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DiversityWatch (July 15, 2023)


What is the goal of human existence? A universe discovering itself; a natural system refining its approach to be more efficient and more complex, or use of repetition in a structural not monotonous way. Nature seeks variety that balances the whole against itself.

what does this mean for individuals? We need to live the good life, a balance between striving and serendipitous discovery of the beauty embedded at the core of existence. This lets our minds calm and develop to the point where we are self-aware.

Most people are not self-aware. They are vending machines with legs: push a button, get the same result every time. They are purely transactional, whether in commerce or using guilt and shame to extract wealth from the rest of us. They want to make more of themselves.

All of modernity seems designed for one goal, which seems to be to distract you, exhaust you, keep you busy on trivialities, demand your obedience to unrealistic and paradoxical nonsense, and humiliate you with a dysfunctional absurdist system.

This benefits those who want to keep the sad show running instead of admitting that we screwed up by yeeting the kings and everything since has just been doubling down on the screwup.



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