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Outliers (#61)

  • We’re All White Nationalists Now

    In just a couple of decades, whites will be a minority in this country. And we’re supposed to celebrate that. And if you don’t rejoice at the idea of third world Muslims being “resettled” into every white community across the country, if you don’t want to completely open the southern border to the hundreds of millions of Hispanics who want to reclaim this land, if actually think white people are anything other than violent, slave trading, rapist, racist, bigoted, oppressors, then you most definitely are a white nationalist. Welcome to the club!

    If you’re like me, you didn’t even know you were a racist until the left told you.

    Apparently, wanting to preserve your country, culture, and heritage is somehow evil and bad, but wanting to destroy that same country, culture, and heritage is good. We have gone deep into the Leftist rabbit-hole and it is time to pull back no matter what nasty words they use for us.

  • National Health Care Is Free

    There are, of course, optimists out there who think that national health care would save us money. These people are dreamers. You see, the vast bulk of health care spending goes to providers. This means that the only way to reduce spending is to pay doctors less, pay nurses less, pay drug companies less, and pay device manufacturers less. This will not happen, and anyone who’s serious about national health care would be insane to try. Why put up an enormous barrier to success, after all?

    It certainly won’t. National health care would lead to a health care-industrial complex. Oh, and the health care contractors would own all the data and have all the negotiating power. Also, the Federal officials overseeing this fiasco would all have resumes in to Big Pharma right as soon as they hit 20 years on time in service odometer. They could double-dip a Federal Pension and a large corporate salary. All this could possibly be in return for is their health care expertise. National health care would be free like the US Air Force is free.

  • I Was A Computer Programmer. I Know Computer Programming. the Indians Programmers the Treason Lobby Wants to Import Are No Alan Turings—They’re Just CHEAP.

    Even I can whip up some code. If, the following conditions are met.

    1) The Big O doesn’t matter – no real time constraints.
    2) The memory size of the problem is trivial.
    3) Nobody physically dies if I Div(0) somewhere in the spaghetti code and bring up the Blue Screen of Death.

    These conditions are frequently met when coding the back end of an excel spreadsheet for a cost model or a trade strudy. A little Visual Basic and a fair amount of patience will do the job. These are not the tasks firms like Boeing want more H1Bs to code up. Faster, better, cheaper does not exist. $9/hour coders give you the same diligence and work ethic as $9/hour burger-flippers. One job just matters a wee bit more. It just doesn’t matter to the guys doing the hiring. It’s not like anyone’s going to lace up their shoes and walk to Bermuda…

  • Full Speed Into the Void. Why Right-Wing Populists Won’t Save Us.

    And where measures are intended to reduce migration, such as by dismantling the welfare state, they cannot differentiate between naturalized migrants and the native population. Supporting one’s own electorate, e.g. by promoting families, is impossible without also promoting migrant families (and even more so due to higher fertility). This contradiction cannot be resolved under liberalism’s principle of equality (egalitarianism).

    Core concept: what killed conservatism might kill populism, which is that we still have people bleat-repeating the idea of equality, which was the justification and pretext that the Left used for their class warfare against the naturally competent. Until we stop wanting equality, and start turning toward realism and hierarchy, we will be doomed no matter how many far-Right trappings we graft into our Left-leaning egalitarian system.

  • Is Trump’s Use Of Identity Politics An Effective Strategy?

    But the story of 2018 was that Republicans failed to match their huge margins among white voters without degrees from 2016 — and white voters with degrees were more Democratic-leaning than they were in 2016.

    So maybe Trump’s strategy on racial issues is mostly flawed?

    But the story is complicated here, too. In the 2018 midterms, Democrats had a strategy that explicitly emphasized economic issues and health care, in particular, congressional Republicans’ attempts to repeal Obamacare.

    Not enough tangible stuff happened between 2016 and 2018, so the Right-leaning voters went back to sleep as they do for most elections. To get people into the polling stations, the Right needs to combine approaches: practical reasons for opposing The Great Replacement dovetail with the need for action on our rotting infrastructure, failing budget, and other intractable problems caused by the Left during the civil rights rampage they have run on America for the past seventy years.

  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits

    Wikipedia has become a social justice zealot tool du jour to destroy anyone with whom these screeching simians disagree politically.

    A few days ago author Michael Z. Williamson was informed that his Wikipedia page had been “speedy deleted.”

    Why? Because apparently, none of the references on the page were “credible,” despite being around for more than a decade, and his actual numerous published works are not considered as valid evidence of relevance. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many books an author has published. They’re not relevant (unless the screeching social justice simians confirm that they are).

    Become? It has always been this way. The Left flocks to social events and chances to seize power, and Wikipedia is both.

  • Has socialism already failed in the United States?

    In 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was passed, encouraging banks to lend to low- and moderate-income borrowers.

    Sue Kirchhoff and Judy Keen reported in “Minorities hit hard by rising costs of subprime loans” that subprime lending surged because lenders have been supported by politicians and community leaders eager to promote minority homeownership, which remains about 25 percentage points below that of white non-Hispanics, subjecting these borrowers to “debt servitude.”

    The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report (FCIR) concluded, “As a nation, we set aggressive homeownership goals with the desire to extend credit to families previously denied access to the financial markets. Yet the government failed to ensure that the philosophy of opportunity was being matched by the practical realities on the ground. … The talk of opportunity was tragically at odds with the reality of a financial disaster in the making.”

    We try it on a regular basis because lower-IQ voters like free stuff and cannot understand benefits that are removed in time, or require them to wait past the next paycheck in order to see. Every time we try it, it craters the economy and makes the country more alienated, but that serves the Left, who thrive on division.

  • The Times’ obscene attacks on the Apollo program

    “Cosmonaut diversity was key for the Soviet message to the rest of the globe,” the writer, Sophie Pinkham, wrote. Her piece reads like something from an old issue of the Soviet newspaper Pravda boasting of the achievements of the Soviet space program.

    Leftism behaves like a mental drug. Once you start taking it, you need more of it, or you feel terrible. It changes the way you think about everything, because now everything in your life exists as a tool for getting more of the mental drug. It causes you to deride the best human efforts and demand instead more bickering, squabbling, and dickering over “equality.”

  • Letter to The Irish Times: Responding to ‘Plenty of blame to go around for Johnson’s ascent’

    Antipathocracy. A government of, for, and by those who hold their governed subjects in total and utter disdain and contempt. This, right here, is what an Antipathocracy looks like.

    “Who, in the Brexit referendum, was on the Remain side?”

    Her Majesty’s Government was for Remain.
    The leading opposition parties were for Remain.
    All the primary regional parties (DUP excepted) in Scotland (SNP), Wales (Plaid Cymru), and Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein) were for Remain.
    The Archbishop of Canterbury was for Remain.
    The EU, its diplomats, and the wider diplomatic community, including Ireland’s government and diplomats, were all in for Remain.
    Cameron, the then incumbent Prime Minister, along with all his living predecessors, were for Remain.
    George Osborne, the then incumbent Chancellor of the Exchequer, was for Remain, and he even threatened the voters—via his next proposed budget—should they have the temerity to vote Leave.
    Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, then and now was for Remain.
    The majority of members of Parliament were for Remain.
    President Obama was for Remain.
    The Bank of England and the bureaucracy were for Remain.
    The labour unions were for Remain.
    Academia was overwhelmingly for Remain.
    Industry (eg, the Confederation of British Industry) was for Remain.
    The BBC and the largest part of both the old and new media (Murdoch’s broadsheets excepted) were for Remain.
    All the highbrow magazines were for Remain—The Spectator excepted.
    The actors & arts communities were for Remain.
    The vast majority of student activists were for Remain.
    Owen Jones and all the wannabe student activists were for Remain.
    The vast majority of the bar and the legal profession were for remain … but I repeat myself.

    Now ask yourself, precisely: “Who, in the Brexit referendum, was on the Leave side?”

    Just some voters.

    If anyone still wonders why Great Britain can’t seem to ever quite hit above the Mendoza Line in the last six or so decades, there’s your answer. Figure out what the people (that which remains of them) favor, and all “the smart ones” reflexively and implacably rise to block it. Not since William The Bastard forced Saxon peasants to do business in The High Speech has a governing class felt more disgust or contempt for the average civilian. Listen to Illahn Omar, Kevin Yoder, or Kamala Harris tell us what our sins are, and you can’t just make fun of the Pommies for this one. Perhaps that attitude amongst the elite inspired this one from The Kinks.

  • Biodiversity Means Replacing European With African and Intelligence With Stupidity. #TheTriggering

    “We don’t know where the biodiversity that we currently have is heading.”

    Yes we do. It’s heading to the replacement of white people of European descent with mystery meat welfare recipients who will vote for socialism.

    It never ceases to fascinate me how inferior people can’t shut up about maintaining biodiversity until you get to humans. Once we are talking about humans the goals is to interbreed everyone and make genetically broken ugly mixed races babies that look like something from a low budget horror movie.

    Do not give me this line about how mixed race children are beautiful. They are not. You know they are not which is why you are pushing the line about how beautiful they are so hard.

    The demand for “equality” will not be satisfied until we have one big cultureless grey race living in a giant shopping mall, addicted to their screens, and chanting EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL long after no one remembers that what even means.

  • Tucker: Radical Democrats turn on Nancy Pelosi

    Radical Democrats know why Pelosi was picked as speaker. She is their primary agent of White Supremacy. She is the left version of a cuck. She pretends to be far left and a rebel, while preventing them from going places the rich, white, leftist untitled nobility wants them turned away from. The White Liberals will wake up one morning and realize that they are the first ones in line for AOCs guillotine. That will make for an amusing morning.

  • A libertarian rethinks immigration

    One of the intangible assets I benefit from as an American – and which I would expect libertopia to have – is that in my society, I can usually make handshake deals with strangers and expect them to be honored. I live in a context of what people who study this sort of thing call “high social trust”. (In part because I avoid the places in the U.S. where social trust levels are low.)

    This is more important than anyone who has never lived outside a high-trust society really understands. In low-trust societies, you can’t count on anyone outside your family or tribe not to betray an agreement for short-term advantage. Large-scale cooperation is difficult. Rates of crime and violence are high, the law is unreliable, and at the extreme blood feuds are a common way of pursuing disputes.

    Diversity destroys civilization. Even the Libertarians are now seeing the truth of this.

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