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News (April 15, 2022)


Reputedly Arthur C. Clarke once opined that if the civilization that had built the Antikythera Mechanism had continued, it would be exploring deep space with faster-than-light travel already.

When you look at the distances required not just to traverse space but to travel between solar systems with planets capable of supporting life, it becomes clear that rockets will not cut it; we need some form of wormhole, hyperspace, spacetime-folding, or entangled particle teleportation to explore deep space. That is probably a century away.

However human civilizations never make it to that point. It is as if we are wired with a self-destruct cycle that picks us off right at our peak of ability, mainly because while we focused on external capabilities we lost the dual ability of having personl and civilizational sanity.

Without that sanity, civilization detonates yet again. At that point, all of the knowledge goes away. After all, great knowledge and genius never pay the bills, get the girl, or make the local warlord like you. They are worthless in the day-to-day struggle.

Most of humanity exists on the Joe Biden level. If they can eat it, sell it, kill it, or use it for reproductive purposes, something has value. It can be traded for other things. The cleverest monkey wins the most stuff.

Such people do not think of eternity. They do not believe in it, either via religion or fame. They know that the gibbering and slavering Crowd runs from attraction to attraction and fear to fear, and in the process it buries anything good under the dust and debris of history. Fame is compost in the end.

And so they live for the now, specifically the addiction that is part gambling and part pugilism, where their sophomoric and narrow cleverness allows them to dominate over the others in the world of what they recognize as real.

Such people never produce genius, technology, institutions, or knowledge. They make little warlord subsistence economies where the mutated and pointlessly violent triumph, then inbreed, producing third world level people no matter how great their ancestors once were.

The only way to salvage such a population is to kill the lowest 90% by intelligence and morality, then breed what is left for three generations and repeat the process. This “bottlenecking” weeds out the mutants, but you may never really achieve the lost greatness of the past, only improve on what is left over.

Imagine that happening to all of humanity. If we continue our current course, we will be headed back to being furry little upright monkeys who wander in small groups scavenging and foraging, periodically stopping to slaughter each other and rape the females who survive.

They will be incurious and crude, innumerate and illiterate, and they will keep up their activities of cannibalism, internecine warfare, theft, rape, and below-subsistence living until the sun turns red and Earth begins to heat in the final age.

History will go on; humanity will not be a part of it. Like a camera at ground zero, they will simply not be there any longer to send a report. Other species will arise and explore the stars, probably never even knowing that we existed.

All of our fancy technology will decay within a few centuries and anything that does not will be destroyed by the hominids with the usual rage that people have for anything superior to themselves.

This is what we are gambling with right now; we either figure out how to make a stable civilization, or we say goodbye forever. I have known this my entire life and it has met with nothing but denial from others, but less of late. They are starting to see just how serious the situation is.

Your average person now is concerned about gas prices and food prices. Yes, these are important because people must live, but there is a weakness in setting your goals too low. Someone will come along and fix the prices and then the voters will go back to sleep as they have slept for the past two centuries, oblivious to all risk but the immediate and tangible.

Think about how quickly the internet got ruined. Since the daytime television watchers took over in 2007 with smartphones, the internet has become a wasteland of censorship and vapid drama. It is the dystopia we always read about, just in digital form, and most normal people have fled it long ago.

The Crowd took over, the shopkeepers made a product for them, and then everything was ruined. Over and over again this plays out. Same old story, same old song and dance. Humanity self-destructs whenever given power.

We are headed into an age where, unless you are a millionaire, you will either live on welfare and make drug money by stealing anything of value left from the past, or you will struggle twelve hours a day in a pointless sarariman job so that you can pay the sixty percent tax rate and not end up in the welfare ghetto.

Our leaders consider this the best outcome. They saw the population bloom years ago and realized that this was going to end in horror. It always does, after all. When you get too many people, everyone wants you to support everyone else, so everyone gets very little and the few productive get worked to the bone to keep it going.

This will rapidly break down and Earth will then be ruled by a series of warlords, none able to keep their empires operating, until the technology fails because no one is left who can maintain it, and then the new mixed-race humanity will revert to primitive weapons of the twentieth century, then the nineteenth, then the eighteenth, and then, the first. We will go back in time as we lose everything we have learned, fought for, and sacrificed for.

In other words, we will have totally defeated ourselves. There will be no one to blame. You can rage at the Jew, but when all is in ruins, it will become clear that the disease ran deeper than a scapegoat group and that you were just making excuses to avoid doing anything real.

Of course, all the people who blamed Whites will come off as the biggest selfish, idiotic, and dishonest people on Earth, but there will be no one left who cares about any of that old fashioned stuff. They will just move on with their foraging and scavenging.

Unlike how things are in all of those Hollywood disaster movies, the supplies will dry up very quickly and people will be hunting wildlife very quickly. Everything that moves will be eaten, so say goodbye to all that nice biodiversity. If we are lucky, we will have squirrels and wild boar after the crash. If not, just squirrels.

Societies go wrong when the first person is not rewarded for doing good. You need to punish the bad, but more importantly, you must recognize and/or reward those who do good.

If you do not, they face a dual crisis: their good deeds go unrecognized except in the eyes of their peers, who resent them and take it out on them. This is why across the third world the people who invent irrigation and hygiene get burned alive as “witches” on a regular basis. Rule #1 of Crowd Club is not to make anyone else look bad.

Your invention might have improved the lives of everyone, but your double crop makes every other farmer who did it the old way look like a plumb idiot and they know it. They will kill you and burn your invention rather than feel bad.

This comes about because humans, as big-brained creatures, seek to manage their mental state first. We exist in perpetual cognitive dissonance: we know that we are weak, mortal, and powerless, but we want to feel “in control” and we are thus addicted to any narrative or agenda which explains that everything is fine and will continue to be fine if we just follow the plan.

Basically, the doubt associated with life makes us so unstable that we become addicted to symbols much like we once worshiped ikons and talismans. We are a cargo cult of believing that everything will turn out just fine as long as we do certain symbolic actions, and we do not care how illogical, unrealistic, or insane they are. We just want that calm mental state, much like a heroin addict wants that next dab of smack to make it through the afternoon.

Some might say that autists are the ultimate evolution of humanity in this sense. If confronted with mortality, powerlessness, risk, or danger, the autist makes a seal bark and charges on ahead, not thinking about these things because he cannot process them. Beep. Seal bark. Charge.

Goodthinkers are a natural phenomenon. These are the people who are trusting the plan, and in our age, the plan begins with “everyone is Equal,” a type of cult-like religious gang based on the secular worship of human egotism. This only makes sense, because when we become focused on the negative, we fixate on managing our mental state against the negativity overwhelming it.

I think the error starts with the first person who does good, is not recognized or rewarded, and then gets bullied by others. He either moves away and dies childless alone, or he becomes hateful and bent on revenge. What is the ultimate revenge? To induce everyone else to destroy themselves. That is what he does.

The guy who got set on fire for his irrigation system hides his scarred face, labors until he has enough money for bribes, and that way has others who have social rank adopt his system. Then he suggest they link together all of the waterways. Once that is done, he sneaks out in the night and tosses in the rotting corpse of a plague pig, then runs to the hills. He dies childless and alone, but he laughs maniacally every night at the thought of the valley of bones below. He showed them, the stupid jerks.

More likely, however, he figures out in advance that he will get curbstomped if he makes an irrigation system. So he does not do it, but his loyalty no longer lies with the group; he is a nation of one, acting for his own interests alone. If he has a chance to take money from a foreign nation, or merely as a bribe from a local businessman, he does it and thinks himself clever for doing so. He did not buy into the lie of brotherhood; it is every man for himself, and he is farther along than most. These are your Clintons, Pelosis, McCains, Bidens, and Gateses. They have no faith in life, no hope for their fellow citizens, and for them all that matter is fame, influence, and wealth.

People fall into a dark organization of mutually approving of bad behavior because they are afraid of being reduced in value because of their personal defects. Rather than organizing their minds and becoming sane, they go to war against organization and sanity themselves.

Equality, beloved by all and the cornerstone of our time, is an illusion. It exists only to fool the idiots so they can be centrally manipulated and standardized. Equal people have nothing and this drives them to become cruel, manipulative, and greedy so that they have something, and on that basis, can regulate their mental state toward positivity despite having a fundamentally negative materialistic and humanistic outlook.

That is how we get to where we are. Luckily if we choose to recognize this we can end it pretty easily, but it seems that just about everyone is afraid to be the first to do it.


  • Narcissists share these 5 toxic money habits
    1. They are secretive about their finances.
    2. They are only generous with money in public.
    3. They skimp on the essentials.
    4. They are hypocritical.
    5. They are punitive with money.

    This sounds like our democratic governments, NGOs like BLM, or even your average small business. Equality makes everyone into a sociopathic solipsist. Atheism makes (most — some exceptions exist) people into desperate, angsty souls who crave fifteen minutes of meaningless fame to offset the eternity of death. Worst of all, jobs reward hiding your actual self, meeting the demands placed before you but ignoring the meaning and goal behind the task, and avoiding controversy while drawing as much attention possible to yourself. Social media did not do this to us; it is merely an extension of our egalitarian worker’s revolt society.

  • Mexican woman dies after getting ‘trapped upside down’ on border fence

    Authorities said the woman climbed to the top of the fence but became trapped in her harness as she tried to maneuver down on the US side.

    It appeared her foot or leg became entangled, the sheriff’s office added.

    Obviously the USA is an attractive nuisance for Mexicans who want to earn a bunch of money here while living off social benefits, then spirit that wealth home to Mexico where it buys ten times as much stuff in the hope of retiring early or being able to afford their own dosa cart. We must make the wall higher, at least a hundred feet above and below the soil line, in order to save these people from themselves. While we are at it, let us not have customs access either. Just seal Mexico off entirely. We can grow our own food here and make everything that we need, at least if someone removes the legal protection for unions.

  • How a UNT student embroiled her campus in a culture war

    “We don’t have to align ourselves with every Republican,” said Neidert, who has not ruled out running for office in the future. “We can kind of pick and choose who we think is the most conservative.”

    Purge the RINOs is the new watchword on the Right.

  • Dozens of universities host segregated graduation ceremonies based on ‘identities’

    Groups who qualify for receiving a special graduation ceremony include Black, Latino, Asian, American Indian, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

    At some universities, multiple graduations are held to accommodate numerous groups.

    Ohio State University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Illinois State University, the University of North Texas, and the University of La Verne all offer ceremonies based on race.

    Diversity fragments. It has become clear that it is no longer viable since it is killing off the group that makes all of America function, the WASPs. We are going to have to use reparations-with-repatriation for all Other groups, but especially the Irish.

  • 21 states now suing Biden admin’s Title 42 rollback

    “The Biden Administration’s border policies are a disaster for our country and the safety of our citizens.” said Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, whose state is one of the new additions to the case. Moody called President Biden’s decision to lift Title 42 a “reckless” one.

    The Left is in a crisis it cannot even articulate. They feel it as a kind of ambient pressure or background hum. We fought two world wars and a Civil War for equality and democracy, adopted every Leftist egalitarian altruist program short of Full Communism, mandated diversity and pluralism, pay out trillions in subsidies, and still everything is bad. Our civilization is clearly dying because good people are not getting rewarded enough to reproduce, so all of the waste humans are gathering here to make the new Tower of Babel dedicated to mediocrity enshrined as virtue. Because the Left feels it is failing, they want to close the deal and complete what the Hart-Celler Act intended, which is to import a replacement population for the majority which will vote for free stuff from government every time, as every minority group historically has done. Tyrants have done this for two millennia at least. Consequently Biden wants the border wide open until he brings as much of the third world here as is necessary for his party to win every election from this point onward. This is the Obama plan: destroy White America. However, others from Lincoln to JFK and LBJ and Clinton have had the same idea. Christians like George W. Bush did nothing to stop it.

  • Russia warns of nuclear, hypersonic deployment if Sweden and Finland join NATO

    Medvedev also explicitly raised the nuclear threat by saying that there could be no more talk of a “nuclear free” Baltic – where Russia has its Kaliningrad exclave sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania.

    This would make less sense except that we have seen how badly Russian forces have performed in the Ukraine. Russia is failing. They fear having any powerful force near them, and while this is paranoid because the West does not care about Russia at all, it makes sense from the Russian perspective because if the West were Russians, they would invade Russia simply because the West has the upper hand. All of the posturing about being conservative and orthodox on the part of the Russian leadership is fake. Anyone who buys into it now needs to be slowly edged out of the Right because they are Useful Idiots for not the NWO, but the competition for the NWO which is even worse.

  • U.K. Plans to Send Migrants Who Enter Country Illegally to Rwanda

    “We can’t ask the British taxpayer to write a blank cheque to cover the costs of anyone who might want to come and live here,” Mr. Johnson said in a speech Thursday.

    The U.K. government Thursday announced that the British military will now be in charge of responding to small boats that cross the Channel from France.

    Boris is like a more competent version of Bill Clinton: he sees which way the wind is blowing, and then gets to the next step ahead of everyone else. Europe cannot afford its migrants. With war on the horizon, these migrants — who everyone knows are freeloaders who on the whole contribute little — will drain the sustenance Britain needs to keep herself functional. As the Left’s policies fail across the board, the Right is rising if it can avoid falling into religious fundamentalism, extreme dogmatism, or worst of all, the same compromise mentality that got us here.

  • Ukraine’s battle for control of its skies

    The Pentagon says that Russia has launched 1,550 missiles since the war began.

    This is a new type of warfare. Interestingly, the Ukrainians knew it was coming and moved most of their stuff to small depots scattered around the countryside. Then again, after Crimea and Georgia, everyone knew this invasion was going to happen with the next weak US leader in office.

  • Texas reaches deal with Mexican state of Chihuahua to decrease border inspections

    Abbott said the plan would prevent illegal immigration and drug smuggling, calling the deal the “best security border plan” he has seen from any Mexican governor during a press conference in Austin on Thursday.

    “It will allow Chihuahua state police to track vehicles from the moment they leave an industrial park in Juarez (Mexico) until they cross the border into Texas. In addition, the state of Chihuahua is also incorporating technologies, such as drones, to patrol the border,” Abbott read from the border agreement.

    If the problem was this simple, it would be easily solved; the problem is that people can make their yearly salaries without taxation for one night of ignoring what goes into the back of a truck. No amount of technology will fix that, just like it did not in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Detroit.

  • D.C.-area governments say they’re eager to take Texas’ illegal immigrants

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office said the latest load of migrants were dropped off near the White House. A previous bus Wednesday delivered a couple dozen people to Union Station, near the Capitol.

    But leaders of communities surrounding Washington said they’re more than happy to have the new arrivals settle here, no matter their legal status.

    Of course they are: they want statehood; having more people makes that easier.

  • CIA director calls China’s Xi Jinping ‘a silent partner’ to Putin’s warmongering in Ukraine

    Burns highlighted the ‘immediate threat posed by renewed Russian aggression against Ukraine,’ and the ‘longer term problem posed by China’s ambitious leadership,’ declaring it to be ‘the single most important geopolitical challenge’ of the 21st century.’

    ‘A silent partner in Putin’s aggression, Xi Jinping’s China is our greatest challenge, in many ways the most profound test the CIA has ever faced,’ Burns said as he called China a ‘formidable competitor lacking in neither ambition nor capability.’

    ‘It seeks to overtake us in literally every domain, from economic strength to military power, and from space to cyberspace,’ adding China is ‘intent’ on replacing the U.S. as ‘the preeminent power in the Indo-Pacific.’

    They want the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere as proposed by Imperial Japan. To do that, however, they need to knock out any superpower competition worldwide. This means that they are on a negative quest, not trying to improve themselves so much as destroy others. They thought that war in Ukraine would tie up the US in Europe, but the US fought a proxy war instead because Trump made it happen before Biden took office, and now the West is pulling away from Russia-China. This means that the flow of money to China will lessen, and this will plunge them into catastrope and unleash war in Asia which will eventually drain and tire the Chinese. Exit yet another Asiatic tyranny.

  • What constitutes genocide?

    Article Two of the convention defines genocide as any acts “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.”

    Such acts could include killings, inflicting serious bodily or mental harm or life-threatening conditions, measures to prevent births and forcibly transferring children, according to the UN definition.

    Sounds like both the creepy mRNA voodoo vaccines and the Hart-Celler Act would qualify here.


  • Penn Law prof says Black and Asian people resent Western achievement

    Referring to Indian Americans, Wax said April 8 on “Tucker Carlson Today”: “They climb the ladder, they get the best education, we give them every opportunity, and they turn around and lead the charge on ‘we’re racist, we’re an awful country.’ On some level, their country is a s–thole.”

    Wax, who attended Columbia Law School and has taught at Penn since 2001, previously drew national attention when she said the U.S. would be “better off with fewer Asians.”

    In her appearance on Carlson’s show, Wax mocked the anti-racist efforts of South Asian women, particularly those at the Penn School of Medicine. “I feel like asking these people, why did you leave your country? Why are you here?”

    The fact is that in diversity, all of the minority groups hate the majority.

    Why? The majority created what they could not, and these groups were humbled by being brought Amistad-style or having come later in search of economic opportunity. Their people failed them in some way.

    That means that in this new place, they are second-class citizens in their hearts and minds, no matter how much nice stuff the majority attempts to do. Even more, on some level they know they are only there because goodthinkers want to use them to oust realists in the vote.

    Diversity will never work, no matter how “nice” or smart the groups involved are. It pits groups against each other and erases culture, trust, and eventually genetic fitness.

    It is, like so many things humans idealize as part of a trend, simply self-destruction in a sugar coating.

  • Court Rules That Police Can Inflict Pain On Detained Individuals

    Martin ended up violently arresting the mother and her 19-year-old daughter, Brea Hymond, who intervened in the argument. In the process, Martin purposely hyperextended Hymond’s handcuffed arms, and he admits he did intend to force her to tell him her name and age after she initially refused to do so. Video footage of the encounter between the Craig family and Martin was eventually released online, showing the confrontation that also saw Martin using violence against Craig’s other underage teenage children during the encounter.

    Because Martin did not cause permanent injury to Hymond, the judges ruled his actions did not rise to the level of a constitutional violation.

    Voters are self-destructive and oblivious little morons. They want to heap more rules and restrictions on police, not having noticed the last couple hundred times that the more they do this, the more the good people bail on police careers and leave it to the psychopaths who pull wings off flies for fun. The more you try to manipulate a situation with lots of little rules, the more you empower the bad and drive away the good.

  • Brownface episode a reminder Hong Kong has work to do on racism

    A recent episode in a local TV drama featuring a character in “brownface” has been widely panned for its cultural insensitivity, propagation of stereotypes and blatant offensiveness – and rightly so. The fault rests not with the actress per se but the set of decisions that culminated in having an ethnically Chinese actress portray a Filipino domestic worker.

    The South China Morning Post, owned by Alibaba, often represents the official word of the Chinese government. As much as we want to deride the West for its embrace of liberalism, diversity, and transsexualism, the bigger point is that everywhere that is run by “the people” ends up at this place eventually. The problem is equality, an idea invented by Asiatic tyrants to justify centralizing their societies and obliterating culture so that ideology could rule.

  • Franklin Graham on Easter this year: ‘Our only hope is God’

    In a phone interview with Fox News Digital this week, Graham said, “The problem we have in the world today is a sin problem. People have turned their back on God.”

    He added about America, “The only hope is God. That’s the only hope. Only God can turn [our] nation around.”

    “But to do that,” said the faith leader, “we’ve got to repent, turn from our sins and believe on the name of his son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Even if you are highly religious, it makes sense to reject sophomoric nonsense when you see it. Our only hope is getting ourselves sane and getting our act together. God does not care. He has better stuff to do. If we decide to suicide, He will watch disinterestedly. It would be our choice after all. The Garden of Eden and the Flood were long ago and are signals that the gods will not be helping us anymore. We have to fix ourselves, and the only way we do that is by aiming for external good instead of internal warm fuzzy feelings.

  • 900 civilians found dead in Kyiv, Ukraine police say

    The vast majority of the victims in the area surrounding the capital were “simply executed” by gunfire, police said. The grim body count continued to mount as corpses were uncovered under rubble and in mass graves.

    Andriy Nebytov, the head of the capital’s regional police force, estimated that 95 percent of bodies left stranded in the region had been shot, and citizens who had expressed strong pro-Ukrainian views had been hunted down and murdered.

    Is this Holodomor 2.0? Russia has made it clear that it wants to make Ukraine into Russia, which like all diversity conflicts involves killing off the majority there and replacing it with ethnic Russians like Russia did in Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, and Lithuania.

  • Twitter board adopts ‘poison pill’ defense to curb Musk’s proposal

    The “poison pill” move would allow existing Twitter shareholders, except for Musk, to buy additional shares at a lower rate, thereby diluting his stake in the company.

    This would make it harder for him to corral a majority of shareholder votes in favor of the acquisition. The plan would take effect if Musk’s stake grows to 15% or more.

    Twitter will succeed in driving its price downward by increasing the number of shares, allowing a third party to buy in at lower cost, possibly someone who is already a shareholder. Musk provoked this response because Twitter senses it is unstable, but apparently remains unaware that if it rejects the one person who might save it, its value will take a tumble. Perhaps Jack Dorsey will sweep in and buy a controlling share for a fraction of what it would have cost before.

  • In US, every dog has its… DNA test

    Pet parents should also consider possible ramifications of finding out their dog’s breed. In many countries, certain breeds are seen as aggressive, such as pit bulls or Staffordshire terriers, and are banned from apartment buildings.

    If the adoptee is half pit bull “could be an issue” with a landlord, Bartos the lawyer warned.

    The same will be done for humans and eventually, people will opt to have parts of their DNA cloned from ancient specimens. If you are three-quarters Norwegian and one-quarter African, why not just go all the way and become what you were?

  • Why we have to focus on fixing the intangible economy

    After two decades of digital titans hogging the limelight, the physical economy has spent the past two years reasserting itself. From the supply of toilet paper to the price of wheat, shortages of personal protective equipment in early 2020 and columns of Russian tanks in early 2022, it’s become obvious that the economy doesn’t depend on tweets and dogecoin but on the kind of honest everyday stuff you can drop on your foot.

    The “service economy” existed in order to justify market socialism. Globalism is worldwide democracy with market socialism tacked on to serve civil rights. Liberalism has reached its end point and, as COVID-19 and Ukraine have shown us, also hit peak incompetence. Regime change is on the wind, not just in the East but the West as well.

    Guess what else has failed? A presidential election that has revealed a fractured France

    Courtesy of a revolution that forced on an unruly people the idea of a common language, destiny and narrative, the French for the past 200 years aspired to an ideal of republican belonging, or oneness. Today, however, that ideal is a tattered standard.

    Jérôme Fourquet, a political scientist, expert in electoral geography and author of the 2019 best-seller The French Archipelago, has a map for everything. One of them shows that the further away people live from a railway station, the likelier they are to vote for Le Pen.

    More accurately, diversity does not work. Other than the urbanite luvvies who make their living from government taking lots of tax money to fund the diversity, no one believes in diversity. In fact, most people will do anything they can to get away from it, even if they are themselves diverse. The modern order has collapsed, and it is breaking along the lines Huntington, not Fukuyama, suggested.

  • NASA releases equity action plan to make space more accessible to all

    Increasing integration and utilization of contractors and businesses from underserved communities and expanding equity in NASA’s procurement process

    Translation: more free money for minorities. Your federal, state, and local governments already prioritize minority- and woman-owned businesses in their purchasing, which means that “three White guys with a truck” never get the job even if they could do it better for cheaper.

  • Pictured: Wife who was recorded ‘ordering her Russian soldier husband to rape Ukrainian women’ as it emerges he was wounded in fighting

    In the recording, the woman – allegedly Bykovskaya – is heard telling the man that he has her permission to rape Ukrainian women while he is serving in Russia’s invading forces, so long as he does not tell her and uses contraception.

    The shocking 30-second clip was released on April 12 as Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian troops of carrying out ‘hundreds of rapes’ including sexual assaults of small children in his country.

    So it is the same as Berlin in 1945, then? Russia does not change, and neither will the world response to the Soviet Union, then or now.

  • South Carolina death row inmate Richard Moore chooses firing squad over electric chair

    The prisoner has been on death row for decades following his conviction for the 1999 murder of a Spartanburg store clerk. He was scheduled to be killed via lethal injection in 2020 but officials could not secure the lethal injection drugs needed for the execution.

    Moore is now set to be gunned down by three prison workers with rifles on April 29, officials said. He would be only the fourth American to be executed by a firing squad since 1976.

    Clever Leftists manipulated the process by obstructing access to the drugs used in the approved lethal injection cocktail, so the state shrugged and went back to the old methods. Leftists, who think in terms of symbolism and not cause-effect, create unintended destructive reactions wherever they go but never stop to dwell on those facts because they are racing forward to the next big chance to show off what precious goodthinkers, iconoclasts, contrarians, and ironists they are.

  • Your next American Airlines flight could be on a bus

    Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, said he thinks this kind of partnership appeals to airlines in large part because of the ongoing pilot shortage.

    More Leftists misunderstanding reality. You cannot simply command the symbols to line up the way you want; you have to act such that you create a cycle by indirect action which rewards the activities you want. When you remove half of your pilots for not getting the myocarditis shot, you will become a bus company.



  • Palestinian rioters vandalize Joseph’s Tomb as tensions escalate in region

    Photos showed parts of the tomb smashed and charred, as well as damage to a chandelier hanging above it, a water tank and an electricity closet, the Jerusalem Post reported.

    Just like they destroy our statues and history here, they are doing it there; diversity is fatal in all forms. More Jewish people would move to Israel if it were not for the Palestinian problem, despite the fact that Palestinians have no claim to the land other than occupying it after the Romans drove the Jews out.

  • Study finds an unexpected upside to imposter syndrome

    In workplace settings, at least, those harboring impostor-type concerns tend to compensate for their perceived shortcomings by being good team players with strong social skills, and are often recognized as productive workers by their employers.

    “People who have workplace impostor thoughts become more other-oriented as a result of having these thoughts,” says Basima Tewfik, an assistant professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management and author of a new paper detailing her findings. “As they become more other-oriented, they’re going to be evaluated as being more interpersonally effective.”

    People promoted beyond their caste rank level tend to feel incompetent, therefore defer to others, which makes others like them. However, this says nothing about them being effective and suggests that not only are they ineffective, but they adopt a pathology of obsession with other people.

  • Time Might Not Exist, But That’s Okay

    While physics might eliminate time, it seems to leave causation intact: the sense in which one thing can bring about another.

    Perhaps what physics is telling us, then, is that causation and not time is the basic feature of our universe.

    We have rediscovered the basics of the Greeks: cause-effect action drives time, which is relative to other things and the sum of all things like everything else.

    Even more, we are rediscovering the Greek idea of the aether and atom or granular nature of existence itself through something called loop theory:

    What does it mean to quantize space-time? It means there’s a fundamental unit, a discrete chunk, of space-timey-ness that sits at some imperceptibly small scale. If you were to zoom in to this screen, the smooth curves and clean edges of the letters would be revealed as a vast number of little squares — pixels.

    Thus science is backing away from the interconnected everything and seeing more of a battleground of discrete parts from which an immanent order emerges. Perhaps this can be expressed most clearly in verse:

    Time is an illusion,
    Rising from time,
    Steep is the mountain which we climb.

  • We’re building the universal network of encyclopedias.

    A lot of people have complained to us about how biased Wikipedia is, how there needs to be an effective alternative or a decentralized network of encyclopedias.

    But we are not building an alternative encyclopedia. We are networking together all the alternatives. Nobody has ever done this before, and it’s about time somebody did. This is what we should have done with Wikipedia in the first place.

    Crowdsourcing has been replaced by a panel of experts because the Crowd turned out to be run by a few cynical manipulators and a lot of Useful Idiots nodding enthusiastically.

  • Why does Russia keep poisoning people? The wild history of Moscow’s chemical assassination plots

    Mr Litvinenko’s alleged assailants Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun arrived in London dressed in shimmery polyester suits with chunky jewellery in an apparent attempt to look like businessmen.

    “Are you guys from the KGB?” a fellow hotel guest joked when she ran into the men in the elevator.

    The poseur and grifter Right has a hard-on for Putin because he claims to be an alternative to global liberalism (democracy, civil rights, market socialism, diversity) and has made some nods toward Right-wing theory. He is still KGB, and Russia is still a diverse Leftist state allied most closely with Communist China. People need to get the wax out of their ears or brains instead of assuming that whatever your enemies hate is automatically good. Most options are terrible and there is a narrow thorny path to righteous realism. These Right-wingers are not serious however. They are there for Jesus, the bantz, the lulz, or whatever they can say in order to convince themselves that they should keep doing actually nothing while whining like a stuck pig.

  • Trans doctor who helps teens transition says it’s now ‘gone too far’

    “I think it’s gone too far,” said Anderson, who until recently led the US professional society at the forefront of transgender care.

    “For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant.

    “Now it’s got to the point where there are kids presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense,‘” she said.

    Sheit (he/she/it) made sharts (his/her/its) millions already so now it is time to close the door and retreat under the aegis of responsibility. Everything is fake, all the way down, when popularity (votes, fame, products) rules as is the case in democracy.

  • Apocalyptic scenes in Shanghai’s rebellion against Zero Covid chaos

    Separate clips posted online seems to show police pinning angry protestors to the ground and forcibly restraining them in both Shanghai and Haining, located 125km southwest.

    Residents stuck in Shanghai, which has been locked down since April, have flooded social media with complaints of food shortages and over-zealous officialdom which has forced them into an ineffective state quarantine.

    Footage has even shown desperate citizens bursting through barricades demanding food.

    These people want to be your next superpower. Liberalism is insane all the way down, but Communism gives you the booster shot as well as the seventeen vaccines and three enemas of blockheaded neurosis.

  • The former CEO of Reddit would like you all to stop bickering online

    Gen Xers were raised in a different, softer world. For Musk and a lot of his Xer brethren, “free speech” is about trying to avoid bans on stuff that might irritate religious authorities (for instance, porn). Wong thought that way, too, until he ran Reddit and discovered the internet was “the MAIN battlefield for our culture wars.”

    “This is not the Old Internet,” Wong writes. “That is gone. It is sad. It’s not because the platforms killed it.” No, it’s because there are a lot more people here now, including the feral internet natives (hi!). If you want to relitigate the internet culture battles of the ’90s, go ahead, but those battles are obsolete.

    Yishan, not a Gen Xer apparently, has no recollection of what the battlefield was like. Yes, you were trying to avoid offending the PMRC and Moral Majority types, but the various Leftist and minority groups also took their pound of flesh (CAIR, AIPAC, Rainbow PUSH, ADL) to the point where people were afraid of offending. Remember how Slayer wrote about Satan for years but only got in trouble for “Angel of Death”? Turning the cross upside down was our way of rejecting egalitarian morality. The internet and before it, BBSen, was always ground zero for the culture wars, which has always consisted of a nearly monolithic drive for liberalism and a disordered group of niche interests unsteadily and ineptly opposing it. Liberalism is how civilizations die. No one can wrap their head around that one.

  • Thoughts on the modern church

    The modern church is floundering. It’s losing people faster than it can replace them. It can’t understand why it’s being abandoned by older parishioners and why the younger generations won’t even give it a second look. The church mistakenly believes that if it becomes more “relevant,” i.e. looks more like the secular world, it will draw people to attend.

    By simplifying and, in essence, dumbing-down doctrine to supposedly make it more accessible they are in fact alienating more people than they are drawing in.

    Religion will not save us; only commonsense, logical, and realistic action will. You are going to have to end D.E.D.S. (democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism) to have your civilization survive. Yes, that means you have to give up your medicare, social security, cheap lawn service (that is not that cheap if you do the math), and “service economy.”

  • How to backup your videos from YouTube

    A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

    Suppose you want to leave Big Tech behind. First you have to get your data back, and they resist this. The yt-dlp software will help you rip your videos from YouTube so you can host them somewhere else, even on your own site if you want to redecentralize.

  • Cape Cod town is embroiled in race dispute after black boy, 15, is charged with a felony for attacking his white bully, 15, after being repeatedly harassed with racial slurs and being told to ‘go pick cotton’

    In February, Ras Russell, 15, who attends the high school and STEM academy in the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts, allegedly began to fight another student after he’d been taunted for months with insults like ‘go back to Africa’ and go ‘pick cotton,’ according to The Enterprise.

    The fight was reportedly filmed by a student, and showed Russell kicking and punching the other student, who was left with a broken collarbone, among other injuries.

    Russell was charged criminally with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon (his shoe), one count of assault and battery, and one count of larceny, according to a family attorney. The white student was also charged for assault and battery, but not with a felony.

    Diversity princes and princesses find themselves appalled and offended by something new every week. The fact is that they are unwanted, and people are beginning to say it out loud.

  • 15 states push back against Biden’s attempt to strip Title IX protections

    Campus Reform previously reported that the Department of Education intends to expand Title IX’s definition of sex to include “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

    Changes to Title IX are expected to be finalized later this month. The additions would provide legal leverage to counter legislation that has been enacted by states across the country to regulate gender-based sports.

    Remember you are dealing with Tammany Hall here. They will teach you lies and demand that you repeat them in order to show that your indoctrination is working and you are loyal to the machine, not reality. This is why they must force absurdities like gay marriage and transsexualism on us all.


  • Up to 75 Percent of US Youth Ineligible for Military Service

    A full 27 percent of young Americans are simply too overweight to join the military, says Mission: Readiness. “Many are turned away by recruiters and others never try to join. Of those who attempt to join, however, roughly 15,000 young potential recruits fail their entrance physicals every year because they are too heavy.”

    Nearly 32 percent have other disqualifying health problems, including asthma, eyesight or hearing problems, mental health issues, or recent treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    Trace admixture and race-mixing, not to mention modern lifestyles based on being inside in order to avoid the dystopia out there, have consequences. America won its wars on the backs of the WASP, but has never won a war with its integrated military. This is how empires suicide.

  • Germany kidnap plot: Gang planned to overthrow democracy

    Prosecutors say the group, linked to far-right and anti-Covid movements, were planning to destroy power stations to cause a nationwide blackout.

    They also wanted to kidnap Germany’s health minister, who backed the country’s strict coronavirus controls.

    Democracy has reached its endpoint. Once a liberator, it is now a tyrant.

  • Lies that ‘might’ eventually come true seem less unethical

    The researchers found that participants on both sides of the political aisle who imagined how false statements could eventually become true were less likely to rate the statement as unethical than those who did not because they were more likely to believe its broader meaning was true. This was especially the case when the false statement fit with their political views. Importantly, participants knew these statements were false, yet imagining how they might become true made people find them more excusable.

    When you have spent time, money, energy, or ego on something, you are likely to defend it and re-invest in it. That means that any option that supports it is better than any option which does not. This study mostly exists to deflect from the fact that Leftism is entirely based on this psychology, where Rightism is derived from a few general time-honored principles.

  • Race Is Central to Identity for Black Americans and Affects How They Connect With Each Other

    No matter where they are from, who they are, their economic circumstances or educational backgrounds, significant majorities of Black Americans say being Black is extremely or very important to how they think about themselves, with about three-quarters (76%) overall saying so.

    Black adults who identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party are more likely than those who identify with or lean toward the Republican Party to say being Black is important to how they see themselves – 86% vs. 58%. And Black women (80%) are more likely than Black men (72%) to say being Black is important to how they see themselves.

    Being proud of your race is good, but it makes an identity which is hostile to the interests of the majority. Diversity is suicide. It is how groups of humans destroy each other so a few clever thieves can abscond with the loot.

  • Three of Lina Hidalgo’s aides, including chief of staff, indicted in Harris County contract award scandal

    The charges add weight to a scandal Hidalgo has attempted to dismiss as politically motivated, and they threaten to tarnish her carefully cultivated image as an ethically minded public servant as she seeks reelection this year. Hidalgo is widely seen as a rising star in the Texas Democratic Party and a future statewide candidate.

    The three employees were part of a selection committee to choose a vendor for a COVID-19 vaccine outreach campaign Hidalgo wanted. The committee, which also included members of the county health department, unanimously awarded an $11 million contract to Elevate Strategies, a small political consulting firm owned by Felicity Pereyra, who has previously worked on Democratic campaigns.

    She cries racism, but seems to be transferring money to cronies. Diversity means corruption, incompetence, and oppression. Diversity is both genocide and suicide. We either figure this one out or die.

  • Intelligent people became less happy during the pandemic — but the opposite was true for unintelligent people

    “My collaborators, Professor Norman P. Li (Singapore Management University) and Dr. Jose C. Yong (Northumbria University), have proposed the savanna theory of happiness, which avers that modern happiness is affected not only by what the individual circumstances mean in the current environment but also by what they would have meant in the ancestral environment, on the African savanna more than 12,000 years ago,” explained study author Satoshi Kanazawa, a reader in management at the London School of Economics.

    “The theory further predicts that the effect of such ancestral consequences of current situations on modern happiness is greater for less intelligent individuals. In the past, we have tested and supported the theory, by showing, for example, that being an ethnic minority makes one less happy (because, in the ancestral environment, coming in contact with others with different appearances, languages, cultures, and customs usually happened under the conditions of conflict, conquest, war, occupation, and slavery); population density decreases happiness (because our ancestors lived on vast savannas with extremely low population density, and crowded conditions meant impending breakdown of social order based on personal ties and resource shortage and conflict); frequent contact with friends makes us happy (because our ancestors were a physically vulnerable, social species in hostile environments, dependent on friends and allies for support, and ostracism was tantamount to a death penalty); and sunshine makes us happy (because humans are a diurnal species heavily dependent on vision for navigation, and darkness represented danger of predation and attack). In all of these cases, the effect of such ancestral consequences of the current situations on happiness were significantly greater among less intelligent individuals.”

    The researchers found that more intelligent individuals generally tended to be more satisfied with life throughout adulthood compared to less intelligent individuals. However, this trend changed in 2020, when those with a childhood IQ above 90 became less satisfied with their lives, while those with a childhood IQ below 90 became more satisfied.

    Simple people like simple orders. Everyone obeying Italian Science Man and wearing ludicrous combinations of masks, gloves, condoms, diapers, respirators, suppositories, and face shields seems OK to them because it is clear and easy. It also makes them feel important for participating in something that ultimately requires very little action on their part. Idiots love totalitarianism and anarchy; they get confused by the stuff in the middle.

  • Rochdale grooming: Abused women receive police damages

    According to legal documents, there was growing evidence from the early 2000s that gangs of predominantly Asian men were grooming, trafficking and sexually abusing mostly white working-class girls in the town.

    Instead of being viewed as child victims of sexual abuse, they were branded by police as “bad” or “unreliable” witnesses and were sometimes arrested themselves, the women said.

    They added that although the abuse was happening “in plain sight” and despite police and social services having the names of the men involved and their victims, a police operation to tackle the gangs was closed down abruptly in 2004.

    Diversity died in Rotherham. It became clear that while the diversity has a civil rights claim against the Whites at all times, Whites also have a civil rights claim to a functional society where people are not having the Third World Experience of corruption, incompetence, rape, murder, assault, cultureless drama, and local warlords. Diversity pits groups against each other and creates constant conflict which allows the elected leaders to steal everything and scamper away as tyranny descends.

  • Marine Le Pen Proposes Overhaul of French Legislative, Electoral Systems

    Ms. Le Pen said she planned to govern by holding a series of referendums on France’s political system. One referendum, Ms. Le Pen said, could ask voters to legally enshrine her push for elections to apportion at least two thirds of the seats in France’s Parliament according to proportional representation rather than the country’s current two-round voting system.

    Ms. Le Pen’s proposals Tuesday aim to reverse the decadeslong practice of France’s establishment parties banding together in local and national elections to prevent her party, National Rally, from winning office. In France, voters usually cast ballots over two rounds: one with a range of candidates from parties large and small and a runoff that narrows the field to top candidates.

    Everywhere the system is gamed; meritocracies promote those who are good at the game and bad at life, which is why later on they retaliate against all of those who are good at life but bad at the game.

  • DuckDuckGo Removes Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results

    The privacy-focused search engine is not immune to potential copyright issues, however. This first became apparent when it removed several search shortcuts for ‘pirate’ sites. These “bangs”, as they are called, were seen as a potential copyright infringement liability.

    Rightsholders will be happy to see that pirate sites are removed from DuckDuckGo, but it’s not without risks for users. While seasoned pirates can probably still locate the sites in question, more shady knockoff sites will now appear higher in its search results.

    We have thousands of pages of law covering digital telecommunications and phones are still unusable because of robocalls, email is nearly ruined by spam, and most of the content on the internet is the kind of blog and vlog nonsense that is minimally informative but delights the idiotic. Maybe it is time to stop trying to eliminate “bad” information, and instead allow the users to apply filters for their own safety? If you never visit pirate sites, having them in the search results is actually a bad result that impedes what you are investigating. Even more, how about separating out the commercial nonsense — social media, ecommerce, blogs — from the more informative sites for people doing research? In any case, DuckDuckGo revealed that it is not what people hoped for, a Wild West internet search engine, but is instead merely one that does not track you with certain obvious methods.

  • The best interface is no interface

    By embracing No UI, the design focuses on your needs. There’s no interface for the sake of interface. Instead, computers are catered to you.

    Your car door unlocks when you walk up to it. Your TV turns on to the channel you want to watch. Your alarm clock sets itself, and even wakes you up at the right REM moment.

    Perhaps a little bit raving optimism, this article hits on an important point, which is that our tech is stuck around the last big paradigm, the GUI and the net, and everything now is permutations of that. This might explain why tech is as stranded as it seems to be.

  • In pursuit of data immortality

    In 2013, Timothy Vines, a data scientist then at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and his colleagues tested the limits of this accessibility by requesting data from 516 studies published between 2 and 22 years earlier. They managed to retrieve fewer than one in 5 data sets, and found that the likelihood of data being available and usable dropped by 17% each year after publication.

    In 2016, a multinational team coordinated by Barend Mons, a specialist in biosemantics at Leiden University Medical Center, and including Schultes, published a framework known as the FAIR Data Principles. The acronymic title describes its objective: that scientific data should be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

    But however old the data, preservation isn’t a one-time task: to remain usable, raw scientific data must be maintained in formats that are compatible with contemporary hardware, software and operating systems. “You have to continue migrating data forward,” says Christine Borgman, an information scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “As each new technology comes along, you’ve got to keep on upgrading every time.”

    We are drowning in information, much of it is low quality, and the low quality stuff is usually popular so it gets preserved while anything of real relevance perishes.

  • Maladaptive daydreaming may be a better diagnosis for some than ADHD, study finds

    “Some individuals who become addicted to their fanciful daydreams experience great difficulty in concentrating and focusing their attention on academic and vocational tasks, yet they find that an ADHD diagnosis and the subsequent treatment plan does not necessarily help them. Formally classifying MD as a mental disorder would enable psychological practitioners to better assist many of their patients,” says Dr. Soffer-Dudek.

    In a boring, hateful world people escape into fantasy worlds whether they are furries, reactionaries, tulpa gangstalkers, or daydreamers.



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