leftist agenda. The more our ideology failed us, the more we pursued it.

There were breaks in the facade, such as when Ronald Reagan took power, but he was not there to challenge the fundamental destruction of the family, our culture and the once-productive way of living. Instead his party offered us symbols like jobs, flags, abortion and military strength. These were substitutes for what we needed, which was to look at our society and realize we were on a wrong path and had to get off.

Even Reagan seemed doubtful. All of our media, entertainers, and intellectuals seemed united against him; anyone who spoke up about how bad he was could expect a career boost as audiences bought the product, fellow travelers promoted them for having the right opinions, or popular focus came their way. A steady stream of celebrities of all sorts bashed Reagan thoroughly but only because of his deviation from the Leftist agenda.

And then, we won. The Soviets turned out to be even more incompetent and decadent than we were, and so they crumbled from within and left a wasteland behind. As more leaked out about how terrible life there had been, you would have thought that the West would avoid the same path. But no, we just found “gentler” ways of going there.

Our weakness was that normal people just kept on being normal and did not fight the decay. They went to college and ignored PC, went to stupid jobs and ignored the waste, married ex-sluts and had kids and kept trying to be regular people. Whenever someone mentioned the decay and that we should fight it, the first voices against them were normal people. “Just don’t rock the boat!” They were afraid of losing what they had, and so they resisted the change that could save them.

The 1980s passed into history as we elected a new Leftist president and he began making changes. The disaster outside began to gain momentum with massive approval from people who believed the salesman’s words that he would stop racial conflict and make us less dangerous than under Reagan. Especially women approved, I recall.

Still the conservatives floated on. Somehow, it would all be changed. The people who lived good lives (and “worked hard” on nonsense) would be rewarded. Even if the bad guys took over, God or the free markets would reward the good. And yet, conservatives were self-destructing. On the surface, they had everything; underneath they could not deny the well-founded fear that our society was committing suicide. They cracked frequently. Everyone else just retreated into their garages, hobbies, entertainment and drugs or alcohol.

Our history since the Great Leftist Takeover has been fairly linear. Everything gets worse, and everyone gets more afraid, so no one does anything and the crazies gain more power to enact even more crazy versions of their Leftist ideas. You can see the gleam in their eyes; they know they will be rewarded for their ideological conformity, and so to them it is like “working hard” at a job for a conservative, the magic bullet which will fix everything.

These are Soviet times. There is a right way to think, and those who think that way will be rewarded; those who do not will be destroyed by the angry crowd. The normal people cower in their homes and jobs hoping to be spared, but if history is any lesson, they will not. Still they do nothing. Like moss, they grow on their warm rocks, unable to change their fates.

But the grimmest fact is that this current downfall is merely the crest of the wave. Our decay has been coming for a long time since people realized that they could use mass opinion against sense. They learned that if they had a mob of supporters, they could get away with anything, for a time at least. And so we followed the Greeks down the same path to suicide, replacing what worked with what was popular.

This started long before the terms liberal and conservative existed, although conservatives are the ones who try to preserve what is left of this ancient order. Nonetheless, they are easily compromised by the same force that undoes everything in our society, which is that among humans illusion with a short-term promise is preferred to time-honored traditions that achieve the best long-term results.

Most people exist in a weird dependency with society: they want the power to do whatever their personal dysfunction demands, and so they insist on freedom and Leftism, even though those are essentially the promises of canny salesman who are manipulating normal people into the grave. People are miserable, but will not admit it as they cling to the power of individualism which allows them to legitimize their dysfunction.

Now we have reached a crisis point. The wave has crested and the crash downward has begun. What to do? There will be panic as the normals realize that the salesmen lied and that all those warm, fuzzy thoughts in fact concealed a sharpened blade of doom. They will, in the Simian tradition of humans, look for someone to blame instead of blaming themselves for taking a sales pitch as fact.

Conservatives are rallying, but will they go far enough? What we need is to overthrow it all: democracy, Leftism, diversity, pluralism, tolerance, altruism, entertainment, mass religion and popularity itself. Most of all we need to disenfranchise normal people who have proven their ability to do one thing well, which is to hide from reality and ignore problems until it is too late to do something about them.

There is much we cannot save and much we should not. The USA and EU are dead and should be thoroughly destroyed because they were stupid ideas; the original population of America and the population of Western Europe however can be conserved. Those who are Leftist, criminal, perverse or broken should be exiled. All of those who are Other — not of a Western European heritage and values — should be given reparations and repatriated to their home continents. After that, we can start working seriously toward rebuilding a civilization damaged by a thousand years of sheeplike stupidity.

Contrary to what you are told in media, the ideas above are not radical: they are how most of humanity has survived through most of history. Self-interest, culture instead of government, strong aristocratic leaders, ethno-nationalism and esoteric religion have always worked. Democracy, diversity and individualism have always led to death and destruction.

The real radicals are those who insist that these forms of dysfunction can work and in fact will turn out for the good. These people are idiots who are busy pointing at their suburban neighborhood and saying “See, I have the good life” which is equivalent to people on the upper floors of a building burning below insisting that there is no need to evacuate. Bad ideas lead to certain doom and delaying tactics like those of our conservatives will always fail.

Our current time is sleepwalking in denial. We suppress our knowledge of how miserable our existence is, how ugly everything is and how corrupt all people are so that we can claim we are living the good life as individuals. That egotistic bragging gets us nothing but it helps people keep pretending that the problem does not exist, which is what most normal people do. We are surviving only because of the vestiges of functional institutions that we still barely retain, and the wealth of the past brought about by the methods to which I suggest we return above.

Like Adam and Eve, we exist in a temporary garden of Eden. In denial we took the apple with a salesman’s promise that it would make us powerful, and instead, it has destroyed the excellent life we once lived and replaced it with outward prosperity and inner misery. Stupid dupes of the lie, we are now telling each other lies to keep pretending that nothing is wrong, even as destruction gathers around us.


Humanity is mostly bad and evil because it is normal. Normal means not so much selfish as oblivious to consequences beyond the meal we are instagramming or the great sale at a merchant that we are live-blogging. Normal means people who cannot lead and do not understand leadership. Normal means death. Normal means dysfunction. Unless, of course, we use those time-honored methods to appoint shepherds for the normal who point them away from their usual petty concerns and toward that which makes a functional civilization.

People will call you a racist and a Hitler but those are lesser things than what we need. We need a redesign of civilization and a restoration of function. We do not need “new ideas” but to throw out the new ideas and go to those that we know are functional. We do not need mere racism and anti-democratic thought, we need to throw out diversity and democracy. The enemy is our bad system of civilization, not the Other. They are just along for the ride to our doom and, because they are normal, are also oblivious.

Living in this world is torment for me, much like being in Hell. I see all of the good things being destroyed and replaced with all of the usual stupidity while normal people pretend they are so smart and clever for not noticing. I see billions of pages of writing that are off-point. I see salesmen of all sorts preaching interesting “solutions” that do not address the problem. No one is committed to stopping the suicide march.

Our problem is not any of the scapegoats: technology, The Jews™, The Rich™, power itself or some vast right-wing conspiracy. Our problem is our bad path of individualism, democracy, diversity and other notions based in the power of the individual, which consists of the ability of normal people to deny reality and not face negative consequences for it. Instead, we face those consequences together in collective suicide.

This decay has gone on for a thousand years without stop and clearly, the bad guys have won. It is time to stop putting our heads in the sand, admit the breadth of the problem and the “radical” notions which will fix it, and then to act to that end. Nothing else is important and nothing else matters when one faces certain death otherwise.

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