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Periscope (December 15, 2018)

  • Michigan couple: Priest, ‘bully’ coach ruined our son’s funeral

    Italian-descended Catholic priest uses the funeral of a young man who died by suicide to preach against suicide. The priest is not wholly wrong; suicide is horrible because the people who kill themselves are never the ones who should kill themselves. If you are ready to do it, you are by definition someone who should not do it, and someone else is the person who should but it will never occur to them to do so. However, priesty priest forgot that this is no longer a time where everyone is religious. Christianity is slowly dying mainly because it is Leftist, but also because since The Enlightenment,™ we have worshiped the human individual instead of orders larger than the human like reality, nature, logic, gods/God. If we want God back, we have to stop worshiping ourselves and start worshiping reality, and then we will find Him in the midst of it. Since that is too complex for anyone remaining, and we have killed off or bred out anyone with any actual intelligence, instead we get the gushing emotion preachers and no one really cares about those anymore. For this reason, Christianity will cease to exist very soon: it abandoned its principles, was taken over by Leftist, and then became the realm of the emotional prole instead of the wise man, and so the smarter people fled, leaving behind only the goons, morons, fools, imbeciles, and other droolers. This wrecked the brand that Christianity had in the West of goodness, virtue, and sanity. At this point, people preaching against religion are even bigger morons because it has clearly left the building by becoming associated only with the stupid and impoverished.

  • Violence erupts in French capital as police clash with rioters leading to 60 arrests

    Five weeks of protests show us that this movement is not going away. The Leftist governments of the world killed the goose that laid the golden eggs: the people of Europe. They did this by relying on the vote, which ensures that idiocy wins every time. This idiocy then created a tax-and-spend wealth redistribution empire, and that promptly drove out anyone with any brains or ability, to the point that we have only merchants and proles left. Now the merchants have found ways to hide most of their wealth, and the proles are slowly waking up to the fact that all this “free” stuff is not free; instead, the cost is passed on to you through higher costs, lower wages, and of course, paying more than 50% of your income in taxes. The immigrants who our leaders wanted to bring in to work like dogs and then tax have not worked out; every country is bankrupt and is debt, as are most of our cities; we are headed for a crash. Guys like Macron just want to keep the system afloat for a little while longer.

  • Maroon 5 and How the Super Bowl Halftime Show Became Music’s Least Wanted Gig

    Diversity kills something else, although in this case it is something that we should want dead anyway. The Super Bowl has become toxic thanks to protests by Colin Kaepernick and others about racial “justice” in America, blaming the successful for the continued problems and crime of the unsuccessful. In reality, most of us realize that democracy holds us back from doing what we have to, which is repatriating everyone who is not of our WASP founding group, and we are just trying to dodge the seemingly infinite number of things that diversity has ruined, using choices in our private lives to avoid the crises sprouting up around us like dandelions in spring. We no longer send our kids to public schools; diversity trashed those. We avoid public spaces, including movie theaters; diversity ruined those. We do our shopping online in order to avoid stores; diversity has made those unpleasant. We try to live in gated communities or suburbs where the diversity is mostly kept out and we have only a few tame minorities. We stopped going to churches when they preached diversity, stopped attending college classes that bleat diversity, and even regular Leftists tend to avoid diversity events in public. The only refuges left from diversity at this point are football games and quilt shows, and the Kaepernick protests basically ruined football, to the point where the only people attending are those who hope to wait it out. If we are lucky, these protests will not end, football will be ruined, and Americans will have to face the long list of things they are avoiding because diversity ruined them, and then find the common denominator, namely that diversity has trashed this country and will never stop trashing everything it touches. We either end it, or give up and kill ourselves, which seems to be what a lot of the country is doing as white male suicide rates rise.

  • Big Tongues and Extra Vertebrae: The Unintended Consequences of Animal Gene Editing

    It is time that we face the grim truth that most people are morons, and sending them through thirty years of education does not change their moron nature, which relates to what the ancients called discernment and we only a generation ago called judgment as a skill, meaning the ability to assess a situation not simply in the light switch style good/bad yes/no reasoning of the moderns, but including depth, nuance, duration, context, aesthetics, and significance. You cannot teach judgment, just like you cannot credibly teach critical thinking, because it relies on the person having the genetic potential for the ability to think in complex ways that are completely invisible to everyone else. STEM fields in fact reward an absence of judgment by distilling every question to “facts,” which means measuring some but far from all facts in a narrow field, and then deriving broad conclusions from those ideas through a bastardization of inductive logic that assumes that the world is a laboratory of a symbolic nature, where any “truth” found in one area automatically controls everything else. This resembles human social thinking, where if someone says something that the crowd finds to be true, it can be used to force everyone else to yield to whatever idea seems compatible with it. Call it the “buy the pub a round” theory of human intelligence. Back in the 1990s, scientists told us that race did not exist because we were 99.99% the same; at the time, I analogized genetics to computer code, and pointed out that if I were able to replace 0.01% of your word processor, operating system, or video game with arbitrary code, I would control your computer or could turn those applications into something radically different. It was not the amount of different code, but where it was and how much power was given to it. That was too complex for the scientists, who now find that when they edit genetic code, it turns out that they are editing code and not just little “yes, I want this feature” and “no, I don’t want this feature” buttons in the animal. As usual, humans lack the skill for judgment, which is what the philosopher-king must possess and the scientist and other egalitarians fear. To understand genetics, you will have to see that these are codes for making structures in response to stimulus, and figure out what chain of events you need to achieve the result you want. Hint: those will also displace other things, so it is not as simple as Jenga. We found the easy changes already, where plants or animals contained simple code for how much of something to make. The real vocabulary, syntax, and sequential execution of DNA still eludes us.

  • Immigration judge revokes green card, orders deportation of Virginia activist Alejandra Pablos

    Minorities will always be Leftist, for the most part, because Leftism is the theory of the third world. The third world is the most individualistic place on Earth; you sacrifice the least amount of your time for shared institutions. Instead, you do whatever you want and everyone else does the same, which makes the chaos that anarchy always does, so eventually some cruel warlords step in and everything starts working at a basic level. You never rise above that. In the West, we invested in shared institutions, including art, culture, and learning, and as a result we rose. The Left wants us to stop investing in shared institutions and instead invest in subsidizing everyone who is failing so that we can be like the third world. When minorities come here, they bring their third world inclinations with them; these are hardwired in their genes. If we do not end diversity and deport all Leftists to Venezuela, we will end up like the third world.

  • 27% of Americans Want Santa Claus to Be Female or Gender-Neutral

    73% of Americans want Santa Claus to be a heterosexual white male who smokes a pipe, believes in God even if a god of nature, and sorts children into naughty and nice groups, with the Leftists going into the former group and shortly thereafter being exiled to Venezuela while we burn their passports in great heaps on the beach. Most of us realize that we can have a male figure without having excluded women, and that men and women have different intelligences and roles, and that we cannot make women more powerful by making them into men by making male roles into female characters. Instead, we need to praise what is great about and unique to women, which the Left wants us to deny by making women and men alike into androgynous, classless, raceless, genderless, and finally equal citizens for our Utopia of the fungible human herd doing The Right Thing based on its ideology of everyone having power so that we do not need kings. We need kings.

  • Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

    Constitutional law has become a war of interpretations. This judge points out that without penalties against those who do not pay the tax, Obamacare cannot operate as a tax, and therefore is unconstitutional, missing the fact that the ideas of civil rights, human rights, and any other government enforced equality agenda are inherently unconstitutional. However, we sort of changed the Constitution by changing its interpretation with the Fourteenth Amendment and related law, so now we are stuck with a Constitution that stops us from opposing the unconstitutional. This is why “muh Constitution” conservatives are so hated. Either enforce the whole thing, or give up on it and try realism instead.

  • Nobel laureate Murad to build hospital in her hometown in Iraq

    Egalitarianism loves victims. We have moved from celebrating the exceptional to celebrating the unfortunate simply because the unfortunate support our narrative that no one needs to rise above a standard, only to exhibit the trait of equality. If you are a victim, we celebrate you instead of heroes because you demonstrate the trait of equality, which we want more than the trait of being exceptional, including whatever motivates heroism. This is why we see across the West a trend of celebrating rape victims, praising political prisoners, electing Down’s Syndrome kids to Prom King or Queen, putting fat people on sexy magazine covers, making all presidents Africans in movies, and placing transgenders are the forefront of our public image. This is not helping these people; we do it for ourselves, so that we feel better about living in these dark cretinous egalitarian times.

  • Amazon’s strategy to foil porch pirates with facial recognition hints at a ‘dangerous future,’ critics say

    Amazon wants to use facial recognition software to catch known porch thieves, but critics say that this is an unprecedented threat to “civil liberties and racial justice.” We are seeing the collision between theory and reality here: if the theory says that everyone should be equal and have liberty and freedom, but in reality we see that many if not most humans are greedy opportunists and therefore giving them freedom and liberty means that the good people get destroyed by the parasitism of the bad, then the theory is wrong because we have real-world results — the best kind! — showing that it is destructive. We are not equal; not everyone deserves freedom and liberty, and in fact these are false goals, substitutes for the goal that a thriving civilization has, which is doing good according to a complex hierarchy of nature, logic, aesthetics, and gods/God. The herd cannot understand this and so it needs infant-level concepts like anarchy (sorry, I meant to type “freedom” and “liberty”) and subsidies in order to remain in happy hive-mind buzzing about how great our civilization is. We are falling just like Rome. Denial sells, realism does not, but once you have tasted it, you can never go back.

  • The racial politics of antisemitism and Islamophobia

    To the Left, diversity is a weapon of class warfare. If your group is succeeding more than others, they want to destroy you and use the remnants to further subsidize the mob which is their constituency. For this reason, the Left have turned on the Jews. In reality, the only mental health and salvation for the Jews lies in ending the diaspora, in other words to free them from diversity at the same time that we end it so that we can survive. Anti-Semites miss this, and would rather blame The Jews™ for all the failings of our great egalitarian experiment, which has done nothing but weaken us and will destroy us, even if absolutely zero other groups are present. Diversity delenda est!

  • AfD’s Björn Höcke faces probe for posting photo of murdered woman

    Moroccan murders German woman; marchers in anti-diversity protest use her picture; politician takes a picture of the march and posts it to Facebook; Leftists demand a probe in order to try to destroy him. For the Leftists, you are either with them, or you must be destroyed. At what point do we admit that Leftists hate Western Civilization and its people, and that we cannot survive until we deport them to Venezuela and burn their passports in great heaps on the beaches?

  • Woman arrested after racist tirade in NYC subway

    Asian-looking Russian woman goes on rant against Asian woman who was moving slowly and totally oblivious to those around her, and so the whole world must stop everything that it is doing in order to enforce the ideology of egalitarianism upon these people. In the meantime, diversity still does not work.

  • Sad Radicals

    Leftism — the ideology that demands we make an unequal reality “equal” — makes people sad and irate because they are constantly fighting life itself. No one has pointed out that most of these people are already sad and irate, and that is why they are attracted to Leftism. They are simply an accumulation of deleterious mutations, and they want equality because it means that they can have power without us noticing that their deleterious mutations make them anti-realistic and therefore equal parts destructive and suicidal.

  • Donald Trump Is a Good President

    Michel Houellebecq is our greatest living writer.

    Here, he points out that Trump has risen above other American presidents because for the first time, America does not view itself as a tool of the ideology of equality, enforcing its mix of diversity, egalitarianism, civil rights, human rights, transgenderism, tolerance, pluralism, and individualism upon the world. Instead, Trump focuses on doing what works and allowing people to be who they are.

    For Trump, ideology and capitalism are tools, and they should be used to create good results, not merely perpetuate themselves. This article is a fascinating read, well worth your time.

  • Republican Louie Gohmert Claims Southern Poverty Law Center Has ‘Stirred Up More Hate Than Any Other Group,’ Makes No Mention of KKK

    Gohmert tells the truth: the KKK resisted diversity, which has caused more friction than any other policy in history. The SPLC makes its money from coming up with as many “hate groups” — a term they never define — as possible, and it has tarred far too many people with that broad brush, further spreading the friction of diversity. Google is using the SPLC to determine what to censor, which will only make our state more totalitarian. Kick these idiots out and let them live in some hate-free place that is diverse like… well, it will be imaginary, because diversity creates racism, which otherwise does not exist.

  • ‘May it rest in peace’ Trump celebrates end of Weekly Standard, a critical GOP magazine

    Conservatism has split with the rise of Trump. He rejected the Buckleyite compromise which turned conservatives into libertarians who endorsed voluntary social conservatism, or “I’ll do the right thing while everyone else does the wrong thing, and then rationalize my defeat when they take over my nation and destroy it.” For this reason, the Weekly Standard is no more because it took a stand against Trump and got abandoned by everyone who is tired of cuckservatism — Buckleyism — as they ran off to newer publications. This is too bad, because the Weekly Standard was one of the few to hold The New York Times responsible for its pro-Soviet propaganda including a massive and committed cover-up of the atrocities committed under Stalin.

  • America Is Poorer Than It Thinks

    The Left loves to invent more poor people for the voters, especially women, to weep over so that those voters then pull the levers to further create the vast Utopian state which will rule forever in the name of the most pitiable. That state loves the poor, minorities, women, homosexuals, transgenders, the disabled, and the retarded because all of them justify it having greater power and control over our lives, especially in forcing us to accept these people through civil rights and human rights, which replaced natural rights which was the foundation of American law. However, the bigger point is this: despite our massive spending, people are still poor and now, we’re bankrupt. Subsidies do not work; opportunity does, but it comes with natural selection, which means that not everyone is going to come alone on the ride. Some people are simply inept and we let them die out so that future generations will not be inept, but this upsets people in the herd, who are individualists and therefore see themselves in the inept (and are often not wrong in this) and fear anything that makes them feel bad, because to an individualist, personal mortality is the threshold of consciousness of policy or anything else.

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