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Oprah 2020: As Cuck Approaches The Limit At Infinity

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Today I can’t promise you that there won’t be any math. I majored in the crap undergrad and feel like justifying my otherwise totally overrated existence. So abandon all hope all ye who enter here, because we’re headed back to Calculus I and having a quaint discussion from the entry point of L’Hospital’s Rule. It allows you to make sense out a few things when they get taken to the ridiculous limits that we see some days in Amerika.

So in a discussion of politics or philosophy, how does one approach an infinite, negative limit of anything? If you pollute your mind and read too many columns from SoyBoyCon Rod Dreher, you might be unlucky enough to find out. Amazingly, Rod Dreher agrees with JPW on a very important issue. That if Jesus saves, he needs to start with saving The Catholic Church from Anti-Pope Francis. The problems start with which résumé Dreher and #NeverTrumpGropenFuhrer Ross Douthat have moved atop their piles.

Trump: caesarism :: Oprah: caesaropapism.
— Ross Douthat (@DouthatNYT) January 8, 2018

Dreher takes this ridiculous towards an infinite limit. He piggybacks on Douthat’s delusional fantasy and suggests that she actually has become a religious figure.

Ross Douthat’s tweet points out the important fact that Oprah Winfrey would not be just a political leader, but a religious leader too. She is a religious leader, in fact — quite possibly the most important one in America. In his 2012 book Bad Religion: How We Became A Nation Of Heretics, Douthat identifies Oprah — non-sarcastically! — as a religious leader, because of her undeniable mass influence on American women, and her embodiment of a emotion-based spirituality of self-fulfillment. When she talks about empowering oneself through telling “your truth,” she is making a quasi-religious statement. This Douthat post is dead-on — and again, he’s not being sarcastic in the least:

If you don’t understand Oprah primarily as the pope of American gnosticism you don’t understand her at all.
— Ross Douthat (@DouthatNYT) January 8, 2018

To me this suggests a totured understanding of the limits of Gnosticism. If I apply a little touch of JPW’s Theological Junk Calculus to the indefinite concept of Gnosticism, I’ll argue I can clear a few things up. Gnosticism, at an infinite limit, precludes any sort of unified Godhead. God becomes like The God Emperor of Dune, Leto II, after his spectacular, watery death. The Godness just sort of explodes outward in a spicy big bang and then worms itself into every conscious being and every existing object. There’s no need for a pope of gnosticism. It would be oxymoronic – like air molecules having tensile strength.

I have an alternate theory to all this “fear” of #Poprah! This is wish fulfillment. It’s like a Pepe Meme of God-Emperor Trump, but inverted and far less honest. Dreher and Douthat don’t fear #Poprah! They feel shame over the sordid, priapic erections it gives them. They want Big, Bad Mama to spank them for that. Harder!

Oprah Winfrey checks every block of the Affirmative Action Cuck Checklist.

  • Womyn – Check.
  • Blackity Black, Black, Black – Check.
  • Plus-Sized raised to some ungodly exponent – Check.
  • Old enough to answer #GotMILF in the affirmative – Check.
  • LGBTQRSTUVWXY and Z – Check.
  • Fed the Baloney Pony at a young and impressionable age by a pervsicko relative – Check.

When you close your eyes, breathe deeply, and meditate on The Eternal Cuck, you see a vision of Oprah. She is everything Dreher and Douthat have been conditioned to blindly genuflect towards and follow. To even yell “Thar She Blows!” just once at one of her self-love events would be heresy most vile. She is the complete package for any cucking cuck to cuck most cuckingly over. Supersized. Cucking that hard will make those poor, pathetic nebbishes have to get a prescription for statins.

So how ridiculous is #Poprah! really? Maybe not so much….We are the nation that inspired Idiocracy. All the same brainwashing that “obligated” repectable Conservatives to vote for Barack Obama as a gesture of healing and peace could come combined with a whipped cream topping of #MeToo.

So maybe there is no such thing as negative infinity cuck, however, it could very well be differentiatable at the limit of cuck = -inf. So #Poprah! in the form of pure onyx evil might not exist. President Oprah Winfree, as a rather large shadow along the wall of some allegorical cave? Just maybe. I could see myself discounting it for all the same reasons Little Marco foolishly discounted the Juggernaut that was Trump.

Adam Smith famously said “There is a whole lot of ruin in a nation.” I’d hate to contemplate how much of that ruin #Poprah! could contain along with all the multitudes she contains already. I’m more completely convinced than ever that #MeToo is the final elevator down to Hell for Amerika.

And The Alt-Right Shall Inherit The Right

Friday, November 10th, 2017

The Alt-Right doesn’t like everyone on the Right and most of that so-called Amerikan Right would rather not be associated with the Alt-Right. This, of course, has nothing to do with whether the Alt-Right has the right of things morally and politically speaking. We do, they don’t, and the more and the harder the SJWs double down on their purge of the non-believers, the more those non-believers of various belief systems, and predominantly alabaster skin hues, will be quietly and unobtrusively slinking into the rear pews of our less pompous version of the cathedral every Sunday.

The Alt-White grows as SJWs project their own behavior in order to accuse all who denigrate or dissent from their agenda as !RACIST! Here we can see the accusation.

Here we have the reality.

Newton’s Third Law is not just a law of physics. It is probably a Platonic Form representing an absolute, God-Breathed Truth. You cannot indefinitely tension a spring. It will gain potential energy until it overcomes all friction and opposing force. The restoring force will be a reaction, and that doesn’t just apply in the realms of engineering and physics.

Consider Rod Dreher the Cuckservative version of a tension-bearing spring. He will put up with much Umgwalagwala before submitting, as he must, to the inherent truth and beauty of the Gawdawlmiddy Alt-Right. Here he reacts to how the Dems are recruiting their new base of tech talent.

They do not want white heterosexual males to apply (unless you’re a transgendered male). Note the “they/them/theirs” at the bottom. Doesn’t matter if you have the tech skills to help the Democrats win elections. If you’re a cisgendered straight white male, your application goes to the bottom of the pile. Brilliant, just brilliant. The thing that just slays me about liberals like this is that they have no clue whatsoever that this kind of discrimination is immoral and offensive.

Well, no. It didn’t actually slay poor Cuck Dreher. But it stuck hard in his craw because once upon a time it just about did. His tale of woe at the hands of the SJW Tolerance and Diversity Torquemadas follows below.

This stuff is not new. I was told in 1997 by a newspaper that initially welcomed my job application that my CV was put in limbo because the publisher decided that he didn’t want a white male in that job, unless they couldn’t find anybody as qualified as me. After a national job search that lasted several months, their search was fruitless, and they said they would now like to bring me in for a job interview. By then, I had just taken a job in NYC, and was on my way to a different life. I’m glad things worked out the way they did for me, but man, did that experience ever stay with me. It impressed upon me the injustice of the days when prejudice kept women and minorities for being considered fairly for jobs. That was unjust. But you don’t make up for one injustice by perpetrating another. That’s what the (white, male) liberal publisher of that newspaper was trying to do.

So what did he realize about Muh Civil Rites? The same thing that BLM recently taught us about rights in general. You have the rights that you are willing to eat some other bastard’s filthy intestines over in order to perserve.

Do you know when you have a first amendment right in Amerika? There are four occasions. 1) You are surrounded by law-abiding individuals who actually accept their socialization into our current managerial state. They will voluntarily allow you to say things they may or may not like without brutalizing you. 2) You are Chuck Norris. 3) You come armed well enough to not have to be Chuck Norris. 4) The State enforces on whomever would like to forcibly shut you up. So neither one nor four happened at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. If they consistently don’t happen, then you either become a hard, hard man or fornicate and forget whatever right you have some delusional belief in from your High School Civics Class.

So poor Rod Dreher, (and I don’t even call him that to mock him anymore) he has to act completely outside his fundamental nature as a man in order to preserve any illusion that he can keep on Cucking in The Free World. He has to shoot (or at least vote) to kill if he doesn’t want he, his offspring, and his beloved kind disposed.

This mentality exemplified by Madeleine Leader has a lot to do with why, at the end of the day, I’ll end up voting Republican out of pure self-protection, and to protect the job prospects of my children, especially my sons. Good job, Democrats. You are telling straight white people that they are second-class citizens who don’t deserve fairness. You’ll continue to find self-hating liberal whites who are willing to accept this garbage, but many more aren’t falling for it — and know what kind of world Democrats are preparing for them when and if they take power again. As a registered Independent whose economic and foreign policy views are to the left of the average Republican’s, I would love to have the chance to consider voting Democratic in a national election, especially with the GOP in such a mess. But out of self-protection, I can’t take that chance.

I was (even) way more the Cuck once. Then I, like Rod Dreher, was told by these Cuckwads that they could taste my stink. It’s a message that resonates. It alters how you think. It is already altering how Rod Dreher votes. How many other NeverTrumps felt a similar moral and philosophical alienation? How many of them felt that everything they were told by their moral betters was right was also rat poison to their own future and that of their offspring? How long do they stay in tension before Newton’s Third Law kicks in?

How long? Not long. Neo-Reaction is to politics what the restoring force is to Newtonian Physics. When the tension makes the Cucks snap back, they are coming our way. You can only only roll to disbelieve reality in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. You can only live on the philosophical equivalent of nothing but Twinkies and Scotch in a satirical Kurt Vonnegut story. The closest I ever came to actually liking Nick Saban and The University of Alabama football team was when Coach Saban called the narrative being spun by the local media covering his team rat poison.

Not even an idiot like (((Rod Dreher))) is stupid enough to order rat poison as his favorite upscale Bistro. Nobody else will either. This is why we need to perservere, critique and rail against the madness of diversity and demand Freedom of Association. We, the Alt-Right are actually right. No matter how the SJWs lie, not matter how the Cucks stab us in the back, we and only we are the few and brave on the side of God. Deus Effing Vult. The Alt-Right shall inherit the Right. Nature cannot otherwise function. We must continue onward in our righteous crusade.

All Leftist Movements Are ISIS in The End

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

If you never managed to understand much of history, we have a solution for that. You can just tear down all the monuments and pretend that history exist. You will then avoid any confrontation with facts or logical truths that contradict what you want to believe is true, or even have used as the foundation for your personality construct.

This has great historical precedent on the Left, who specialized in editing history and replacing it with propaganda. If you lead a political movement that offers no ability to build anything other than a mound of the enemy’s skulls, you better tear down the cathedrals, museums and statues erected by your more civilized betters. Books that are thousands of years old and that form a canon of accumulated cultural wisdom? Bring on the kerosene and cigarette lighters.

Your success consists in denying your enemies a platform. If you can’t build it, maintain it or even understand the ruins you see decaying around you, remove it from sight before it becomes too great a reminder of your own impotence and a catalyst of shame.

Illegally pulling down statues of Confederate soldiers and taking videos of “brave” unemployed liberal arts major social justice warriors kicking the Confederate soldier is what passes for activism in today’s warped society. Liberal mayors and city councils across the south are falling all over themselves wasting time and taxpayer money to remove statues of Confederate generals to appease the left and make a display of how anti-racist they can be. Meanwhile, their cities are bankrupt, their infrastructure is decaying, black crime is rampant and their education systems matriculate functionally illiterate deranged snowflakes into society.

The destruction of monuments is both a form of distraction and a rejection. It is a distraction from the failure of Leftism to lead anywhere other than death. It is also a rejection of the superiority of what came before the Leftists. The contemporary Amerikan is not a capable, progressive (in the honorable, older definition of the term), inventive, strong or useful human being. We are a failed country that doesn’t want to face what we once could accomplish in the harsh, glaring light of a hungover, unemployed morning.

But you can’t make a statue of obese, blue-haired people failing to make any connections to anything larger than their beautiful Rubenesque selves. So in the dark of night, like the thieving cowards that perhaps many contemporary Amerikans truly are, they creep into the parks and remove the monuments to a local junkheap. The cowards who claim to govern Baltimore continue to destroy all value bequeathed to them by the culture and society that built the city.

Private contractors, city officials and a few onlookers were on the site of the Lee-Jackson monument as it was being taken down overnight into early Wednesday. The preparation began around midnight and by 3:00 a.m. FOX45 crews confirmed that at least two of the four monuments had been removed. After more than a century, the Roger Taney statue in Mount Vernon was removed, the base is all that remains.

Crews on at the site of the Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee Monument in Wyman Park say, Mayor Catherine Pugh looked on as the monument was lifted from its base.

But where does it all end? whinges a cuck over at National Review. It will end with his finely-coiffed head on some primitive SJW savage’s totem pole. In an almost ironic paragraph of coruscating self-unawareness, his article explains why.

Two miles from our offices at National Review, there is an 18-foot statue of Vladimir Lenin. (The real-estate website Curbed calls it “quirky.” It was commissioned by the Soviet Union and discovered in a junkyard in Moscow.) You will not doubt my sincerity when I say everyone at NR despises Lenin and everything he stands for. So will Kevin Williamson be putting on a balaclava and leading a band of self-appointed historical-correctness commissioners down to 178 Norfolk Street on a commando raid to pull it down? No.

The wimps at NRO have no will to resist Leftist culture. The Leftists have the intent, the will, and the hatred to utterly smash your face for what they view as the hideous crime of ever existing. This is why anyone who follows mainstream Right will find themselves in the gulag or facing a guillotine. A nation defended by irresolute cowards will be nuked and burned from the pages of history. Their families will be raped and enslaved by BLM and Antifa.

The Alt-Left has no problem with ISIS because this is ultimately what they are striving to emulate and become. ISIS, the destroyer of culture, decency and civility resembles what all major Leftist causes degenerate into by the end. This is why Socialism always leads to death. This is why anyone who wants to reason together with the Deray McKessons of the world will end up dying unmourned and unlamented as the barbaric and gibbering Leftist pseudo-sapiens idly desecrate his smoldering and mutilated mortal remains.

OathKeepers Reveal Why Mainstream Conservatism Is The Enemy

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

OathCuckers. They are loathesome, rent-seeking, back-knifing, virtue-signaling, mincing little conformists. NavyJack truly exemplifies what happens to the young and impressionable after years adrift under the influence of rum, sodomy and the lash. He cucks forth below.

Ever since the RNC Convention in Cleveland where Donald Trump became the GOP Candidate for President, White Nationalist organizations have worked to tie his agenda to their agenda. By showing up at any pro-Trump rally or event and using these opportunities to recruit, these organizations have been steadily growing. Expanding out, they are now targeting “free speech” rallies and luring participants into their web of deceit. The organizations I am referring to include the National Policy Institute (NPI), Identity Evropa and Vanguard America..

So a bunch of guys to NavyJack’s Right had the sheer audacity to take advantage of their freedom of assembly and freedom of speech to become active in Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. They failed to request Oathkeeper approval in writing beforehand. And why must NavyJack and ONLY NavyJack be the arbitrer of who gets to yell crazy stuff like “Heil Trump!?” He goes on to claim the following…

The Main Stream Media (MSM) has successfully tied organizations like NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America to President Donald Trump. The “White Nationalists” are all in favor of this association and are using the term “alt-right” to define themselves. This has effectively validated the MSM and allowed the MSM to categorize any conservative or right leaning cause as “alt-right” and thereby infer “White Nationalism”.

And it gets even worse. NavyJack goes full Neil Stevens. You should never go full Neil Stevens. You see Stevens saw the ignorant Lefty mobs beating Trump supporters during the GOP Primaries and sanctimoniously cucked that the Trump supporters had it coming for their unmitigated audacity of supporting Trump.

You deserve to be beaten if you join a movement whose leader encourages the beating or protestors like “in the good old days.” — Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) June 3, 2016

The Trump movement is no more civilized than the radicals protesting them. They deserve each other. — Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) June 3, 2016

I warned you he was a Nazi. You didn’t listen. Now you have street fighting like Weimar Germany. #NeverTrump — Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) June 3, 2016

You see #NeverTrump last Summer and the #OathCuckers now are both greedy, desperate non-ideological movements. They are the Clinton Foundations of the Amerikan Right. They are a thing out of season, an obsolete paradigm that no longer has the power to explain observed reality. Trump was to #NeverTrump what Einstein was to Newton. Therefore, like Neil Stevens, he uses the rise of Antifa as a stalking horse to blame and defame his ideological enemies to the Right that he is too stupid and obsolete to refute.

To some extent, the violence instigated by the Antifa organizations around the nation are a direct reaction to the racism promoted by the organizations discussed above. By co-opting the term “alt-right” and working diligently to associate their racist agenda with that of both Steve Bannon (former Breitbart) and President Donald Trump, they have created an environment where the left has been provided with a platform to oppose the nationalist policies of the current administration…

He has nothing intelligent to offer in terms of solving Amerika’s problems. He never will. He is a Constitutional Fetishist and a Civic Nationalist who has no clear grounding in how English Commonlaw and European Christian Tradition underpin the very civics that prevent his goofy, Whitebread ass from being skinned and filleted on the very street. Ordered Liberty comes from people smart enough and acculturated enough to clean up all the junk and put it back in order. NavyJack will rhapsodize how Crispus Attucks fought and died in The Boston Massacre. He won’t tell you how the very concept of the village militia in which Attucks bravely enlisted came from the old English Commons.

This psuedo-history he spews is factually wrong and maudlin. It is not emotionally heartfelt because it is too self-interested. We on the Alt-Right aren’t killing NavyJack’s Mystery Meat Paradise, we are killing his Conservative market share. His jalopy is many miles past warranty and getting harder to fix and maintain every year. It was forcibly parked by Barack Obama back in 2008. However, like the Buckley Conservatives who recoiled from Donald Trump; he is too invested in conflating all competitors to his vision of what Conservative is permissable as racist. That way, he; not they get the attention clicks and money.

Psychologists would condescendingly decry his pathetic cuck-spew as a cry for help. He is gasping for relevance like a carp on the kitchen table that has fallen out of its fishbowl. There are two options here. The decent one is to see NavyJack off and permanently park him in intellectual and political drydock. Or we could be sadistic and engage him further the way a bored kid stirs an agitated anthill with a stick. I like option one. Let him cuck in the forest of defunct ideas where no intelligent and current thinkers will bother further with his insulting, disingenuous spew.

The Left Will Not Negotiate Until It Has Been Kicked Hard In The Nuts

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

ESCCCP Radio has a somewhat less bile-inducing than expected early morning show called Mike and Mike. This features a former NFL Defensive lineman named Mike Golic who actually drops an occasional subversive Red Pill. “You get what you tolerate,” he posited. You can claim it just represents one man’s view of defensive line play in the NFL, but try convincing anyone with at least the IQ of a rotifer that it doesn’t easily scale to most human interactions.

His other recent contribution to basic common sense from behind enemy lines was the concept of Golic’s Hammer. Golic’s Hammer works like this. If two people engage in some sort of competitive relationship (even one that involves a totally non-physical confrontation) the probabilities favor the one who would probably defeat the other in unarmed physical combat. Nature, in all her maternal sweetness, sodomizes the weak.

Cuckservatives will cuck down their noses, but don’t believe for a second that it doesn’t apply to political argumentation as well. Half of what drives the Left to stage fake beheadings of President Trump has nothing to do with the unratified Paris Climate Treaty. It’s a fight over who the public perceives to wield Golic’s Hammer. If Trump is the Alpha; who wants to monkey around with the suboptimal primates?

So how does one make the yobs in the mob believe that he is the biggest of hes? You decide to no longer tolerate something and successfully make it stop. That, not the tragic thought of missing out on more quality individuals like Lee Malvo’s partner in crime; inspired the Left to hit the mattresses over the Trump Travel Bans. The public sees Trump ordering immigration to stop and the immigration stops. Trump wielding power makes people believe Trump wields power. It reminds the public of who doesn’t.

The Paris Treaty? This is the Trump Travel Ban raised to the nth power. Trump is telling the civilized world to go pick its own nose instead of America’s. If they can’t stop him, who can? Somebody has to, the left must resist! And if they push you around and force you to get rid of Trump? Your @$$es are right back on the chain. The Deep State will bury you.

Crap like the video below occurs in accordance with another little hate truth. One that I claim as my own.

The Hate Truth I dub as JPW’s Law of Terrorism works as follows. The people who engage in terrorism are not driven to it by poverty, ignorance, desperation or even ideology. They are rational, intelligent, political, economic, psychological and strategic decision makers. The leadership of ISIS or Al Qaeda sends out the bombers because terrorism works like hell. It costs hundreds of millions and requires decades to put up a World Trade Center Complex. It takes a crappy airline, a few hundred thousand dollars, nine months and nineteen sub-literate morons to shut the whole thing down. You tell me terrorism isn’t brilliant.

Only one thing makes terrorism not work: kicking the terrorists in the jimmies. Hard. With the Steel-toe Boots of I Don’t Give a Wank. Amazingly, even the previously cucked are getting the idea. Kurt Schlichter over at seems to have awakened from a long epistemological sleep.

We don’t like the new rules – I’d sure prefer a society where no one was getting attacked, having walked through the ruins of a country that took that path – but we normals didn’t choose the new rules. The left did. It gave us Ferguson, Middlebury College, Berkeley, and “Punch a Nazi” – which, conveniently for the left, translates as “punch normals.” And many of us have had personal experiences with this New Hate – jobs lost, hassles, and worse. Some scumbags at an anti-Trump rally attacked my friend and horribly injured his dog. His freaking dog. So when we start to adopt their rules, they’re shocked? Have they ever met human beings before? It’s not a surprise. It’s inevitable.

The Left will not accept this either. You !CANNOT! show videos of the turd-checking howler monkeys hurling the excrement. Their !DEMANDS! follow below.

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.” The students then outline just how they expect the university to proceed to find the guilty culprits. Claiming to have been in touch with “the Attorney General’s office,” the students suggest that the university “commit to launching an extensive forensic investigation” to discover just who “stole” the video, and, if a suspect is found, to ask that criminal charges be brought against the suspect “in consultation with the Attorney General.” The video contains many memorable moments of the students’ interacting with their school administrators. They shout “fuck you, and fuck the police” repeatedly while maintaining that “whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”

So you finally get to the point where you give in or give them hell. Or, you can LARP about how #NeverTrump could have been a contender. And then, just because I don’t have enough to spitefully laugh at this morning, they cry over the Democrats not reaching out to them. Folks, this is Stockholm Syndrome that would get you killed in the typical S&M Dungeon below.

If their goal was to dismantle Trump, they would encourage the left to open space for anti-Trump GOP to thrive within the Democrat party. But there is no room in the Democrat tent. Indeed, the left that clearly needs a bigger tent has instead occupied themselves with kicking other leftists out of the existing tent. They want everyone in the GOP to commit career suicide and, the moment we do, people like Heer will sneer at us, mock us, laugh at our loss of career, loss of community, loss of opportunity. Having followed their advice, they will not offer a place for us to belong, but use us as an ongoing punching bag and continue to write manifestos about how to use the court system to destroy us. They want the GOP tent to be smaller but refuse to make the Democrat tent any larger. It is a positively schizophrenic political attitude, but it’s one most Democrats have bought in to.

Terrorism works like hell in Amerika because the political terrorists of the left have always been smart enough to forcibly defecate upon the Cuckservative. The Cuckservative was born and bred to be The Washington Generals gawkish, Whitebread, fumble-fingered starting point guard against their multi-culti team of Harlem Globetrotters. It takes no courage to be Chris Matthews and speak “truth” to the simpering male wet-nurses of the Cuckservative Movement.

It gets more challenging when Greg Gianforte spikes your geeky MSCCCP rear-end off the pavement. It’s harder still when an All-American Anders Braevik mutters his insane curses and starts filling up the magazines in a dingy basement over in some sold-out, dying coal town. That could be JPW’s Second Law of Terrorism. It’s only properly prevented by an equal and opposite reaction. The fighters become lovers and tell you they were “just kidding” when you can credibly stand there and threaten them with Golic’s Hammer.

Forging A Perfect Conservatism

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

I have a dream that someday conservatives will recognize the root of our ideology as making all people equal through having the right rules and values. That we will rise from our primitive origins, cast aside our primal tribalism, and instead affirm equality under law and Christian values as the basis of our future.

I have a dream that soon in the future, people will realize the primacy of justice in treating each individual as a new-born child, deserving not just of fairness in treatment, but in support of the State in being whatever that individual can be. Even the orphan born to wretched circumstances, blighted with Down’s syndrome and miscegenation, can rise above the kings of old!

I have a dream that people will be so stirred by the sight of The Flag that they will embrace the fundamental idea of our nation, which is that all people are equal under law, imbued with inalienable rights, and that defense of those notions is more important than fuzzy-minded concerns about history, the health of civilization and reality.

Humans come first. God ordained it so. And as God’s creatures, all of us have a place not just in the world, but in the best nation ever created, the United States of America. We alone stand against the feral animalism of the past, rich with blood and horror, in which it was presumed that some humans were better than others.

A true conservative shares this dream: that the poor and downtrodden belong not just on our shores, but in positions of leadership. That the natural elites of society are in fact exploiters and criminals, and that only a fair vote in which every voice is heard can find a path for us to true civilization.

In this dream, we are the City Upon A Hill, a shining example of justice and purity for the whole world.

They will come to us, dressed in rags and scarred by the warfare and religious mutilation of their native lands. They will go through our public schools, learn our language and Constitution, then adopt the Bible and dedicate their lives to ending abortion. Out of every Mohammed will step a Jefferson or Washington, and out of every Nguyen, a Hamilton or Roosevelt.

Much like the light of the Bible, the glow of the Declaration of Independence will purify their souls, making from them a beige conservative master race who will support prayer in schools, lower taxes and free markets. They will show compassion to those beneath them, knowing that humanity grows from the bottom and not the top.

These future citizens will recognize that Communism is the wrong path to equality, and that strong defense, conservative social values and a pro-business agenda will lead us to truly starting on the same page and ending up in the glory of wealth and moral rectitude. They will assimilate liberalism and convert it into good, God-fearing and fiscally sound conservatism.

With this new army, comprised of all of the peoples of the world (but obviously not a Tower of Babel) we will reform humanity from its primordial state as rude, raw and murderous, and instead create an enlightened era in which every person has a place. All of them will pay taxes and fund our social programs, which help convert new citizens into conservatives.

Through our generosity and moral superiority, they will see that we are right, and en masse convert to a Republican way of life. They will dress like our 1950s youngsters, listen to nothing cruder than the boogie-woogie and two-step, and will affirm the place of God and sound financial judgment at the heart of our republic.

As the rest of humanity craters into a smoking ruin through its pursuit of godless liberalism and pagan immorality, our new nation of people will be shaped like molten steel in a mold into perfect conservatives who will bring about the best days of humanity. With the light of the Bible and Milton Friedman behind us, we cannot fail, and we will conquer.

Soon all of history will be a distant and best-forgotten path as we surge forward, each taking whatever he can, and all living in identical houses in prosperous suburbs where the HOA bans everything but upright behavior. Under the power of the HOAs and the New Testament, we will create a world unparalleled in its prosperity and righteousness!

Then again, it may all be a dream, and one would have to be asleep to believe this cuckservative nonsense. April Fools! Let’s go crush some skulls.

“Assimilation” Is The Battle Cry Of The Cuck

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

An illusion afflicts mainstream conservatives. This is the notion that we can take people from all over the world, indoctrinate them in our laws, and have them be versions of us that carry on our society without us having to.

This ignores the fact that ethnic replacement via this method is a type of “soft genocide” or genetic eradication. It ignores differences in abilities. But most fundamentally, it ignores the fact that it is forcing people to give up on what they are and to become essentially cultural slaves of some other society.

Assimilation brings nothing but destruction. And yet mainstream conservatives love it because it enables them to pretend they have an ideology like the Left, and to think they are winning because others are in theory carrying that ideology forward:

The left constantly repeats “we are a nation of immigrants” without citing the other half of that fact — “who assimilate into America.” The left mocks the once-universally held American belief in the melting pot. But the melting pot is the only way for a country composed of immigrants to build a cohesive society.

America was never just “a nation of immigrants.” America was always a nation of immigrants who sought to become — or at least were taught by American public schools and by the general American culture to become — Americans.

If America becomes a nation of nonassimilating immigrants, or a nation consisting of nonassimilating ethnic, racial and national groups who are already here, it will cease being a glorious idea and become just another nation torn by conflicting interest groups.

The great cuck hope is that we can bring in people from all over the world, use them as grist for our economic mill, and become “powerful” through proxies like the economy, population size and consumer satisfaction. In reality, all we are doing is abolishing ourselves and replacing ourselves with others, then claiming victory because this group has “assimilated.”

No good person assimilates. They uphold the values of their culture and heritage and feel proud of their origins. Those who assimilate tend to be either non-serious about it, or self-deluding, but even if they do assimilate, they have become substitutes for the original group — Western European people — selected for ideology, as a Leftist would.

Instead what happens is that the more different groups you add, the less culture you have no matter who claims to be “assimilated.” These people will uphold your ideology and economic system, but ultimately, will revert to their own wiring, which is for a culture totally alien to your own.

This is how cuckservatives abolish themselves. They confuse the methods of success, such as economics and ideology, for success itself. This leads them to create a proposition nation unified only by ideology and economics, at which point the original group fades away, leaving yet another beige-grey cultureless race in a third world ruin of a former first world empire.

The Cockroach Republic

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Every so often, evil becomes so self-unaware that it reveals its intrinsic nature with no shame. Putting a microphone in front of (((Bill Kristol))) has recently produced several such moments. Either he is old and losing the fastball, or he just feels so entitled and so invulnerable that he will tell the world exactly how he and Caligula both think. (((Bill Kristol))) drops all pretense on the YouTube below.

Now Mr. Kristol passes himself off as a Conservative. He is no more of a Conservative than Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Progressive. Neither should be legitimately considered as a patriotic American. F. Scott Fitzgerald once remarked that the rich are different from you and I. Ernest Hemmingway dismissed him by pointing out the obvious. “Yeah, they’ve got more money.” Yet Fitzgerald did have a point.

Fitzgerald could understand the impact of caste on a person’s development. A man or woman or Hillary is at some fundamental level the average of She/He/Its five best friends. The people surrounding you rub off and effect you. People like Mr. Crowley, oops I mean Kristol surround themselves with people like Mrs. Clinton and vice-versa. They become their own separate peer-group in the rarified airs of Davos.

So when somebody Conservative attempts to take a few privileges back from people like (((Bill Kristol))) or Hillary, then who does Conservative Mr. Kristol support? Clearly, he has to look out for his peers. He had a choice between Davos and Wichita Falls. He decided that while he preferred democracy, he would take The Deep State over The Trump State. In other words, he only accepts the results of America’s succession process that suit his own personal predilections. This implies that he isn’t indisposed to overturning or undermining the results of a recent election.

Others are less polished and even more explicit. Evan McMullin openly labels our President-Elect a domestic enemy.

After Trump criticized the FBI and the NSA for leaking information to the Washington Post and the New York Times, McMullin tweeted, “By oath, intelligence officials’ first duty is to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So, the real scandal isn’t that the President of the United States of America appears to have been co-opted by America’s greatest adversary?” he added.

This takes place in an environment where intelligence agents are accused of not sharing intelligence with The POTUS.

“Any suggestion that the U.S. intelligence community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the President and his National Security team is not true,” the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Public Affairs Office said in a statement. The story alleged some in the intelligence community are too concerned with the White House ties to Russia, a claim that is unproven despite rigorous investigation. The story was published only days after the firing of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, whom sources tell People’s Pundit Daily was just “the first victim in a political coup by members of the permanent government.”

And we have further witnessed US Intelligence Agencies involved in a smear campaign to undermine General Michael Flynn’s position with President Trump. We now find out that the accusations that he was too cozy with Russia are not founded on legitimate data.

The intelligence official who has personally seen the transcripts told Mary Louise they contained “no evidence” of criminal wrongdoing, although the official said it can’t be definitively ruled out. The official also said there was “absolutely nothing” in the transcripts that suggests Flynn was acting under instructions “or that the trail leads higher.”

This all means that unelected career employees of the Executive Branch feel entitled to make policy and personnel decisions that their employer does not want to see made. If you worked for GE and tried this, you’d be logged to after your boss had dealt with you. Even McMullin talks about defending a constitution by disobeying the individual that very constitution identifies as the boss. Again, if the employee handbook at GE identified someone as your rater, then undermining that individual would get you a ticket to the welfare lifestyle.

Perhaps Mr. Kristol’s comment about his preference of the Deep State to The Trump State is illuminating as to just where Mr. McMullen and Mr. Kristol invest their loyalties. You, I and anyone else who choose to work for a corporation, or even join the less elite levels of the military or the government, are expected to do and die like the poor soldiers in the Kipling poem. Into the valley of death ride the 600.

Here is where the rich such as Mr. McMullen and Mr. Kristol are different. They owe a loyalty beyond the state that employs them. That oath that Mr. McMullen makes The Sophist’s Jape at is to The United States of America that we are supposed to be electing the leadership of. These two audacious pricks feel they can unilaterally any commitment to this country that doesn’t benefit them and their coterie. The average E4 who feels similar anal chaffage and chooses to renege upon sworn oath will end up like Michael G. New.

This is detestable. We should all be in it together. There should be the same amount of skin in the game. NeoCons and Cucks never have to meet this standard. All good Conservatives are supposed to support Mitt Romney of John McCain tot he bloody, losing hilt. If they turn away from that group and elect their version of a legitimate Conservative…Then the Kristols, McMullins, the MeAgain Kellys and all the rest of them can do all in their power to invalidate that choice.

This makes Amerika a Cockroach Republic. Our elite does not set an example. They just feed off the wealth produced by more worthy and less connected working people. These roaches feed off what the decent yeomen produce. The Yeoman sees this racket and they quit and become Pill-Billies or Urban Trash. A parasitic elite sets and example that all Americans come to follow. Then, one day, everyone is a hissing cockroach and nobody remains a producer. Who can blame the disgusted observer whos sees this hideous excuse of a nation and whips out a giant can of Thermonuclear Raid.

But this won’t matter to Kristol or McMullen. They just get into their jets and fly away. Like Tom and Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, the Cucks and Deep State NeoCons leave trash and bodies in their wake and walk away with no responsibility. The only thing that matters to them is their status above the hoi polloi. They only exist to feed off the products of others. They are The Cockroach Republic and no more deserve our respect than the mooching bum on the street corner.

Entryism Will Come From Covert Cucks Who Pose As Extremists

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

A wise old guy says, “Good enough is the enemy of good.” He is correct, of course, because too frequently we stop short of where we should go to fully eliminate a problem.

This happens for me with weeding. The right way to weed is to get in there, dig out all of the offending beasts, and kill the roots and put down mulch. But it is easier — after sharing some watery Coors Light with a neighbor — to simply pull up the plants that are immediately visible. The good enough solution makes the garden look good, even if two days after a rain they will all be back, and slightly stronger than before.

One of my neighbors is your basic nice guy who has gotten where he did in life by being socially successful. He knows how to draw attention and network with people through it. When he weeds, he brings out the special tools, artisanal leather kneepad, and even has a miner’s lamp that goes around his forehead. But then, he just pulls up the visible plants, drinks a hipster IPA and goes back inside.

The Right is ascendant now, as a tributary of the rising realist tide in the West. If it fails, it will not be because of Leftists, but by its own hand: it will seek the “good enough” instead of the “good.”

What kills Right-wing movements is entryism by those who are willing to settle for the “good enough” because, since it is easier, it is more popular. There is fame and profit to be made in telling people that they can stop doing hard things and settle for something easier, especially if this is restyled as a generous, powerful, altruistic or “enlightened” move.

The crypto-cucks will come from all corners. They will not announce themselves as such; evil always appears innocuous, even beautiful. But they will chip away at the idea of the Right until they come up with lazy versions that essentially give the Left a starting point to rebuild its empire of death. Here is the crypto-cuck in the wild:

No more Muslims.

From anywhere.

Deport all non-citizen Muslims.


What you see here is the mainstream conservative version of the JQ-redpilled underground Alt Right entryist. They talk a good game, and seem like extremists on the surface, but then you realize that their sin is the sin of omission. By being extreme in one area and posing around with it, they ignore the bigger picture and let the rot continue mostly unabated.

That is a compromise the Left will take in an instant.

For example, if we focus on Muslims — or Jews or Negroes — we miss the broader point, which is that diversity itself is bad. It is a non-working policy because every ethnic group acts in its own self-interest. If we remove the Muslims, diversity is strengthened by taking out the immediate problem and making it seem like the enduring problem is not a problem at all, because we got the “bad part.”

Scapegoats always work this way. The problem is defeated symbolically, which means that one part of it is highly visibly destroyed, which shifts power to the rest of it improves its acumen through what it learns from the defeated part.

It seems uncharitable to say, but most (99%) of our fellow citizens can think only through images. They need highly symbolic cartoons for thoughts, such as that there is a bad group that threatens us, and we must remove that group and then everything will be just ducky. Antifa and crypto-cucks operate on this same principle because it appeals to their thinking, or rather, its limitations.

Things crypto-cucks like:

  • 1984. This book was designed to refute Brave New World, a book which said that human doom comes from us pursuing pleasure and distraction on an individual level. The good Leftist George Orwell could not tolerate that, so he wrote a book that said instead that our doom comes from outside, and we as individuals are not responsible for making ourselves more realistic. No wonder it is so popular; it removes the responsibility that all of us must take on in order to have civilization.
  • The proposition nation. Crypto-cucks think it makes them look badass to stand around talking about how if immigrants come here, they have to speak English, obey our values and follow all of our laws. They sound like angry Fox News announcers when they say this. But they forget that any immigration means our ethnic replacement and the loss of cultural standards. They are sheep pretending to be wolves.
  • Freedom, liberty, independence. The good enough of politics is to choose a lack of responsibility for making things work if the right answer is not immediately available. We do not need anti-goals like “freedom” (from what?) because what we really need is a sane society based in values that will take us to the next level. Instead we get what are essentially disclaimers from having to cooperate toward that end.
  • Laws. Being steeped in Leftist philosophy but unaware of it, the average crypto-cuck loves the idea of making more laws. If people are burning down Berkeley, make laws about how protesters must behave. This misses the point that if people are doing something stupid en masse, there is a cause of that stupidity, and it cannot be cured with laws. Government is part of the problem, not the solution.

Just like every respectable food can be made into a cheeseburger, any truth can be simplified until it reverses itself. This is the standard method of the entryist: they show up appearing to be stronger and bolder than the rest, then offer easy answers, and as the crowd bends toward them, they change what purpose of the cooperation was in the first place, then abscond with profit as it collapses.

The Alt Right is under assault by two groups of entryists: (1) the 1488 types who want to make the ((( JQ ))) and race into gatekeepers of purity, in the process letting democracy and individualism off the hook, and (2) the “muh Constitution” crypto-cucks who thing that if we just put our existing society into extreme blockhead move, what has repeatedly failed will somehow start working.

Our best bet is to avoid both groups, and focus on the bottom line. The Alt Right is a revolution against social thinking and the idea that whatever most people think would be really neat is our solution. Fundamentally, the Alt Right is realism, and that involves rejecting human illusions, including the easy answers “good enough” propaganda of the cucks.

Oh, Good: An Actual Conservative Is Here To Condescend To Us

Monday, November 14th, 2016


Robert Burns, The Poet Laureate of Scotland once wrote the following towards the end of “To a Louse”:

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us

This is great advice. It teaches us empathy. It teaches us humility. Maybe it instills a certain patience and grace, allowing us to follow the sage advice of Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Festina Lente spoke the Great Roman Emperor.

It also teaches us to properly take the measure of our enemies. Even the ones who claim our ideological ground. Since the Scots Poet broached the subject of vermin, we read the crawlings of a verminous cuckservative and learn what those on The Not-So_Alternative Right have to say in between hyperventilations.

1. Racism is not a fringe element of the Alt-Right; it’s the movement’s central premise.
2. It’s also explicitly anti-Semitic.
3. The Alt-Right is tech savvy, with roots in Silicon Valley.
4. The Alt-Right loves The Matrix.
5. The Alt-Right loves Christendom but rejects Christianity.
6. Kek, cucks, and meme-magic.
7. The Alt-Right wants to burn American politics to the ground.
8. Even the Alt-Right’s most prominent media cheerleader doesn’t actually count himself a member.

And then, Oh Sweet Green Nazi Frog Jeebus, he actually wrote the following conclusion.

The Alternative Right asks conservatives to trade God for racial identity, liberty for strongman statism, and the unique American idea that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” for a cartoon Nazi frog.

So there is a valid question of why waste any time on this. Refuting this pile of pungent stench require a gas mask and fairly sturdy shovel. Some take the Red Pill, others choose the Blue. This article was undoubtedly inspired by the Mail-Order Probiotic.

I’ll clear away the painfully obvious. The whole racism thing. Are there racists who identify as Alt-Right. Sure? Is the entire movement inherently racist as a fundamental result of being race-conscious? Only if the Gynecological profession is inherently sexist for recognizing gender variations. Human Bio-Diversity exists, is scientifically documented and does occur as a result of race. Recognizing this does not absolutely equate to hating others because they do, in fact differ.

Recognizing that they differ does, in fact, lead to a politically incorrect conclusion: the only functional societies are the homogeneous ones. This could never be seen as racist, since it opposes not certain races, but the importation of any ethnic groups other than the founding group. That is common sense realism, not racism.

He accuses us of wanting to burn America down. That after an election where perhaps three million non-citizens illegally voted. We aren’t allowed to, you know, mention that three million non-citizens voted in that election because that would be, Pepe forfend, ¡RACIST! We are not “burning America down.” We are telling people at the top of our lungs, “Hey idiot! America is on fire.”

As for the remainder of this effluvium, I remember riding back and forth to Grad School on the LA Metro 301 Bus. You’d hear the occasional disordered whack-jobs telling you how Spiderman worked for The New World Order. You just can’t argue with them and won’t win many accolades if you try. The Cucks hate the Alternative Right and they don’t feel particularly bound by the rules of logic or honor when they write their dyspeptic, disparaging polemics.

We get the gift that Robert Burns requested in meter and rhyme. We truly see ourselves as the Cuckservative sees us. This image looks ugly, but I can’t help but think it reflects as much on the viewer as it does on us. These cucks hate us and wish us nothing but the most putrid of cess.

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