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Psychological deconstruction of Leftist Wendy Davis


Neurosis has superior comedy value. It’s just great watching somebody pop. It’s just as amusing but far less deleterious than NASCAR wrecks and addicted bums fighting over Wild Irish Rose. It involves catharsis, it involves release…well OK, it doesn’t. It just involves an opportunity to derive cheap pleasure at the expense of another person’s failures. It can also involve a sense of “there but for the grace of God go I.”

Recently Wendy Davis offered the following observations on Twitter describing what she saw as Hillary Clinton being treated unfairly because of her gender.

I’m not saying there aren’t reasons someone should dislike Hillary or prefer Bernie. That is fine. That is your journey. But let’s not pretend for a second that there would be this many issues with Hillary if she was a [expletive deleted] man…and the thing is — I like Bernie! Everyone likes Bernie! Because crazy grandpa is totally electable but crazy grandma could never be. But why do we have to hate her to show how much we love him? Socialist Jesus take the [expletive deleted] wheel.

So whence the wellspring of such an amusing digital reenacting of Chernobyl? What causes Abortion Barbie to pop such a large and viscous mental zit? That gets us to how unrealistic people react to getting pantsed by reality. Here’s the way it works.

  1. People have this fantasy view of reality. It could be any sort of delusion. Wendy Davis lives by the feminist double standard. She’s female so we are supposed to just automatically assume she is smarter, better and more terrific as a result of her genitalia. Her resume, she implies, is right underneath the front of her shirt. Only misogyny can keep The Great Cleopatra down.
  2. Reality smacks the neurotic around with a cold, dead fish. Hillary is having a really hard time sending off the grumpy old man from a Saturday Night Live skit in the current Democratic Party Primary Race. Bernie’s man-parts haven’t disqualified him in the minds of Democratic Party voters no matter how many times he manages to step on them in public. Again, it must be the evil, Penis Keepers.
  3. The Reality-Smacking Reveals A Disconnect Between That Which Is and That What The Neurotic Wishes Existed. Neurotics wish to deny that A is equal to A. For Wendy Davis, Hillary is woman. You must hear woman roar and obey. Democrats are not obeying. It has to be the misogyny. If only Hillary had ordered the tilapia instead. This cannot exist in Wendy Davis Universe.
  4. The Neurotic Then Attempts To Intimidate Reality Back Into Compliance. That never quite happens, but Wendy has learned that throwing a Two-Year Old’s temper tantrum will intimidate people into accommodating her stupid, delusional fantasies. If Wendy were up in your grill screaming this stuff you would have two options. You could comply to shut her yap and prevent her from embarrassing you in public, or you could go Rick Flair on her butt and totally shut her down. Wendy has never met the person with the total lack of social restraint required to properly eviscerate her verbally or to simply stuff a racquet ball in her obnoxious mouth and secure it there with about four feet of Hundred Mile an Hour Tape.

This is why Wendy made like a salad and tossed herself for all of us to admire on Twitter. I hope you found her amusing. I recommend staying beyond the range of her throwing arm if loose, breakable objects are in the room. It was a good show. Better than Chernobyl, not quite as effective as Mt. Pinatubo. Definitely not in the same league as the asteroid that smashed into Mexico and saw off all the meddlesome dinosaurs who munching adorable, furry mammals. If Hillary continues to struggle athwart Bernie Sanders, stay tuned. There could be even more.

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