Western elites pushing to destroy India with feminism

western_media_alarmismHow do you backdoor Social Marxism into a country? The same way you’d do it here to a small community: invent a pressing problem with a protect victim — gays, women, minorities, children — and demand investigations, public dialogues and other tools designed to make the people there hate themselves.

Then they’ll be grateful when you come in to saveTM them “from themselves.”

Right now, the Western liberal elite media is hive-minding about rape in India. See here, here, here, here, and here (CNN reporting on its own crowd-sourced report).

This fits into the modern narrative of “putting out fires”: overworked, we soldier on, but then we notice a problem so urgent that we must even break out of the normal drudgery of modern life. Rape! That’s as bad as racism… wait, nothing is as bad as racism… it might be racist, but at least one of these victims is white, so… almost as bad as racism. But still very bad.

Finding a problem like this justifies our intervention. It justifies summoning up ten thousand Slutwalks, several Public Dialogues, many collaborative art projects, thousands of investigative journalism pieces, at least a dozen public speeches, and perhaps the sale of 1.2m self-help books about rape, how to avoid it, and how feminism will save us.

And that last point is worth noting: how feminism will save us. The point is to use this justification for action as a backdoor to bring in Western liberal elite-style feminism, which requires a backdrop of Social Marxism, which in turn requires the liberal concept of progress and with a few quick steps, we can dominate this society with our neurosis too.

Cynics like myself think that the point of this expansion is power, with a side dose of “misery loves company.” Or in other words, we’re not going down alone. Everyone must join us in our maniacal quest for Ideological purity and if it destroys us, it will destroy them, and we’ll all be equal in destruction.

But how real are these claims? A helpful BBC article provides some statistics:

It says that the city of Delhi, home to 7.5 million women, recorded 585 cases of rape in 2012, compared with a total of 484 cases from the cities of Mumbai (232 cases), Calcutta (68), Chennai (94) and Bangalore (90 cases). Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta are megacities with populations of more than 10 million people.

Let’s compare that to statistics from major American cities. New York had 1,092 rapes in 2011. Los Angeles had 828 rapes in 2011. Chicago had 1,439 rapes in 2009 (the most recent year they reported statistics). Houston had 771 rapes in 2011.

In other words, Delhi probably has fewer rapes than most big American cities. Where’s the outrage? Oh, we already have feminism. Time for another Slutwalk.

Western elites spread their cancerous liberalism through jihads such as the manufactured “India rape crisis.” By ignoring statistical evidence, and instead picking a few of the inevitable crimes of a big city, the media can make it appear as if a crisis appears where none exists.

The audience for this media, naive in the belief that the news somehow reports on factual reality, will see the increasing frequency of stories and assume that there is an increasing frequency of crime, when in fact the rate of crime is lower than where they live.

However, this gives the left their true source of power, which is socialization. In every chattering circle, people can talk about rape in India as if they knew something. This embarrasses Indians, and motivates them to atone for that by importing Western-style liberalism and with it, cultural Marxism and other forms of social control.

It’s time to hold our press accountable for the vast amount of damage they do in the name of their own holy jihad of spreading the religion of liberalism to every corner of the globe.

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17 Responses to “Western elites pushing to destroy India with feminism”

  1. Esteban says:

    I’ve noticed the same sort of news trend with airplane crashes and cruise ship malfunctions over the past year. There have been quite a few.

    Don’t know if these equipment failures are actually on the rise, or if the media just feels like talking about them more…

  2. shoko asahara says:

    “The audience for this media, naive in the belief that the news somehow reports on factual reality, will see the increasing frequency of stories and assume that…”

    I think that low rumbling sound in the distance is The Guardian’s commentary staff typing furiously….

    Does anyone think the Indians could turn the tables on us? Can you imagine a dozen newspapers with the startling accusation that Americans are slaughtering cows by the millions? Will there be Cow Walks across the subcontinent!??!

    • Wayne Earl says:

      Having seen many images coming from India, I suspect that the cow walks have been continuous, at least in my own life time. :)

      On a more serious note, coming from an advertising background, this article fits my own professional understanding of what advertising actually is: you are not sold a product, but rather, you are sold a narrative view of yourself. This is important to keep in mind, because this mechanism is true for all things coming from the West. The ideological underpinings of other western perspectives are spread in an identical manner. This is not meant to be a criticism, but an observation.

      In the early Bush the W’s years, I marveled at how much hatred my liberal friends had for Karl Rove – Rove was, and is, a master at this process. I often commented that one should learn from their enemies, rather then simply hate them. I fear they may have done just that.

    • namae nanka says:

      Iranian premier did troll women’s righters,

      Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defended the decision by noting Iranian women are far better off than women in the West. “What is left of women’s dignity in the West?” he asked. He then came up with a statistic to drive home his point: “In Europe almost 70% of housewives are beaten by their husbands.”


  3. Ted Swanson says:

    We need an awareness campaign of awareness campaigns: how to avoid them, how to ignore them, how they declare the obvious, and how ignoring them can save us.

    • crow says:

      This modern phenomenon of ‘awareness-raising’ has both irritated and mystified me for some years, now.
      Like every leftist undertaking, it actually does the exact opposite of what it claims to do, and is the exact opposite of what it claims to be.
      ‘Awareness-raising’ takes away from overall awareness, and replaces it with an emotional reaction to whatever the subject of the ‘awareness-raising’ happens to be.

  4. basto says:

    If I share this on facebook, my liberal friends would be “disappointed” in me (and they’ll probably tune it out). It might make for an interesting social media experiment on people’s self-proclaimed open-mindedness regarding totally different views, though. Then again, isn’t “open-minded” just a euphemism for “I’ll condescendingly ‘listen’ to your silly ideas from my tower of liberal hipster supremacy”?

    The rape hysteria reminds me of the pit bull attack hysteria that erupts in local media every few years. Terrible events, no doubt, but they are always hyped as the latest “OMG! Run for your lives!” epidemic. Not much different from the recent acid attack of the Brit Jewish girls in Zanzibar: people go into situations and expect that they can waltz around and be treated exactly as they would be in their own country/culture only to discover that (oh, the horror!), they are not wanted there or end up being treated treated like a circus attraction (see story below).

    And what about that pretty redhead, Michaela Cross, who went to India as an exchange student and was all traumatized about being constantly harassed and groped by the locals? Well, let’s break this down: you’re a young, pretty white woman with red hair and blue eyes traipsing about in an ocean of poor, ugly, brown people, and you’re somehow surprised that the local men harassed you and groped you? Come on! Unfortunately, the blinders of American liberalism can’t shield you from reality once you leave the “green zone” and go into the gritty real world of incompatible cultures and natural reactions (however uncivilized) to a pretty foreigner of a different race (who could possibly stand out even if she were surrounded by her own race).

    There are places in the world that I would love to visit, but even if I had the financial means, I wouldn’t visit those places because they are too dangerous. I could lament it until I’m blue in the face, “It’s not fair, people should welcome me as a friendly visitor! Boo hoo!”, but that’s not how the real world works. If I visit certain places, even as a man, even if I grew my beard, even if I respected local customs, I could get my ass kicked, be taken hostage or worse, simply because I’m a Westerner, an outsider. But don’t tell that to the pretty American white chick who’s hell-bent on going to India to have her “cultural experience”.

  5. CountCagliostro says:

    I was wondering the same thing about India.

    In geopolitical terms, it maybe some kind of cultural invasion against the BRICS. Homosexuals in Russia, Internet freedom in China, Rape in India, Color revolution in Brazil e.t.c. They all share the same flavor of “liberation” from something.

    Oh wait…, what about South Africa???

    • Anon says:

      Hey, we’re screwed up enough without you Yanks coming in to stir things up even more! Racial animosity, sky-high levels of violent crime, flagging economy with concomitant crushing levels of poverty…so, actually, SA is too much of a failed state already for the West to have any interest in it. Hooray!

      • crow says:

        You probably have no dentists, either.
        Every example you did have has set up shop in the West.
        My mouth is full of South African dentistry!
        What’s left of it, anyway.

  6. patbona says:

    It’s funny how the economically crippled western world gives lessons to countries like India or China, when it’s the western world that created that very economical crisis we are in now. Very arrogant in a way.

    • TRUTH says:

      that’s very true and look at their high divorce rates,infidellity and non monogamy. all their women do is divorce for alimony.golddiggers.they don’t belong in north America aboriginal land.why do you suppose there is always idle no more movements in KA-NA-TA and mexica movements in arizona

  7. Lila Rajiva says:

    Thank you Brett Stevens
    Will post to my blog.
    Great work. Take look at my post on anti-trafficking NGOs and destabilization.
    You will find helpful stuff there.

  8. TRUTH says:

    white people have caused the most global atrocities across the world so really they should shut up and mind their own business. fact is every race ethnicity hates whites. and that’s the GRIM TRUTH now go back to Europe and leave indian land.

  9. Adrian says:

    Feminism is complete BS. What would you say if the facts about domestic violence were completely at odds with what the feminists claim? Well here is the proof: http://csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm

  10. pallavi says:

    i feel sorry for my american brothers(testosteronic) and women (estrogenic) for not being able to freely express their view on femininity and homosexuality.

    everyone starts by saying ‘I’m not against homosexuality’

    Umm …then…

    we hate some minor mentally diseased homosexuals and fanatic feminists, which is exactly opposite of nature.

    i strongly feel that aliens from mars trying to destroy our planet with arms of feminity, and homsexuality which eventually make human extinct by not having offspring.

    and that femininity, being a woman i strongly condemn selfish losers who call themselves as feminists making children who are gay.

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