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Bastille Day

So yet again, the herd wants us to celebrate Bastille Day, the anniversary of the storming of the prison in which Leftists were kept, an event that set off the French Revolution and brought democracy to the world.

In a great irony, it occurs after weeks of diversity riots in France because the cops shot some misbehaving diversity when he tried to run them over.

As usual, humans are doubling down on their error rather than admit that they made a mistake, simply because of the sunk cost fallacy, namely that they have spent years defending this error, therefore to admit it now is to admit their ineptitude or bad moral compass in supporting it for that long.

Following the Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and George Floyd school of prole victimhood, this victory was in fact symbolic rather than actual:

As a prison, it held political dissidents (such as the writer and philosopher Voltaire), many of whom were locked away without a trial by order of the king. By 1789, however, it was scheduled for demolition, to be replaced by a public square. Moreover, it was down to just seven prisoners: four accused of forgery, two considered “lunatics” and one kept in custody at the request of his own family.

The infamous Marquis de Sade—from whom the term “sadist” is derived—had likewise been incarcerated there. But he was removed earlier that summer after falsely shouting out the window that the prisoners inside were being massacred.

Even more ironically, it turns out that the cause of the revolution was a bad harvest and competition for labor:

To make matters worse, widespread crop failures in 1788 brought about a nationwide famine. Bread prices rose so high that, at their peak, the average worker spent about 88 percent of his wages on just that one staple.

Unemployment was likewise a problem, which the populace blamed in part on newly reduced customs duties between France and Britain. Following a harsh winter, violent food riots began breaking out across France at bakeries, granaries and other food storage facilities.

Kings cannot control the weather, but proles do not understand this. Therefore, proles revolt, and we get the system of government that has now revealed that it has been both inept and oppressive for many decades.

In the meantime, the people have stopped reproducing. The governments are bankrupt. Diversity is raging like a plague. The competence crisis has eliminated our lead, and enemies gather around us. Democracy is not only not going well, but heading to suicide.

So no, no point in “celebrating” Bastille Day. Deposing the kings was a mistake!

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