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The last few years just disappeared as Late Stage Democracy shut down in its total inability to handle even an aggressive seasonal flu. At every level, careerists did what made them self-important, from Tik Tok dancing nurses through ranting “experts” telling us that The End had finally arrived.

Consequently almost no one trusts the system now except those who are so vested in it, either by working for it or their paranoid fear of having to change and adapt without it blocking that possibility, that they will believe anything it says and do anything it recommends.

For 2023, any sane person wants things to get worse: “what is falling, push!” as Fred Nietzsche said. The edifice of modernity, based on individualism learned from third-world cultures like the Huns, Mongols, and Moors, starting with The Enlightenment™ (spit) turned into the horror that we have now.

Technology did not do this to us. Capitalism did not do this to us. Nor did The Rich, The Jew(s), the Illuminati, or the Freemasons. Every society as it grows produces waste humans and rather than risk the optics of disunity, society includes the mediocre and gives them roles, at which point they demand equality.

Generally, I recommend the following four pillars of actual conservatism as necessary conditions for any civilization that wants to last longer than three centuries:

  • Hierarchy: both social and leadership in nature, hierarchy rejects meritocracy and instead looks for the best people as a whole, based on achievements instead of hoop-jumping. Keep your high-IQ morally best at the top and let them make decisions because everyone else does not understand the issues.
  • Culture: this requires monoethnicism because diversity abolishes social goodwill required for culture to exist, but you get a society that eschews the neurotic constant infighting and debate and instead knows who it is and where it is going that is continuous between the past of its founding and the distant future of its eternal survival.
  • Incentives: reward those who achieve good things, punish those who destroy good things, and leave everyone else alone, but most importantly, reward every and only those who do good things; “good to the good, bad to the bad” is this morality rather than “be good to everyone (including the bad).” You want to make more of the good and quietly remove the bad without demonizing them. Exile works.
  • Purpose: a society needs a purpose beyond the material without going into the unproven, which means the transcendental view, or acceptance that life is smarter and bigger than us and we must adapt to it by seeing the beauty of its function over the aesthetics of the scary parts.

To this we might add some of the methods that societies have used to enrich and perpetuate themselves since the dawn of time:

  • Streamline: keep every process and requirement as simple as possible instead of adding costs, so that people might be able to keep clear minds.
  • Acceptance: “tolerance” is weak, acceptance is strong; we accept people as they are, both in eccentricities and in knowing they have private matters like sexuality and private struggles.
  • Deism: instead of organized internationalist religion, we need a faith for each ethnic group, but we can all agree on the general need for a belief in the divine or at least agnosticism.
  • Liberty: where it does not conflict with the needs of the civilization, individual freedom should be preserved as a private matter, and people left alone to find themselves.
  • Ritual: every culture needs cuisine, aesthetics, calendar, and a language for itself which reflects its philosophy of life and goals.

We are seeing the failure of democracy as it played out over the last three years. We cannot rule ourselves, as it turns out, because self-rule becomes constant infighting and a series of trends and panics (like COVID-19) which our system views as opportunities to further steal wealth and dominate us.

This means that Regime Change is coming, and if we are fortunate will resemble more of what is described above than the various manipulative systems like dictatorship, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy, and military rule. Those do not work very well and it is time to move on from them in our path of human evolution.

In the coming year, it is likely that we will see:

  • January 6th: since the event happened, it was clear that the Capitol police were stood down while law enforcement provoked a riot, mainly to have a Reichstag event that justified the Left seizing power and keeping Trump out of office, since he interrupted their political machine.
  • Recession: the world is clearly headed for a disaster since it shut down economies, pumped them with borrowed money, then cut interest rates in order to stop the creation of too much false value, but it was too late; a correction is coming!
  • DeSantis debunked: clearly some kind of quid pro quo happened to make DeSantis feel he could attack Trump with impunity, and he therefore got in bed with the NeverTrump style people who are linked to the Left, which effectively ends his candidacy for president.
  • FBI Files: the revelations keep coming that tie the fake insurrection, RussiaGate, FBI social media manipulation, and ObamaGate together, revealing a political machine that been orchestrating American political theater since the end of the Reagan years.
  • China: as scandals gather, they create a negative space silhouette where the power actually lies, and the connections between American companies and politicians to China will become undeniable, forcing us to ask why Biden seems willing to start (and lose, as planned) WW3.
  • Greenout: despite great hype and investment, alternative energy is not doing as well as people thought, and the world will have to go to nuclear at the same time it becomes clear that “eat the bugs” will not work, compelling a dialogue on overpopulation, urbanization, and immigration as the same beast.
  • Diversity: the Obama-era woke SJW ESG/DIE crusade seems to be winding down as diversity is failing everywhere worldwide, immigrants are forcing riots and ethnic warfare everywhere, and ongoing political corrupt seems to trace back to highly diverse areas.

Things must get worse before they get better. A large portion of our population still clings to the idea that we can patch up the existing system and somehow keep going as we have been, even as everything crumbles in their hands because WASP America functioned while post-WASP America does not.

Normies grow more restless because the system is not functioning on any level. Normies are people who will do anything to remain in denial of the collapse of the West, and will believe anything that makes our failure seem a success, i.e. rationalizers like all Leftists, RINOs, and even the Nazis, who are basically racist Leftists.

Christian Nationalism has not succeeded either as a movement to unite Americans or as a scapegoat. No one believes it because the church parking lots are empty. People are asking what the GOP really stands for when mostly it seems to pander to an audience of religious fanatics about abortion while ignoring actual problems.

We were in the growth arc of life cycle from the fall of the empire in Rome through just before the Enlightenment, then foreign influences from Moors, Huns, and Mongols took over, and we adopted their belief in individualism as our own, prompting a takeover of the world by the same democracy that is now failing.

When they talk about “one global market,” they mean world democracy. Globalism is democracy, and takes along the economic system of capitalism only because it must, having already left capitalism behind for “mixed-economy” societies that use free markets to pay massive taxes for socialist benefits.

The money has run out. The infrastructure has rotted. The quality of our institutions is a paltry sliver of what it was a generation ago. Outright hostile ethnic minorities, special interests, and corporate lobbyists have taken over what is left of government in the first world democracies.

War looms on the horizon. The Bidenites want to destroy the world economy so that the USA is stronger. This happened in WW1 and WW2, but now with the COVID-19 recession, the world will become impoverished and if the USA makes itself more valuable, it can pay off enough of its debt to keep functioning.

Like many lunatics in history, our democratic leaders believe their own press releases and think that our military can destroy the rest of the world, leaving it in ruins so that the American project can dominate all of it with its renewed economy, bolstered by millions of new low labor cost but high entitlements cost minorities.

We have come to the end. Democracy has nothing more to give save for legitimizing pedophilia and incest, and those are not popular. The political system refuses to look at long-term problems, and instead shifts the cost onto others while writing more checks to its favorite groups like Big Pharma through Obamacare.

If all goes well, 2023 will be the year where the disaster cannot simply keep churning and as a result change will be upon us.

In the meantime, we seem to be headed toward another Trump presidency. Everything he said would come true did; in contrast, his moderate and mild rule — in contrast to the “fascism” the Left claimed would come to pass — brought prosperity to everyone worldwide.

If conservatives want to win, they need to drop symbolic issues like abortion and focus on what conservatives do well: defense, economy, and social order. People want these things. They also want fixed elections. There is still a chance to make everything work.

On the wishlist for a clear-headed conservative, the first item would have to be a need for a moderate like Trump to succeed and then be followed by further Right-wingers who will get to work repealing 98% of our laws which were political exercises in the first place.

That will create another intermediate state, one where we patch up the system of democracy enough for it to realize that it needs non-democratic ideas as well, opening the stage for those to show their merit in the coming decades. This list might include:

  • Amendments: without removing the 14A, no reform is possible, but with it out of the way the rest of the amendments after the Bill of Rights can be removed as well, since they are either errors or things best left to the states.
  • Flat tax: it is long past time that anyone who votes should be required to be a contributor to the system financially. Tax income, including realized profits from long-term investments, at a low rate like ten percent without deductions, and suddenly voting will not resemble the past at all.
  • Immigration: our population was stable until immigration, which was invoked to pay for the entitlements created in the 1920s and 1930s, later raised to a suicidal level in the 1960s and 1990s, and it becomes clear that we cannot afford amnesties, legal immigration, or diversity at all.
  • Renewal: people suggest all sorts of fantasy solutions like ranked choice voting and term limits, but what we really need is a law that requires Congress to renew all existing laws every term with a vote, and for members of Congress to personally helm the letter agencies (administrative state).
  • Entitlements: socialist-style entitlements — direct or in-kind payments to citizens like public schooling, Medicare, welfare, Social Security, HUD, and food banks — got us into this mess by putting us into a tax cycle that means we are forever borrowing from tomorrow to pay for yesterday; these must end as cleanly as possible.

As democratic solutions give way to non-democratic ones, a recognition that we need hierarchy, culture, and order will dawn on the slumbering voters, who have until now punted on this unpopular decision. At that point, we can begin the long slow march back from trying to use government as a solution toward having civilization again.

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