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“Out of Africa” Dies a Gasping Death

Like trends, scientific theories persist until proven wrong. With conjectural theories, based on partial models rooted in what we know rather than the whole range of knowledge, they can almost never be proven wrong because full data is lacking, but the signs of their failure are often slightly visible.

Some evidence suggests that “the settled science” only changes when the generation that was taught it dies out, which means that we are two generations behind on big perceptual shifts, which causes people to filter out little details that do not comport with their assumptions.

In historical terms, this means that much of our cutting-edge science is still being read in the context of what was taught to children during the WW2 era. Those Boomers taught what they were taught to the generation afterward, which taught it to a new generation. Only in 2040 or so does this relent.

However, details leak out like the ancient Europeans who we presume came from Africa, but we know flowed back into Africa:

A new fossil ape from an 8.7-million-year-old site in Türkiye is challenging long-accepted ideas of human origins and adding weight to the theory that the ancestors of African apes and humans evolved in Europe before migrating to Africa between nine and seven million years ago.

African backflow theory has been a favorite of mine for some time, hiding behind what is probably the grandaddy of all scientific upsets to come, namely parallel evolution and panspermia. The theory says that modern Africans are probably a sum of backflow from other continents.

It says that because patterns tend to repeat. If the ancestors of African apes and humans evolved in Europe and then migrated into Africa, modern humans and every step inbetween most likely did the same thing, instead of the old model of all of us coming from Africa in a few ancient events.

We know that the four root races — African, Asian, Australid, Caucasian — have different origins or partial origins. Denisovans form the basis of the Asian races, Dravidians the Australid and lower-caste Indian, Africans may have H. Erectus contributions, and Caucasians are snow people.

If any migration pattern is consistent, it is that people steadily backflow into tropical areas where it is easier to survive. Most likely North Africa and the middle east were a traditional mixing ground for all four races, with much backflow into sub-Saharan Africa as well.

Parallel evolution — human-like groups emerging in four continents at roughly the same time — plus backflow of modern humans contributing some of the makeup of all groups more explains what we see than the dubious “out of Africa” single origin trees.

This means little for our current politics, however. The point is that instead of trying to find the universal human in Africa, we see radically different groups that must be treated differently instead of trying to force them to follow the postcolonial model.

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