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  • ‘In the end, everything is about equity’: How experts say the pandemic could invigorate climate change action

    “Experts” — the people rewarded by the system for pledging allegiance to its narrative — believe that the Left can take over the world with Scientific Progress by using a panic similar to COVID-19. They have found a way to argue for inept bureaucratic totalitarianism as “good,” despite all of history showing us that this is an end-stage not a new beginning.

  • The Nation’s Corn Belt Has Lost a Third of Its Topsoil

    It turns out that rigorous farming in the name of efficiency depletes topsoil, but farmers have no other option because of the high costs of property taxes, insurance, regulations, and labor. Family farms beat out factory farms in this way, since little yeoman farmers can churn out small amounts of goods without requiring the extensive and pointless Soviet-style overhead.

  • How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access to Covid Vaccines

    Back in the cynical 1980s, people viewed corporate charity as simply a form of tax-deductible marketing for the products of the corporation. After all, the biggest non-profit in America existed only to sell people Mastercards. It seems that Gates, like others, has a circle of peers whose products he supports in exchange for his continuing relevance.

  • Simon & Schuster won’t distribute book by officer involved in Breonna Taylor’s death

    Corporate advertisers cash in on any trend because they are aware that, as suits, they are the least hip, cool, and interesting thing on the planet. For that reason, any time they see something that seems popular, they hype the heck out of it so that they can harness that mass appeal in order to sell us their boring products. Taylor was in fact a drug-purveying murderess.

  • From United Kingdom to Untied Kingdom

    What is it we say around here? That diversity itself, not specific races, causes societies to fail. Even when you have supposedly nice groups like the Scots and Welsh, ethnic differences prove too significant to ignore, since each group wants its own culture and diversity means that no one can have their culture, high social trust, or their own genetics.

  • FedEx shooter ID’d as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole

    It sounds like this person has had mental struggles for some time, and was for some reason allowed access to a car and a gun. Maybe it is time that we heed the wisdom of the past and begin placing the insane in asylums, where they cannot harm others and can spend all day writing down their insane theories, religions, or biographies.

  • Defense Department confirms leaked video of unidentified aerial phenomena is real

    In my view, these are probably field trips by alien species which have gotten over the hump that thwarts humanity now — The Civilization Disease — and they have come to visit and see what a failing civilization is like. We are lab rats to them, especially since our deaths and failure are foretold. Get ready to get probed.

  • Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months

    For merchants, panics make the money printer buzz. At this point, for political reasons humanity had to re-label all flu deaths as COVID-19 so that an election could be stolen and China could take over the world economy (for some reason, good spirit cookin’ Leftists like Joe Biden have no problem with this). That means that whatever the “experts” demand, gutmensch conformists do.

  • NY Requires ISPs To Offer $15 Broadband Access To Low Income Families

    ISPs love this: they just doubled their customer base, and are now providing a service tier which is expected to be low-quality like government buildings, public bathrooms, and food banks. This means that they will have permanent market status and will never be dislodged. They have moved from a predator that hunts to eat to a parasite which just taps into a vein.

  • Minnesota high school student who was falsely accused of sending racist Instagram messages to a black classmate fears for her safety

    The person who faked the messages wanted to “raise awareness of social and racial injustice.” The media, school, and local Leftists rushed to condemn this actual victim, who was trying to start a conservative club at her school, so instantly became a target of the social justice crowd. We cannot coexist with these Leftists.

  • Testimony ends in Derek Chauvin murder trial

    It turns out that George Floyd had 98% oxygen saturation in his blood, so he did not suffocate. However, drugs, heart disease, carbon monoxide and paraganglioma tumor were contributors to his early demise. Under such conditions, swallowing your fentanyl stash is considered inadvisable, but George did not want to go back to jail. Mission accomplished.

  • US police and public officials donated to Kyle Rittenhouse, data breach reveals

    Officers donate money to fellow officers accused of horrible things, and somehow we are supposed to read “systemic racism” from this, even though they donated in cases unrelated to racism as well. Cops know they are getting a raw deal, and they are pushing back by winning cases against the Left, which unnerves the little Communist dolts.

  • Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature passes “anti-riot” bill amid racial unrest

    This law basically says that if you participate in crimes during a peaceful protest, you get treated similarly to how you would if you just suddenly committed those crimes while walking down the street. Somehow, this outrages the Left and is “racist” just as they happen to be burning down cities across America. White Flight 2.0 has kicked off in response.

  • Biden DOJ Wins Lawsuit to Seize 260-Year-Old Texas Ranch Along Border

    Welcome to the new style of government. They take whatever they want in order to maintain the public fiction that our system is working. Instead of addressing the border surge, they are seizing land to continue building the wall. Here too, Trump set things in motion which cannot be undone, even as Biden wails away with his executive orders.

  • Facebook censors story on BLM co-founder’s multi-million dollar LA property empire

    Social media further removes the mask, dropping the pretense of stopping abuse and now simply censoring anything that goes against the dominant Leftist narrative. The correct response is to abandon social media to the Left because the sooner they go full hugbox, the sooner people will drop social media because it is no longer a useful form of news or contact with friends.

  • Pelosi/Schiff Argue Congress Can Secretly Subpoena Phone Records of Citizens

    They want something like the Patriot Act cranked to eleven so that Leftists can prowl through your phone calls to see if they can find something worth investigating. Imagine what will happen when they use this to locate Capitol rioters, decide anyone who is Right-wing might be a rioter, and start broadly trawling for anything they can use to build a legal case even if shaky.

  • FBI: Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Exploiting Five Publicly Known Vulnerabilities to Compromise U.S. and Allied Networks

    Biden follows the Obama-Clinton plan: whenever China does something, blame Russia, and then use that to imply connections to the American Right, since in Leftist-land anyone as removed from far-Left as Vladimir Putin must be far-Right. In reality, China has the 100k strong hacker army, not Russia which has a much smaller troll/hack group which is less advanced.

  • How 20 American Governors are tied to the Chinese Communist Party

    Democracy has a back door which is the self-interest of all parties. Once they abolished WASP cultural rule, no one had any allegiance to anything except making their own little pile. These governors are getting re-elected and rich thanks to China, which makes them a de facto fifth column on our soil despite being democratically elected.

  • Afghanistan: ‘We have won the war, America has lost’, say Taliban

    Wars do not fit this simple framework. The US went to war in these areas to keep terrorists overseas, and during that time, the great boom in Muslim terror has dropped off. GWB made a puzzling mistake by turning the wars into occupations, but the US stayed because China is waiting to move in.

  • EU put to shame by UK fishermen as British fleets outperforming bloc’s super trawlers

    History will likely record that the debate over fishing rights spurred Brexit. The EU, having expanded itself to increase its power, now consumes a great deal of fish and exports a large amount of it. To keep up this habit, they sent super-trawlers into UK waters that basically slaughtered wildlife. It turns out that this was entirely unnecessary.

  • Just 3% of world’s ecosystems remain intact, study suggests

    Humanity, drugged on the power of agriculture and technology, expanded to the point of endangering all future life from Earth. As we awaken from the stuporous orgy of destruction, it turns out that very little has escaped our grasp, but that we have an easy option for restoring it: remove humans, problem solved.

  • For 2 million years, humans ate meat and little else

    Despite the praise for our plant-based diet, it turns out that it was a relatively recent change to how we ate. Most likely, the emphasis on “plant-based” misdirects from our actual diet, which varied widely as it does with omnivores based on what was present. When we could get it, we ate meat. The soy froots want you eating plants to sap your energy.

  • CBS News slammed for cropping bodycam footage of Adam Toledo holding gun before fatal shooting

    “Also shown in the footage is a brief glimpse of Toledo holding a gun, which he apparently discarded an instant before the fatal shot was fired.” Thus he joins Mike Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Rodney King, and Trayvon Martin in being a bad guy doing bad things lauded as an innocent victim for political purposes.

  • 1,500 rabbis blast ADL for calling Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson

    If you get outside of the Leftist (BDS) or Rightist (NS) ghettos of anti-Semitism, you see a far more nuanced view, which is that while three-quarters of American Jews are raving Leftists, the remaining quarter tend to be highly based conservatives. Carlson mentioned Hart-Celler demographic replacement for obedient voting and prompted panic across the Leftist Establishment.

  • More than half of older millennials with student debt say their loans weren’t worth it

    Politicians viewed college as an anti-poverty program and the voters agreed, so we got lots of people going to college. This happened so much that a college degree became worthless, and the idea that you could get a reasonable job simply based on having a degree and regular competence went out the window. The people making money now are highly diligent and generally soulless.

  • Pelosi has “no plans” to bring bill expanding Supreme Court to House floor

    With the Court voting as it has, they have no need to expand the court, since all but two of the “conservative” justices vote Leftist. How did they achieve that? They sneaked in through Libertarianism and Christianity, both of which have become saturated in egalitarian dogma, and this let Gorsuch and Barrett sneak in by pretending their crypto-Communism is a “hobby.” That, and no one wanted to get Scaliaed.

  • Scientists Create Early Embryos That Are Part Human, Part Monkey

    The jokes just write themselves. Most humans behave more like monkeys than humans at this point because democracy, consumerism, diversity, and socialism produce dumbed-down, hopelessly despairing, and vigilantly selfish people.

  • Fauci ‘not sure’ why Texas doesn’t have COVID uptick after nixing masks

    When you get rid of the mask mandates, it signals that the adults are back in control, so people stop reporting every auto accident, drug overdose, and fatal cheeseburger consumption as a COVID-19 death. Heck, even George Floyd had COVID-19, and when they get done with that fallacy of a trial, he will be counted among the victims.

  • New Zealand aims to create smoke-free generation

    New Zealand wants to ban sales of cigarettes to people born after 2004. In the meantime, you are much more likely to die of over-exposure to diesel exhaust, car exhaust, and industrial fumes. The wealthy move to leafy green suburbs outside the city for a reason, but the rest of their society lives in a constant bath of bad air and factory toxins.

  • China launches hotline for netizens to report ‘illegal’ history comments

    More cracking down on “nihilists” a.k.a. those who refuse to believe unquestioningly in the agenda and its narrative. Before the West gets drugged with feelings of superiority, consider that with our push against “White Supremacist domestic terrorism” you can print out those internet comments and send them to the cops, who will then get a warrant.



  • What Should Be Done to Curb Big Tech?

    Old school internet guys thought a commercial internet was a funny idea, since the net is a shared space toward which we all contribute hardware, electricity, and bandwidth. No one can control that… until we start using property law regarding the hardware instead of considering cyberspace as a public space. The future: public-private spaces and common carrier.

  • FBI opens a new investigation into China ‘every 10 hours,’ bureau director says

    Just like the investigation into the RussiaGate and the Ashli Babbit report, these exist to exonerate China officially, not discover what is actually going on. Most of our public politicians either work with China, take funds from China, or are heavily invested in companies like BlackRock which have been comprised by the Chinese government.

  • Berlin rent cap overturned by Germany’s top court

    All of those 1960s ideas sounded good until we tried them. When you cap rents, you cut off improvements made to the properties. This creates either slumlords or extremely ugly utilitarian housing, and that means that your citizens will live in technically acceptable but uninspiring and ackward spaces, and take that frustration with them into the world.

  • James Dyson says Brexit has given him ‘freedom’

    It turns out that escaping EU rules allows England to do what the rest of the EU feared it would, which is leverage its economy by making deals all over the world, while the rest of the EU remains hobbled by expensive regulations, low nationwide competition, and high taxes. No one wants any Western nation to leave our collective sickness, but a whole world awaits.

  • World’s 8 Richest People Now Have a Combined Net Worth of $1 Trillion

    It turns out that handing out free money makes more inequality. The people who get the free money have to spend it somewhere, and that means that those who already own something — businesses, stocks, bonds, patents — gain hugely while everyone else sees their purchasing power die by inflation. If you want to end inequality, abolish property taxes.

  • Sugar not so nice for your child’s brain development, study suggests

    Ask yourself what exists — in natural form! — in those plant-based diets. Keep munching on bread and soy, both of which deliver a blast of sugar and estrogen to the body (this unbalances both men and women). Nature rewards those who pursue actual nutrition, live active existences, and keep focused on something forward instead of knee-jerk materialist demands.

  • ‘Cheese is racist’ storm as hundreds back ban on dairy foods in school

    Apparently many non-Whites are lactose intolerant, so environmental campaigners made that into their argument against a non-plant-based diet. In an egalitarian society, you can argue for anything by claiming it advances equality, and shout anything down by claiming it increases inequality, when in fact you are tossing around empty symbols simply to manipulate.

  • China tried to wage ‘undeclared war’ against India through cyberattacks

    Those of us outside China need to realize that China does not target us for who we are, but to replace us, and this is not limited to any specific group. China wants to rule the world. It must do so, as Genghis Khan had to, because its internally-parasitic system will collapse otherwise and then the nü-Khans lose power.

  • Labor MP calls for action on far-right extremism in Australia

    “Freedom” means telling your citizens what to think and arresting them if they do not agree. If the Five Eyes group is going after White Supremacist domestic terrorism, this means that they have already been compromised by China through clueless Leftists like the one discussed in this article.

  • You Should See Me in a Crown – The Queen Conch

    “All living things have a special place in our world, and when this balance is interrupted by the eradication of any one species, that balance can prove harmful all the way up the chain of existence to us Humans.” Amazing that this must be explained. It should be intuitive.

  • China ‘must shut 600 coal-fired plants’ to hit climate target

    In case not everyone has seen this yet, China is Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown at the last second as he tries to kick it. They will tell us what to do, ensuring that we become weaker, and refuse to do the same with their own country, thus becoming stronger. This cunning but moronic approach works against even more moronic systems like liberal democracy.

  • Student’s heart failure linked to ‘excessive’ energy drinks

    Many of our modern miracles and accepted behaviors will be seen in the future as degenerate and destructive despite being widely normed. Wonder what all of those sodas, soy-heavy foods, sugar-laden fruits, and car exhaust is doing to us? No one wants to be the first to question our assumption that we are on a path that does not lead to doom, just slowly so we do not notice.

  • Perceiving threat in others: The role of body morphology

    People who look physically weak seem less threatening. With this in mind, we would expect a society where social pressures are dominant like a democracy to value people who are baby-faced, corpulent, or very thin. Maybe this explains why Democratic presidents are wimpy nerds but Republicans look substantial, hale, and healthy.

  • 51 West Point cadets caught cheating must repeat a year

    Without a strong cultural role that values participation, the military becomes simply another career to cash in on, and people have no allegiance to doing things the right way. Once you get that title, you cash in, and then you retire and cash out. Doing things right? That’s for the Chinese military.

  • Intelligence Chiefs Say China, Russia Are Biggest Threats To U.S.

    Trump got China on the table. Otherwise, everyone in our government would have gladly ignored it and kept cashing the checks. They hope to steadily slide toward blaming Russia, which proves convenient since Russia is both relatively weak and not a direct threat, so they can keep getting paid to fight a non-threat where they cannot lose instead of taking on a real fight.

  • Noise pollution creates an environment where trees cannot flourish, say scientists

    It turns out that incessant humanity and the noise of its machines deter the wildlife that trees need for their reproductive cycles, setting the stage for a slow but unstoppable exctinction of our tree cover. Someday, humanity will see “nature” only in special parks and zoos, and live in plastic bubbles under ruined air.

  • Malik Muhammad Arrest: “The idea that this person could get this close to the governor is very scary.”

    It turns out that the same people leading the peaceful protests by day are throwing firebombs at night. This would make it easy to find them and jail them if we dedicated even a tenth of the resources being sent after the Capitol rioters, most of whom appear to be stoners who were let into the Capitol by a police force told to stand down by Nancy Pelosi or her staff.

  • More than 100 companies sign letter opposing U.S. state voting restrictions

    Companies follow what they think will reward them. The official propaganda says that Whites are being replaced and that China and the rest of the third world will be our future market, so these companies create propaganda designed for minorities at the expense of their White market, which appears to have abandoned consumerism during the Clinton years.

  • More men charged in animal killing at white supremacist camp

    If you cannot bust them for political activity, find some law that might apply and use it to get them into the system and browbeat them into taking a plea. The Capitol rioter prosecutions involve creative interpretations of law that build careers for those in government, but will come to to bite all of us later on.

  • House panel votes to advance bill on slavery reparations

    The people of today find themselves taxed yet again to pay for the sins of yesterday, concealing another wealth transfer program to take from the productive to subsidize the third world. No one thinks to ask what happened to the captives in Africa who could not be sold into slavery, since such people are generally executed.

  • BPA-like chemicals likely causing “alarming” damage to brain cells

    Utilitarianism means that if most people think something is okay, then we go ahead with it, even if they are completely incompetent to make the decision. People wanted cheap plastics for their endlessly dramatic on-the-go lifestyles, and now later we find out that there is a high cost. Apparently no one was using those brain cells anyway.

  • China’s Q1 GDP growth seen hitting record 19% as domestic, global demand recovers

    It seems that engineering a pandemic and stealing an American election really works. China sent the rest of the world into a spin while stealthily recovering from the great COVID-19 mental meltdown, and consequently finds itself better poised to take advantage of the stimulus-driven recovery. They will take the money and run while the rest of the world implodes.

  • Cancer patient saw disease all but vanish after catching Covid

    Stimulating the immune system can wake it up enough to start removing cancers, which are basically mutated cells acting in Libertarian self-interest instead of dying like the body needs them to. Perhaps, without predators humanity simply degenerates.

  • Woman who lost partner in crossbow attack wants ‘medieval’ weapon regulated

    We have lots of crazy people, but they are equal, too. Instead of doing something about the crazy people, we try to keep neutering everyone by removing tools and strength instead of simply removing the bad people. This ends with the insane ruling over us, and the rest of us having no way of defending ourselves.

  • U.S. cancels warships deployment to Black Sea

    Like Obama, Biden rattles sabers and then backs down, convincing everyone that America is weak. In the meantime, the families of the Democrats all make out like bandits by short-selling defense stocks and buying up vital industries with the proceeds so that they can control them.

  • Myanmar ethnic groups unite in fight against army, sights set on federal rights

    Diversity proves toxic yet again. A majority culture can regulate its government; a society with lots of minority groups rules only by maintaining a fragile and illusory balance based on appeasing all of these groups. No wonder a coup happened.

  • Capitol Police Told to Hold Back on Riot Response on Jan. 6, Report Finds

    This Reichstag Fire always had the stench of being engineered. It turns out that Trump was closer to proving his point about election 2020 being stolen than was comfortable for the alliance feeding at the trough of taxpayer cash, so the Capitol police basically invited the rioters in, then turned that minor event into a pretend insurrection.

  • STDs reach all-time high for 6th consecutive year

    The more diversity and sexual liberation we have, the more STDs appear among us. Instead of looking toward the dysfunctional behavior of our citizens, who are equal of course and thus legitimized in their choices, this society decides to force everyone to wear latex as much as possible, killing any joy in the process.

  • French top court upholds decision not to try Muslim man who killed his Jewish neighbor while high on marijuana

    Equality does not mean “fairness,” or treating everyone the same way. It means making people equal, which requires taking from the succeeding to give to the struggling. If someone has a lower socioeconomic status, his crimes are more likely to be forgiven, while those who had more to lose are forced to pay for it. Tired of being “equal” yet?

  • Nepal rhino numbers rise in ‘exciting’ milestone

    Villagers, war, and habitat depletion encroached on national parks. Once the human population was pushed back, however, the animals began to return. Saving nature is as simple as giving it space, which requires moving humans elsewhere and leaving nature alone.


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