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Our modern time requires adopting modern methods in order to survive. We call this time “modern” because it severed our link to the natural way of life that came before and replaced it with a man-made one, comprised solely of human intentions and desires.

Technology helped with this, of course, but first came the mass. If you could convince a mass of people to believe something that was not true, and then enforce it, each of them would either force it to happen or pretend it was happening. You no longer bore the burden of making sense according to reality or forcing nature to bend to your will; the ravening herd did it for you, simply in order to protect their own social standing!

When you have a mass of people committed to act as if reality is a certain way when it is not, you control them, because you have already forced them to do the insane as the norm. This makes modern societies a scramble for control of the crowd; whoever raises this personal army wins. As a result, everyone, including conservatives, is trying to play to what is popular, trendy, new, witty, clever, racy, edgy, and most of all, reassures everyone that everything will be fine if we just keep going to our jobs, paying taxes, and buying stuff so that the landfills do not get hungry.

This means that most modern conservatives have adopted a Leftist idea, equality, in their efforts to please the herd. They are effectively Leftists who like working within the system and using conservative methods whenever than can, which is rarely, since the root of conservatism is preserving the best of the past, which is an order larger than the individual, and therefore is both not egalitarian and counter-egalitarian because in its view, the individual must work within the larger order, including tradition and nature.

These fake conservatives, which we normally call “cucks” or “cuckservatives” because they will do nothing to achieve conservative goals, can be easily identified: they will not cross the egalitarianism line. Ask them to do or say anything which rejects equality and they quickly back down because they know it will be unpopular.

For those who are new here, history shows us the nature of conservatism. We were the people identified as wanting to stay with as much of the old order as possible after the French Revolution. Our beliefs are timeless, and are held in every age, but once egalitarianism rose as a force, we were known as those who resisted this new, progressive, and radical bad idea because we thought that our actions should be based on actions that in the past elicited positive results in reality over time. Tradition, at its essence, means collecting not just what worked, but what worked well, in the aesthetic sense of improving our conditions as well as who we are as people. Instead of social engineering, it rewards what works in reality and produces the best possible results, an assessment which requires sensitive people of genius and extraordinary self-actualization.

In other words, conservatives do not support egalitarianism. First, we see no interest for it, and second, we realize that it is a substitute for tradition. To show that your proposed action is good, you only have to prove that it makes someone more equal, which is a lower standard than that which the past required, which was that your action actually made life better and did not produce negative externalities over time. Making someone more equal is presumed to be good, and there is no consideration of time whatsoever.

You can separate actual conservatives — those who do not believe in egalitarianism — from the commercialized, co-opted, and subverted variety who do believe in equality with the following simple tests.

Diversity does not work.

If you say this in the presence of a cuckservative, especially an “edgy” one, they will immediately begin to panic. You have said that not all people are the same inside. Even more, you have rejected the idea of achieving peace by giving everyone what they want, which is really what every crowd wants. Just buy us off, and we will stop rioting. It is the heckler’s veto as policy.

They will immediately come back with one of the following theories:

  • “It’s not their race, it’s their culture.”
  • “They will assimilate over time.”
  • “Once they learn about life, they will become conservatives.”
  • “Some of my best buddies in ‘Nam were from other races.”
  • “In my community, everyone gets along.”
  • “The Founding Fathers said that everyone was equal.”

If you analyze these, you can see how each one is simply a restatement of egalitarianism. In the cuckservative view, culture is not something you are born with, but how well you adhere to free markets, liberal democracy, and rights-based law. Everyone is the same, they think, so all they have to do is indoctrinate people in this propaganda and they will become Just Like Us.™

In reality, the problem with diversity has nothing to do with any of these excuses. With diversity, you no longer have unity. People are moving in different directions based on who they are inside, which reflects mostly genetics. We can pretend we are Communists and indoctrinate them, but nature wins out over nurture in the end.

Worse even than that, diversity forces us to expand our own standards to include those of other groups. Instead of a culture, we have a series of rules, and a global shopping mall in which “our way” becomes working a job, paying taxes, and buying stuff. Government does not care because to it all people are equal as long as they pay taxes, so we might as well get as many randoms as possible together and tax the heck out of them.

Cuckservatives seem to forget that tyranny happens when government becomes parasitic to the civilization it should be protecting. Tyrants rule for themselves; good leaders rule for their civilization, which is a mosaic of its people, their culture, its history, its heritage, and its autonomy from other groups. The tyrant can be simply a role, like “president,” when society has been taken over by government.

To that end, government wants people that it can control. This requires smashing down the native culture, heritage, customs, families, beliefs, and standards, and replacing them with the “obey us or else” standard. It even requires destroying the inner self of a person so that nothing will compete with loyalty to ideology and through it, to government. That must be what happened to the cuckservatives.

Social classes are genetically different.

American conservatives turn the reddest when you tell them that social classes are genetically different because most conservatives have a self-myth of having pulled themselves up by their bootstraps with hard work, believing in Jesus, serving in the military, and being highly patriotic.

They get outraged when you say basically that they succeeded through what they were given and not their own initiative alone. No doubt it required some long hours at school and the office, and the wealthy especially work far harder than the rest, but what enabled them to get to that point was raw intelligence. This knowledge conflicts with the egalitarian idea that we are all the same, but some work harder than others, and those deserve God’s kingdom (once upon a time, this was called the “Protestant work ethic,” back when people knew what protestants were).

A cult among modern conservatives has sprung up around jobs and “working hard,” which simply means working long hours, and being efficient and attempting to be somewhat accurate. Most people show up and go through the motions, and if their bosses have put the right objects before them, those motions might result in the production of something.

Try the following to really trigger your local cuckservative:

  • “They can read the Constitution, but they cannot understand it.”
  • “Voters would prefer $100 cash now to $500 off their taxes in six months.”
  • “Poor people commit most of the crime in this country.”
  • “Education solves no problems because of the Dunning-Kruger effect.”
  • “Some are born to rule, and some are born to try to overthrow them.”

This triggers the instability of the conservative mind which is trying to both accept the basic idea of Leftism, equality, while believing in a philosophy that says some ways are better than others and we should uphold those even though they are unpopular. If people really were equally capable and equally meriting inclusion, they would not need to be told and would not popularize horrible ideas like Marxism, rent control, carbon taxes, and of course equality itself.

Democracy does not work either.

Conservatives rationalize about their world in order to preserve a mental state of feeling secure about the future. This requires that they believe that somehow we live in an order where sanity wins out over insanity, despite so much evidence from the past century or so that shows otherwise.

Consequently, they like to believe that most people are capable of logical thought and therefore, will come around to the conservative view or support conservatives when the Left reveals its fundamental insanity. They like to think that somehow reason prevails over the voracious emptiness of the herd.

These thoughts allow them to continue endorsing democracy, even while affirming belief in a religion whose holy book is, among other things, a screed against democracy and the “wisdom of the crowd.” They know that most people are idiots, and that idiots seem to win when concentrated, but still they are certain that democracy will win, somehow.

Cuckservatives of this type are known to wander around saying things like, “We’re not a democracy, we’re a Republic!” They forget that a democracy is one form a republic can take. They talk about how when the bad deeds of the Left are revealed, public opinion will take them down, forgetting that public opinion got them elected in the first place.

Scratch a conservative who is blustering on about “freedom” and “free will” and “free markets” and you find an old-fashioned Marxist who is obsessed with what is free. He wants to think that he needs no masters above him, and that the people below him will suddenly get a lot smarter and see things his way. Not surprisingly, these tend to be mentally addled and filled with inarticulate rage.

Leftists/Communists are bad people and we should physically remove them.

If you point out to a conservative that the spectrum of egalitarians from libertarians through Communists consists of people who have given over their moral and intellectual choice to a Big Lie, namely that people are equal or can be made equal, and that therefore, they are ruined for life and have made themselves insane, the cuckservative in them will detonate.

“They have free will! They can choose better! And they have rights!” they will rant. They will haul out the dusty old Declaration of Independence and point to it, stammering out something about “all men are created equal,” forgetting that what that phrase means is that how you are at birth is as equal as you are going to get and that government should be restricted from trying to make you more equal.

Since you have heard the phrase “armchair activist,” you know that what an armchair activist desires most is to remain in the armchair. They fear calls to action, especially those that summon us to fight the kind of absolute evil that is described in the Bible. Watch the most pious cuckservative fall to his knees rather than admit that mainstream liberals are on the same Leftist spectrum as Communism, and that the only thing that keeps them from taking over is their lack of confidence in their funding, numbers, or some other methodological concern.

Cuckservatives know that the instant we set up battle lines, of those of us who want a sane civilization versus those who make an insane one, all of them will be shamed as cowards for remaining at their jobs, armchairs, computer desks, sports bars, and churches while the battle was being joined. They kick their feet and flail their arms and scream in full tantrum if you point out that, rights or not, we are surrounded by enemies that we must defeat and remove; our task is more complicated than merely winning elections.

Naturally the cuckservative has evolved a defense against this. Like most people, they simply refuse to see or accept what threatens their fragile worldview. Their concept of reality is based on whatever makes them have a positive mental state and does not require them to do anything but watch Fox News or post on Facebook, collect guns and books, and keep going to work and paying those taxes that fund the Leftist superstate.

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