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Osiris Akkebala on the Mental Health Necessity of Ethno-Nationalism

From a recent email by Osiris Akkebala to his group of pan-nationalist allies:

The fact about Black Afrikans living today is that we have been so successfully attacked physically, and mentally until all that should be meaningful and desirous to Black Afrikan people today is getting our freedom with justice and independence back.

We have been stripped culturally biologically, and theologically until Divine seriousness has us with a need to know that thinking reasonably and logically will have us to know that it is counter-productive for us to attempt to ignore the truth about our living conditions in Afrika and the outer world and act as if first things need to be done to have Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and to be acting and behaving as a unified Black Nation being Governed by a United States Of Afrika Government that there is a organizing process that has to take place by Black Afrikan people.

Our living condition is too serious of a handicap for us to ignore the fact we will not be successful by ignoring the sequences required for us black Afrikans must take for us to rise again in Unity with self-respect, the only way Freedom will become in our company again.

Buying a New book and beginning reading from the middle of the book is not going to give you the level of gratification you will have the opportunity to get if you start at the front pages to read the book.

There is no mental health without racial and ethnic autonomy.

His vision, the United States of Afrika, means many African ethnic groups united under common self-interest as a race.

This allows for a cessation of the diversity problem, since diversity — of any form: racial, cultural, ethnic, religious — causes societies to divide internally and collapse.

Each ethnic group would have its own space. His race would have its own space. If White people stop being silly and invest in reparations with repatriation, the diversity illusion collapses.

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