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How Candace Owens Conquered The Cucks

So Candace Owens is a fake Conservative. And she’s totally different from (((Jonah Goldberg))). Sure. It gets her paid. Put any of us on a Venezuelan Diet for three months and most of us would spout some jacked-up bull-jive for a cheeburger combo. Shut down our current gig the way Candace apparently lost hers over in Lefty Land, and you’ll chew gum instead of being a bum. She’s officially not the first Amerikan who ever had to fake it to make it.

And she’s been pretty much cross-ventilated by competing Black You-Tubers. An old enemy she did dirt on back in her Lefty phase named Tree of Logic all but accuses her of betraying her roots and being a Bedwench Coon for Massah Charlie Kirk’s butter biscuits. (And don’t forget the Grape Drink with lots of Bee-Cees!). That’s the funny and heartfelt criticism.

Then there are the scared Cuck Careerists who realize she is the end point of their ascent. I mean if you are going to live out the Conservative Case for playing identity politics, then maybe, just maybe, you should be the one who gets to rub Candace’s bunions. That’s right, Cuck-a-poo! If you worship at The Temple of The High-and-Mighty Blackitty-Black-Black-Black, then you are only truly faithful if you ask the Black Woman in Charge very nicely for the continuation of your professional career.

She is younger than they are, more energetic than they are, believes in actually smacking a few leftists, communicates vastly better than they can and I could go on. Put her in the intellectual equivalent of Thunderdome with Rich Lowry or (((Bill Kristol))) and Candace would be the man who would leave. If Cucks were the only conservatives Amerika had to offer, Candace would be the most qualified opponent to oppose Female Caligula’s 2020 Reelection campaign.

In the proud tradition of their founder William F. Buckley, the “real” conservatives are beginning to sharpen knives to plant squarely between Candace Owens’ shoulder blades. a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external”>Tiana Lowe takes thirty pieces of silver from the Pharisees to post the following:

She wants to replace the Constitution of the United States of America, a document she says ‘was not written by morally sound individuals.’ She thinks climate change is a hoax intended to ‘extract dollars from Americans.’ She considers Scientific American a ‘random website’ and ‘propaganda.’ She has called women who get raped after going to a hotel room ‘too stupid’ and women who don’t fight back against their rapists ‘too weak.’…Some people brandish the label of conservatism to shield their virulent racism. Some do so to mask sexism, and others to cover up big government isolationism. These are hateful, ineffective ideologies, but their (semi) consistent streams of thought can be decimated and demolished. Far more perilous is sheer opportunism, and Candace Owens’s life history is a masterclass in the art of the steal.

And I say “Awesome!” Who are these people, Tiana? Does dating White men and pursuing philosophical beliefs and political ideologies that are commonly associated with historically white communities make her a closest racist? She does this after having essentially having grown up with and gone to school with about 98% white people. It’s entirely possible that she acculturated as much as is possible considering her genetically acquired phenotype. Why is she implicitly getting called “buck-dancer” by a conservative writer at a conservative publication? Because they know talent when they encounter it and it scares the stink clean out of their lower intestines.

Just as Ayn Rand’s ability to formulate Objectivism terrified conservative Whittaker Chambers, Candace Owens’ ability to function ideologically in a manner that could be arguably more “White” than either Kevin Williamson or (((Jonah Goldberg))) is a source of mordant dread to these phonies. When Cucks are frightened by the ability of a near-peer competitor or the new rookie throwing the fireball strikes; they retreat behind the bastions of credentialism over perspicacity like The National Review. From there they spew peer-approved hack feed such as the pablum below.

Candace’s rapid transition from vindictive left-wing blogger to vindictive right-wing hack is rife with these contradictions without provisos. Three years ago, she fiercely condemned politicians even mentioning the issue of abortion on the debate stage. This year she lambasted Planned Parenthood for training ‘us blacks to exterminate ourselves.’

Candace’s passing of the ideological litmus test should be of passing concern. Whittaker Chambers was a card-carrying Communist. Until he Red-Pilled to an extent himself and courageously threw the red bullshit flag at Alger Hiss, he was the guy Senator McCarthy went looking for after he’d queued up all the hounds and loaded the shotgun. A few hundred thousand abortions a year? Who cares? The real question is whether Candace Owens means what she says.

No. That isn’t the real question. It’s the real problem. Candace would only be different from Tiana Lowe, Matt Welch, Erik Erickson, or any of the other “accepted” conservative voices if she wasn’t just kidding. The problem isn’t that Candace Owens is bullshitting the masses for a check. The problem is that she knows how to make it smell more like rosewater that the hacks at NRO will ever know how to again.

To paraphrase a line from “There Will Be Blood.” She is drinking Conservatism, Inc.,’s milkshake. And revealing exactly what happens when you pretend to “care” about token minorities. You, not they, end up the one in the dog house. Don’t worry, (((Jonah))), they’ll be Butter Biscuits, Fried Chicken and Grape Drink on Mizzus Candace’s Conservative Plantation. With all sorts of Bee-Cees!

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