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  • ‘Really disastrous’: the fragility epidemic that could change Australia

    Society became unstable in the 1980s. Thanks to the rise of diversity, there was violent and unpredictable crime everywhere. Thanks to the social liberalism of the 1960s, perversity and other predatory weirdness increased. No one knew their neighbors anymore, and there was no dominant culture. Parents retaliated, starting around 1989, by locking up their children and keeping them away from an endless procession of demonized potential harms. Now we see that by coddling, we have made people who cannot make decisions and know almost nothing of the world. That will benefit the Left, which caters to such people.

  • Just 1.5% of all rape cases lead to charge or summons, data reveals

    Fewer rape cases are being cleared. In addition to the seemingly common false accusations, it is likely that police departments are covering up diversity-related sexual assault. As in Sweden, the theory is that if you do not investigate migrant crime, you cannot be fired for “racism” and your statistics look good. They are still a few years off from the Texas police solution, which is to reclassify rapes as muggings and make the stats look even better.

  • Suspect in DC assault on pregnant woman has 70-plus arrests

    “We’re doing our part, trying to protect the community, trying to keep people from reoffending, and committing these kinds of crimes. Then literally, Friday someone’s arrested, then Saturday morning they’re back out and recommitting (crimes) within a day or two,” said Haines.

    Egalitarianism defends the weak (who cannot be raised up) against the strong (who can be lowered) in a question for a Utopia of equality. This means that the bad triumph over the good, time and again, because society does not want to crack down on the weak. In reality, the weak are hateful because they are weak and frustrated, and so except for the few percent of them who are trying to better themselves, we need to move them on to someplace that relishes weakness, like Venezuela.

  • Phones and washing machines must be made to last, MPs say as Government launches inquiry into ‘Tsunami’ of e-waste

    Why did products become so bad? For starters, unions ruined the quality of labor, so people stopped trying to buy high-end. Then government dumped lots of free money on the underclass, and this group promptly reshaped the market with its buying preferences, rewarding new and now over quality and duration. Then, greedy government taxed everything to death, so labor went overseas, and we are getting cheap Chinese junk that just piles up when the proles spend their government checks on new gadgets to distract them from their inner emptiness, then heap the old fascinations next to the dumpster without a second thought for the cleanup. We have made the worst of humanity by granting more importance to outer form (all humans are equal) than to inner traits (people with purpose, moral awareness, and the ability to appreciate nature).

  • Mouse genetics influences the microbiome more than environment

    The Left pays its scientists well, and they had a good thing going in their endless war against Darwinism. With epigenetics and gut biome studies, they believed that they had two weapons against the idea that traits are mostly heritable, a notion which conflicts with their cherished ideology of human equality. It turns out that these, too, are turning out to be dependent mostly on genetics, so the Leftist ideal of “nurture over nature” is failing just like everything else the Left does. When do we just put these incompetents on boats to Venezuela?

  • Police name suspect in Berkley man deadly beating after Detroit car accident

    The real story here is that after this guy beat a motorist into a coma, everyone in the nearby area just fled. No one cares about people from any group other than their own, and so them, it was justice to see this happen and justice to ignore it. This means that no two groups can have the same justice and therefore, diversity is every bit as doomed as it seems to be.

  • Burnout is rising in the land of work-life balance

    Jobs are jails. They are political creatures, since no one is rewarded for competence and everyone is punished when something “looks bad,” which turns people into political animals who invent elaborate justifications for their own position while ignoring actual issues since those can end a career. Instead, we have farmed a vast number of people who are content to go to offices, do nothing important for eight hours while dodging actual accountability, then go home to apply palliative mental health care with box wine and sentimental television. “Work-life” balance is an illusion when the work is odious and unnecessary like 90% of what is done in offices. People are using each other to make careers because career position is not stable, and all of our attempts at “transparency” and “responsibility” simply result in the incompetents making a good show of being important while the competent are pushed aside because they tackle actual problems instead of symbolic, visual, and trendy non-problems.

  • Trump threatens not to recognize China’s special status at WTO

    China has been, like most minority groups, playing both ends. It styles itself as a victimized third-world nation but then uses the goodwill extended to it in order to build up its empire and conquer the world. Increasingly, the Chinese look like the worst kind of incompetents: clever enough to manipulate their way into power, but not intelligent enough to understand how the world works over the long term, thus likely to make a short-lived and destructive empire. To its shame, the career women and other morons in the EU are attempting the same thing, just as the American Left hopes to seize power on a wave of minority votes so that it can run the country into the ground even more profoundly than it did under half-Black hipster president Barack Obama.

  • South Dakota will require “In God We Trust” signs in all public schools

    The countersignaling accelerates: people want to make it clear that their communities are Europid, traditional, English-speaking, and non-socialist because such communities are more valuable than diverse, atheistic, and welfare consumerism driven grey race wastelands. Which would you rather live in? Most people will not answer that directly, but if shown the two options, they always pick the nice tidy ethnic Western European suburb over the chaotic, violent, and filthy internationalist city.

  • Hindu sisters Reena and Raveena become face of forced religious conversion in Pakistan

    Long ago, Muslims invaded India, and left behind a mixed-race population. The British tried to fix this by partitioning India so that the Muslims could have Pakistan; this was a sensible attempt, although the details got botched owing to the complexities of language and culture. Ideally, there would be no Hindus in Pakistan and no Muslims in India; only that way can the ravages of diversity be avoided. However, instead there are pockets across each border, and each group tries to gain power at the expense of the other, which means that they take great delight in savaging the little pockets in order to prove a symbolic point. If the West does not drop its fascination with diversity, and start allowing people to ethnically relocate problem populations, the whole world will be torn apart by many small conflicts like this, sort of like how a swarm of mice can nibble an airliner into rubble if they put their fanatical little rodent minds to it. The only solution is to end diversity. Send them back!

  • Disney World guest’s angry rant about ‘childless’ millennials goes viral

    Happy people from healthy, stable, and sane backgrounds go out into the world, find some way to be useful, and start families which they cherish and adore. Unhappy people pursue careers, internet fame, useful idiot Leftism, box-wine, neglected apartment cats, and entertainment. It turns out that many of those unhappy people go to Disneyland for what they cannot admit is nostalgia for pre-diversity America, back in the 1980s before Bill Clinton encouraged racial resentment and competition to go mainstream (where did we find that inbred, pedophiliac village idiot? — oh wait, China found him for us). They promptly annoy people using Disneyland for its original purpose as a family vacation destination. However, how do you fix broken people? It takes decades of patient work, at which point they will be past child-bearing years anyway. My guess is that in another few decades, America will be exclusively ethnic Western European conservatives facing a vast horde of mixed-ethnic/mixed-race grey cultureless people who cannot succeed on their own and have nothing to lose. Should be an exciting second Civil War, brought to you by the insanity of democracy, equality, and Leftism.

  • Video of man taunting mom, daughter with slurs prompts more worries about racial tensions in Quebec

    People are feeling bolder about speaking out against diversity because now it has ruined everyday life. You cannot go out into your city or town and feel as if it belongs to people like you; instead, it is a bazaar to the world, where the only rule is to come and spend money. You will not hear your own language spoken, which at first seems exotic but eventually becomes alienating, nor will you notice any customs in common. Everyone is a visitor in the hotel nation and all that matters is money, producing — in the midst of the wealth of modernity brought on by the internal combustion engine and the digital computer — a poverty of experience which leads to existential terror and despair. It seems like the critics of democracy were correct, and the kings did a better job. In the meantime, diversity works nowhere. We will have to Send Them Back!

  • 100m bacteria a day keep the doctor away, apple research suggests

    Birgit Wassermann, also at Graz University of Technology and the lead author of the study, said the next step would be “to confirm to what extent diversity in the food microbiome translates to gut microbial diversity and improved health outcomes”.

    Someone inform the science community that “diversity” was the buzzword for the previous decade and we are on to “sustainability” now. Back in realityland, your immune system needs something to chew on or it atrophies. Every other benefit mentioned here is likely just bad science.

  • Germany’s AfD wins partial victory in court over candidate list

    It turns out that the far Right was correct when it said that mainstream parties were engaging in illegal dirty tricks to keep out non-Leftists (the mainstream Right are hybrid Leftists, or mostly Leftist with some conservative views). This shows us how democracy fails: it creates an entrenched bureaucracy, or “deep state,” who opposes anyone but those who share the ideology of the government. Our political systems are technically liberal democracies (consumerism, civil rights, equality, entitlements, voting) and they lean toward liberal ideas because only those justify an all-powerful government which can employ lots of bureaucrats for high salaries. Instead of keeping us free from self-interest, government has made self-interest at the expense of the group the normal and approved behavior. We have rationalized ourselves into becoming parasites.

  • Many Jewish people support progressive abortion laws because of the Bible

    Since the Dreyfus Affair, prevailing wisdom among the Jewish community has held that no minority group — like Jews — will be safe until majority cultures, religions, and heritage groups are destroyed so that a multicultural society can exist. This caused massive Jewish allegiance to the Left, who have now abandoned them in favor of Muslims who are inherently anti-Semitic, causing the Left to embrace anti-Semitism.

    Conservative Jews, who like Herzl championed Israel as a safe place for Jews, warned against this outcome long ago. In the meantime, Leftist Jews are arguing for exchanging one religious dogma for another:

    While conservative Christians use the Bible to argue a fetus represents a human life, making abortion murder, Jews don’t believe that fetuses have souls and therefore, terminating a pregnancy is no crime.

    How about we simply use reality? A fetus is a unique being with unique DNA. It contains the potential for life, even if some fetuses (like some children) do not survive to adulthood. This means that abortion destroys a person. That seems like the end of the debate, but it is only the beginning. Some people need to be destroyed; others have potential, and should be saved. Who do we abort? The Nordic countries have led the way by eliminating retardation through abortion. Imagine if we gave the parents an IQ test, and purged any under 120 IQ points. We would have a Golden Age in no time! Of course, if it were mixed-race/mixed-ethnic, that advantage would drop off as all unique traits died out. There are so many dysfunctional eugenics policies practiced today that we have lost sight of the functional eugenics policies that we could implement.

  • Salvini wants Europe to take migrants from Italy coastguard

    Salvini intelligently forces the EU to show its hand. They demand that migrants be let in, but want the poorer countries to take them, mainly because the richer countries spend so much more per migrant in entitlements. This two-faced policy will naturally produce disaster, but is the only way that the bloated ineffectual bureaucrats of Brussels can figure out to save their jobs, since they initiated this immigration disaster with the clever (but not intelligent) idea that they could bring in more workers, tax them, and therefore pay off the entitlements and especially final years costs of the Baby Boomers that way. Everything Leftists have done has failed; it just took almost a century to see that the failure was in fact happening, being covered up, and will continue until we simply cease and desist from all egalitarian policies.

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