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Death By Manipulation

Trends rule must human life because they are based on precedent. If someone succeeds by doing a thing, everyone else is going to imitate it, because if they do not they are going to be criticized for not being with the times and being competitive.

Until a trend is proven to be destructive, it will keep raging. First the hipper people imitate it, then the stodgy middle class, until finally it trickles down to the social rejects. Soon everyone is doing it and it gets wadded into the ball of accepted behaviors that is modern life.

Think of how when The Blair Witch Project succeeded, we then had over a decade of “found footage” movies, all of which were terrible. When Harry Potter succeeded, every book worked in a little magic, usually mixed with werewolves and other fantasy standards.

In politics, our biggest trend is equality. This started a thousand years ago and, because no one has figured out that it is killing us, we keep doing it more intensely because each generation pushes it further to rebel against their parents (safely, by not disagreeing with the overall trend).

This means that for most of us, our thinking is mostly the precedent cascade of trends which have come before. To succeed, you take the current trends, find a new take, and then style yourself as having “new” ideas even though you are pimping old ones.

Consequently, most conservatives are Leftists simply because they know nothing other than Leftism. Their thinking consists of rationalizing from the precedent of previous trends, and consequently they invent a conservative-flavored Leftism instead of escaping entirely.

Consider how many conservatives are motivated by hatred of the wealthy or elites. They do not know who these elites are, and have never met them, which is why they cannot comprehend that these elites are simply getting wealthy by following the trend cascade.

Such “conservatives” talk about guillotines and revolutions as if these would solve the situation, forgetting that what got us into this situation was overthrowing our natural leaders and replacing them with the temporary favorites of the mob.

The people who succeed in this society do so by taking advantage of trends. If a lot of people believe something, there is money and power in it. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you repeat the dogma and intensify it without considering that it is true.

Nothing else explains why you suddenly have circus freaks walking the streets, working in government, and dominating what is left of your arts and culture. The elites, Freemasons, Jews, Bilderbergers, Davos, and Illuminati did not do this to you; you did it to yourselves.

After all, you went along with the trends, too. Most people just want to take part in what is happening that seems relevant, so they repeat whatever dogma is current and trending. They just fit in and then amplify their role in order to stand a head above the crowd.

Our current elites got to that position through education. Via education, they learned to deliver what the assignment said, not worry about what is actually real. They learn to manipulate with optics and images, and to avoid offending by contradicting any part of the precedent cascade.

This is what you learn at college. You learn to take some detail, work it into an argument and prove it with an experiment or thesis, generally by deferring to the trends that are in force, since people cannot disagree with those.

You box in people with logic based on what cannot be denied, and those undeniable agenda items because the assumptions that propel your argument. You learn to find loopholes in rules, cherry-pick data, and draw sweeping conclusions from minor details.

Do that, and you get good grades and a good starter job, at which you succeed only if you are viciously self-serving while concealing that fact behind a smokescreen of altruism. After twenty or thirty years of this, you become senior management and can finally make decisions.

At that point however they have trained you. You will not offend by being too realistic; you will follow the trends because they are rewarded. If you feel like government and society only go in one direction, this is why: it is what is rewarded.

You learn justification at an early age. Whatever helps the government, poor, diversity, or any victimized special interest group is good. Therefore, if you argue for something, it must help one of these.

After that you learn prohibition. You cannot do things with bad optics, so you cut those out, but similarly learn how to cast whatever your opposition is doing as an example of those bad optics. Call them elitists, racists, classists, ableist, or just plain mean. It works, fooling the herd.

If you become a good manipulator, you can succeed in media, academia, government, or the professions. You must convince the court of your case. You must write cunning grant proposals. You need to do something outrageous with your architecture or novel, even if that makes it trivial.

This is how we have made a society of liars. We start with a trend like equality, and soon it becomes forced and subsidized equality, at which point equality is our only industry. You get to join the elites by manipulating the tokens that make up equality and advance it.

Politics is the root of it all, and politics descends from equality. Politics is manipulation; it conceals the reality because it is disturbing or cryptic, and instead gives people a simple two-dimensional world of good (trends) and bad (scary optics). These are your carrot and stick.

Boxing in people between the two, you poison every option but the one you want them to adopt, and then sweeten the option you want them to take by justifying it as advancing some kind of trend agenda. Then the choice is easy, and you get to succeed.

By the time these people are in their fifties, they no longer care what the reality is. They only want to work the system and enjoy the power that they have, because when you have power and wealth, you are not one of the nobodies that the system pounds down into grey lumpenproles wandering without purpose.

When you learn to manipulate others with pleasant symbols and scapegoats, you eventually manipulate yourself, and then your thinking cannot change. You think solely in terms of the trend, which in our time is Leftism, and you accept it as if not “good” at least necessary.

This is why you are ruled by a gerontocracy that is absolutely inflexible in its thinking and will not consider anything else but the option of more failure. They ignore anyone who thinks otherwise; those people are just losers.

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