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Binary Choices


Most of the time, we get a range of choices that we can make in response to a need. If we wonder what to do with that empty field at the back of the property, for example, dozens or even billions of ideas spring to mind, and we eliminate most of them as impractical or too expensive.

We do not get that luxury when a choice is thrust upon us. For example, the neighbor to the east offers to sell his land at a certain price. There is a yes, or a no, and any other options are variations of those two. This is the situation we find ourselves in with this election, and with Leftism.

Both of those things — Leftism and this election — originated from outside of us, and presented themselves to us like a stump in the middle of the road we are otherwise whipping through. We are no longer making choices, but are forced to make a decision about something that we did not choose.

Those who have been around this green Earth for a little while find that emergency situations are of this binary nature. Most people cannot induce their brains to recognize the threat before them and that it is real. As a result, they go into denial, or distract themselves with tangents.

A few always click with the danger right away. To them, a binary decision has arisen: they either deal with the problem, or it deals with them… and so, they choose to deal with it. At that point, the facility of choice returns because there are multiple ways to deal with it. But first they had to get over that hump and admit that it was real.

With Election 2016, as with Brexit, we are being forced to snap out of our ordinary slumber and recognize a real threat to all of us. That is, a toxic occupying force controls our lands and through its methods — equality, permissiveness, diversity and government control — it intends to destroy us and replace us with useful idiots.

Who those useful idiots are matters a lot less than the fact that our inertia is carrying us toward this fate, and we have a binary choice: either we accept the reality and get some choices, or we go into denial and then the choice will be made for us.

No one wants to wake up one day to the realization that they are in a failing civilization and that their government is hostile to them. No one thinks about how great it would be to live through the decline and fall of an empire as great as Rome (or at least close). But this is upon us, and it divides us.

In this election, there are two groups. Some grasp the situation and are able to act. The rest are hovering around in mental nonsense land, wondering if the candidate “clicks” with them or what their feelings are. They have dodged the question entirely because it is more convenient, comfortable and easy to remain in spaced-out narcissism.

For those who recognize the problem, the entire political landscape shifts. We are no longer talking about issues, laws and working the system. We are talking about averting a crisis which has crept up on us because we were busy taking the system at face value. We can no longer do that; now, we are revolutionaries and rebels.

Half of our society will remain in the low self-esteem space where they listen to society, take it at face value and act as it tells them to. They cannot or will not recognize that these people are deadly and results will be horrible in short order, and that the smiling faces on the television are lying to us and want us destroyed.

The other half is people like you, dear reader. You were comfortably in the ego-bubble of consumer products, entertainment, social pressures and comforting words in strong voices from government and media. Now, you have seen through the illusion, and you are terrified because you realize the enemy is among us.

Whatever happens tomorrow, you must stand your ground. You cannot go back to comfortable oblivion. You must go forward. Whether that is with the ballot, or the bullet, remains to be seen. But what you see is real, and by recognizing it, you have made the binary choice. Now the only question is how to defeat the enemy.

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