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John LaBruzzo Eased Aside After Controversial Eugenics Plan

John LaBruzzo is a Republican State Representative from Louisiana, and a member of the House of Representatives Health and Welfare committee. has been following his story since the news broke that he wanted to offer welfare recipients incentives to be sterilized in an attempt to scale back some of the welfare abuse in his home state.

Obviously, LaBruzzo was removed from his leadership role as vice chairman on the aforementioned committee. Even if you don’t support eugenics policies, it would have been a great springboard for a debate, but apparently no one in the Louisiana State House of Representatives was up for such a debate.

I helped write the script to the video posted below, and links below will do a better job than I can of explaining their viewpoint and why they support LaBruzzo. For those of us who are not weak and would have something to contribute to a better society, don’t feel guilty about agreeing with some of what LaBruzzo says – he’s not Hitler, he’s just a realist, and we are all better off with like-minded individuals than force-fitting multiculturalism into what was supposed to be a Libertarian, free-market society – and then built into something even better.

How LaBruzzo wants to end welfare abuse

LaBruzzo and campaign to end welfare abuse

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