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DiversityWatch (July 13, 2023)


Democracy starts with promises. These are naturally opposed by sane people because democracy is insane. Over time, however, the popularity of these promises coupled with the utter disconnection from their consequences in a wealthy society makes them popular.

Democracy starts as freedom. As time goes on, the political system becomes less what it was before, and more democracy. At that point, democracy inverts because it has become a method instead of a goal, and the regime of censorship, ostracism, and repression begins.

We are far into the time when democracy must jail its political opponents, ban public mention of the failure of diversity and socialism, and deplatform all of those who speak unwelcome Noticing in order to keep itself in power.

It is a dead system walking, and we all look forward to the choice of what comes next. Only one system stands out as the least abusive and most enduring, but we are so brainwashed that it takes years of thought to even connect with that possibility.

As we chew over that one, consider how massively diversity is failing everywhere at once…



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