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Conservative Inc.’s Version of Kamala

Cuckservatives gave up on winning long ago. Now they just hope to follow the lead set by the Left, sort of like a dying business that is “competing” by offering a more expensive, less quality version of what its competition introduced six months prior. Conservatives are the Windows CE of politics.

Conservative, Inc., formed a political “opposition” in order to offer a slightly-less-ravingly-insane version of Leftism, sort of like you can leave Comcast and get internet from AT&T. It is a non-competitive non-option, but since it is the only option, we get a well-funded yet morally bankrupt Conservative Inc.

Let The Left put one over on the rubes, and Conservative Inc. will crank out some form of cheap imitation. They are pathetically transparent. You get “The Conservative Case” for anything morally perverted that makes The Left an extra shekel, since the conservative can technically claim that by offering a weaker version, he is “standing athwart history, yelling Stop.”

Kamala Harris provided us the perfect model of grift by starting out on the bottom and rising to the top through sexual favors, which does not require a whole lot of intellect. It perhaps requires a few primal job skills and some basic empathy. Maybe some personal hygiene even. It certainly does not require any level of individual greatness. Your typical cuck in Conservative Inc. is therefore green with envy.

Thus, the rise of “Conservative” porn star Brandi Love, should shock nobody.

I’m That Conservative Pornstar who Writes for The Federalist.

Predictably, Conservative Incorporated possessed zero scruples when it came to loving on Brandi. Pathetic sell-outs cannot morally object to a resume such as Brandi’s because she is equal, too. Expecting Charlie Kirk, Ben Domenech, or Jonah Goldberg to reject her “contributions” a priori would be about as logical as expecting the typical pathogen to object to COVID-19.

She is just the manual labor class of Conservative Inc.’s moral social pyramid. Like VP Harris, she had to get started somewhere. If we weren’t all prudes, we’d respect her as an executive.

I’m disappointed that @TPUSA kicked out @brandi_love for no reason whatsoever. She’s a Florida conservative businesswoman who loves America. The right has an opportunity to be the big tent party. Don’t be a bunch of prudes.

Since all the real conservatives want Brandi to speak to their teenage daughters about what it takes to be an executive, what caused her ban from Turning Points USA? That brings us to the Alt-Right crazies. The Groypers have struck again. What feeds the craziness? Why would a rightist radical insist on being a prude?

Maybe Rightists such as the Groypers are the last people left not in it for the grift, the grub, and the pussy. Maybe, just maybe, the Sell-out Right makes people of honor vomit at the sheer degeneracy. However, these cultural outcastes have no serious lever to punch back against the filth and cultural degeneracy. So how was Brandi Love canceled?

The outcasts unleashed a brutal tidal wave of humor. Raunchy wisecracks about “Wet T-shirt Conservatism” and “Her two shining points of light” caused Conservative Inc. a problem. They could not just laugh it off and still claim to fight leftist antinomian degeneracy.

The whole Baptist and Bootlegger thing stops working once the church secretary finds Dr. Righteous drunk and unconscious in a house of ill repute. It is even worse for The Good Doctor if that house of ill repute also happens to be the local Baptist church. At that point, like the proprietor of the shady business in Casablanca, all the good people are shocked that any gambling is going on.

The average person knows good and well that nobody is shocked. He can typically noodle out that everybody in that church’s inner circle was in on the action and perhaps profiting off the whores. Al Capone gave lavishly to his local church for a reason. His investment paid off in a bumper-crop of moral malaise.

This is why The Left wants a Right consisting of TP USA, The Intellectual Dark Web, and National Review Magazine. This is a right on the tab. This Right wishes it could be just like the Partying Left. So much so that they fail to revile an overpaid hooker like Kamala Harris. She is copied by All-Amerikan knock-offs in a bikini.

Modern Conservative Inc. no longer lobbies for two chickens for every pot. They are a whole Id-pack of bratwursts for any willing bun. From that corrupted moral wellspring, we get “The Conservative Case” for any pathetic degeneracy that a fallen individual can invent and fulsomely cultivate. It would be hard to be a cuck if there was not some morally degrading spectacle to watch.

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