Blame democracy, not the rapefugees


The inhabitants welcomed them with gifts, celebrations and good cheer. The narrative went this way: fleeing war-torn countries, they had come to Europe for a better life, and since all people are equal the Europeans obviously got this better life by accident of birth and should share it with the less fortunate.

Some of us sounded warnings. Much as creatures in nature are as they must be to live as they do, people in third world countries have been shaped by their surroundings for many generations. Just like natural selection chooses those who have adapted to their environment to survive, the third world keeps only those for whom third world behavior is normal.

The media, celebrities and politicians brought out the usual magic words — racism, bigotry, intolerance, selfishness — and so they beat back the doubters. A People’s Victory! And yet, over New Year’s Eve, Europe was home to mass rape and sexual assault events perpetrated by the new refugees.

If we accept the narrative, the cause of this orgy of violation was a lack of knowledge. Being equal, the third worlders simply did not know that rape and molestation are wrong, and the more revealing attire and friendly manners of European women provoked them. The politicians tried that at first, too. But the narrative collapsed there as well when other incidents of contempt for the European hosts came out. Lots of young men, surging over the border, to a place whose inhabitants they despise — this sounds more like a crypto-invasion than escape from poverty.

And so, now, European rings with recriminations. How would these immigrants be so ungrateful? Do they not realize that Europe is the land of tolerance, pluralism, openness and compassion? It is almost as if these “rapefugees” want to ruin the socialist white Utopia and replace it with more conditions like those they were in theory escaping. These refugees are bad. And yet that, too, is within the narrative.

The narrative says that all people are equal, but in reality, every society is composed of the people who fit in it. Third world people have third world ways. Put them in suits, teach them English and email, and they will still be the same inside. This is obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence who has observed world history and current events. However, that contradicts the narrative, and anyone who does that loses their job, so natural selection has chosen as leaders only those who will — regardless of consequences — welcome the refugees and ignore the dangers.

When only those who succeed are those who blindly repeat the orthodoxy, there are no dissenting views by anyone with the public status to get noticed by anyone but dropouts, malcontents and dissidents. This localizes and contains disagreement. The leaders, media and public figures continue parroting the same insane nonsense and everyone is afraid to mention that the Emperor has no new clothes, because to do so is to lose their own social power.

This reveals to us that the rapefugees are just the tip of the iceberg, and below the water there is a vast structure of leaders, obedience and conformity which created that tip. But then, we must ask, what are the conditions that allowed the ice to form? Somehow, public image rewards those who speak the narrative. This means it is popular. This means that at the root of the problem is the popularity of the idea of admitting third worlders to the West, which requires denying the obvious and then being “surprised” by the bad results.

Democracy creates a coercive form of social power. When we declared all people equal, we made it taboo to say otherwise, because with the assumption that equal=good, it becomes clear that anything else is bad. This means that a slow grinding process occurs by which society removes the bad, or that which fails to confirm the narrative of equality, and soon, opinions have intensified as people try to demonstrate how “good” they are. When all people are equal, all opinions are equal, and so people choose what they want to hear. This reality-optional approach ensures that only pleasant illusions are voiced.

The problem with refugees is not that they are rapists. It is that they will end up replacing native European culture and creating in its place a typical third-world civilization. It does not make sense to blame the refugees, since the leaders of the West know that this will be the outcome, and the people of the West — by voting for these leaders — show they approve of it. Similarly, it is not even the destructive effects of democracy that is its problem. It is that democracy conditions us to think in fantasy, and then act without regard to consequences.

Europe grew to its height of greatness not through natural luck but through the simple principle of rewarding only those who achieved. When a knight slays a dragon, he returns home a hero and wealth is heaped upon him. This ensures that the best natural leaders rise to the top, and that those opinions push aside the usual contents of the human mind, which is nattering neurosis, self-flattery and fantasies about what should be. In reversing that through democracy, we have not only brought physical doom upon ourselves, but first have doomed our minds to servitude to an illusion.

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  1. crow says:

    I see this in microcosm, every day, on my island.
    When I first arrived, around 1986, the population was small. Only people who could live on an island lived here. Those to whom doctors, a decent store, an ambulance, and everything else, were things they elected to do without.
    Then city dwellers thought, if we had a doctor, a clinic, a mall, we could live there too, and little by little it came to be.
    Then came the food bank, so now people with no means of support at all, could come and live. Then affordable housing, five liquor stores, seven yoga factories, nine arts outlets, clothing stores and hairdressers…

    The population has risen from five hundred to five thousand, over the years, and the people are no longer islanders at all, but city people, with city ideas, and city ways, who hold up the notion of ‘Islander’ as some kind of social status label.

    It’s a city in miniature, surrounded by water. To call it an island is an insult to islands. Most of the trees have gone, all the wildlife clusters around the only friends they have: my wife and I.

    This is what happens when dreamers start to seriously dream, losing their connection to Reality. Before long, Reality hits the road, and only nightmare remains.

    And funnily enough, the people wonder what happened, and whose fault it was, never once connecting what happened with their presence where they did not belong.

    Right now, the locals are raising money to buy themselves a status Syrian Refugee family, as they proudly say: “To show Canada how much we islanders care”.

    As usual, in the Western world, it was the people themselves, that ended their own fantasy dream, to find their house burned down around them, while they slept.

  2. Dualist says:

    So the fundamental problem is the doctrine of equality.

    • …correct, in my view. Chasing illusion always ends badly. And equality is the organizing illusion of our society.

      • Dualist says:

        This is were chasing illusions gets you:

        Crow, this is also, I’m sorry to say, what your presumably-insane fellow islanders are effectively asking for, all so they can show off their liberal credentials to their vacuous friends. They’ll destroy everything, once there’s enough of them, because they hate us.

        Oh, the irony of this happening in the Bundeslander….

        • crow says:

          No, no, don’t get me wrong. They are all nice, caring people. It is me who is the nazi swine.
          Or so they lead me to believe.
          It took many years for me to realize that it is entirely possible, even reasonable, to be the only sane person in the room.
          The greatest flaw I ever had was in thinking there must be something wrong with me.
          Not any longer.

          • …and perhaps more disturbingly, that most people follow whatever others are doing that succeeds, never stopping to analyze what is proposed for sanity, reality or basic goodness.

          • This message brought to you by AT&T says:

            Others are less likely to impose on marked territory. A trusty boomstick and a few loud “git off my island”s can go a long way.

            Vlad Tepes had the right idea, to ward off your enemies one must make an example of what can/could happen if they come.

  3. Noah says:

    Much of this is the result of the United States invasion of Iraq. The lefties who were critical of the invasion in 2003 basically said that all of this would happen. There is a moral responsibility towards the people who’s homes we just destroyed.
    Not that it was a great place prior, but it’s a lot worse now.

    • Paul Warkin says:

      That is a (one of many) proximate (not ultimate) cause. There are piles upon piles of potential “refugees” in third world nations who would love to get a free living in Europe.

      They came because they were enticed and no one stopped them. Without the recent Iraq invasion, this would have been the result of some other event. It still would have happened, and in fact was happening before 2003 anyway.

    • PubliusMN says:

      “Much of this is the result of the United States invasion of Iraq.”
      Response: the United States’ invasion of Iraq was due to the political system of the United States, which Brett has already analyzed at length.

      “There is a moral responsibility towards the people who’s homes we just destroyed.
      Not that it was a great place prior, but it’s a lot worse now.”

      Actually, I have a friend who grew up there. It was quite a good place under Hussein. It was not a democracy. It is a result of brainwashing to constantly repeat, like a parrot, that ____ is a dictatorship, and terrible (e.g. Libya, Iraq, Russia). Rubbish.

      “There is a moral responsibility…”
      Why the passive voice? Why is there a moral responsibility? And if there is, why does the responsibility require importing people and cultures who are not compatible, rather than helping them where they are?
      Nothing in your comment makes real sense, but is a full of moral signalling and a seeming desire to express how moral you are.
      But even by that standard, importing incompatible people into your nation, and destroying both your culture and theirs, does not make sense.

      • crow says:

        All leftist gurgling is about displaying their niceness and moral superiority. It has never had, and will never have, any substance whatsoever.
        And here we all were, for so long, treating them as equals – for real – and trying to make sense of their ramblings.

        • It was pity that stayed the hands of our Kings, when they should have begun the exile process for the useless, parasitic, stupid, insane and criminal. Send them somewhere far away where they can learn a new life. If they can heal, bring them back. Pity is disgust for life itself, an assumption that its order is wrong and must be corrected by human emotions, judgments and feelings.

          • crow says:

            They would have you play their game by rewriting the rules to suit themselves, because they are – due to their insanity – utterly unable to see that you always were what they never were, but only thought they were, and you were not.
            They are insane. That is all you need to know. You don’t waste your time, patience, tolerance, and effort trying to describe Reality to a nutcase. If you do, you’ll end up one of them.

            • Cf. Nietzsche’s warning about warring against monsters.

              • crow says:

                The nature of enlightenment is – literally – turning on the lights. Reality is revealed, and imaginary monsters are banished.
                One could expound on that theme, endlessly, but basically, that is what it is.

                • Reality is revealed, and imaginary monsters are banished.

                  This is the most important thing: discover reality, adapt to it, improve it qualitatively.

                  • crow says:

                    If you still think you can improve on Reality, you’re still not looking at it.

                    “Do you think the world is perfect?”
                    Lao Tzu.

                    Confused me, for a while, too. Until I stopped being me. Which is, of course, the key.

                    • I do not believe one can improve on reality, but we can improve qualitative aspects of it as regards us as individuals.

                    • crow says:

                      Maybe it’s time to highlight why I always spell Reality with a cap.

                      -> Reality = God. All of creation, unsullied by human hand, or mind.

                      -> reality = what people see when they confuse The World, with the world of humans.

                      I’d like to see this distinction made, as part of the Realist lingo. Because confusion lurks behind every typo, ambiguity, and linguistic assumption.

                      Also, God, with a cap, is God. Whereas without a cap, every superstition and fake deity imaginable.
                      There’s room for both, in a pinch, but they should, at least, be distinguishable from each other.

                  • Dualist says:

                    Most people have no chance of getting the second two correct as they catastrophically underestimate the true depth and nature of Reality to begin with. They do this, ironically and most seriously, by overestimating our ability to ‘know’ it. All they really see are Phenomena. Only Wisdom can start to help us make sense of the shadows of the Forms projected onto and into ‘us’.

                    But then most people think we see with our eyes. Only the Soul sees.

                    Only One Thing has ever existed.

                    This understanding has always led to generative processes throughout history.

                    The worst if it is, even without such knowledge, it would still be easy to do a better job of organising society than the leftists do – if a person wanted to. The Left’s ideas, with their results in the video above, are so bad as to encroach on the absurd – we should question whether they possess the wits to MAKE it this bad, even if they tried their hardest.

                    Liberalism, and the pestilence spread in its wake throughout modernity, appears to have been guided by an Unclean Spirit, much more intelligent and evil than all of them put together, opposed only to all that is Good.

      • Noah says:

        “That is a (one of many) proximate (not ultimate) cause.”
        No. It is very obvious the invasion of Iraq directly led to this. You take no responsibility for how many problems are caused by Western imperialism. There are multiple failed states now where people are both fleeing and turning to terrorism. This is exactly what the critics of the Iraqi invasion said would happen.
        “It was quite a good place under Hussein.” It was a better place than it is now. Doesn’t mean it was a good place.
        You’re the one judging me through the lens of lame stereotypes, not the other way around. Saying Saddam Hussein was a bad man isn’t parroting, it is a simple statement of fact. I am shocked this is even a point of contention.
        I actually agree that a world defined by traditional ethnic boundaries would be better than trying to accomodate incompatible groups. But trying to accomodate incompatible groups (who can be made compatible given time and effort, look at the liberalization of Christianity after the past few hundred years) certainly beats leaving them to die in large part due to Western mistakes.
        If nationalists want a world defined by traditional ethnic lines, they should stop intentionally destroying those traditional ethnic lines based on the presumed superiority of their way of life. For example, North America should be returned to the Indians.
        But none of you actually care about any of that. You just care about your own self interest. And you’d prefer not to have to deal with these brown skinned people. Thank God much of the rest of the world is trying to grow up.

        • You just care about your own self interest.

          This is true of everyone, especially those who claim otherwise.

          • crow says:

            Haha :)
            Mission accomplished. Noah revealed in all his sad odiousness.

          • Noah says:

            Except for the “just” part.
            Self interest is a natural, necessary, and even valuable part of life. But it is not necessarily opposed to genuine altruism or concern for the world around oneself.
            Some people actually give a damn Brett. Some people actually have consciences. Morality isn’t always just empty posturing.
            And for all their flaws, and shortcomings, these people are better than you. They are superior than you. You are the one who should be smashed in the face.

            • Some people actually have consciences.

              There is one function for a conscience: measuring results of one’s actions. If self-interest is the standard, and produces the best results, a conscience would exult in it.

              And for all their flaws, and shortcomings, these people are better than you. They are superior than you. You are the one who should be smashed in the face.

              Because they are meek, and not accurate and realistic? I doubt that. More likely, they’re the people who through their moral posturing turn societies into Brazil.

              But we got to the core of your argument.

              Your argument is the classic moral argument: we are egalitarian because we care. This ignores the massive self-interest involved in altruism of a public nature, and therefore is entirely suspect.

              But at this point, you’ve started actively being nasty to people here. That is part of the mental disease of leftism: because you must insist that illusion is true, those who do not obey the illusion are horrible people who must be destroyed (see your comment above about “smashed in the face”).

              So, right now, you’re acting like a standard leftist.

              You don’t get it. I’m white. German Jewish technically, but I look downright Aryan. Blonde hair, blue eyes. I understand the points you guys make about race, the problems of lumping different ethnic groups together. I can also admit that I prefer socializing with white people, unconsciously feel more comfortable with white people. I don’t affirmative action my social life.

              You’re really not helping my arguments against anti-Semitism here either. Although I’d have to be born yesterday to assume that what someone says on the internet is automatically true.

        • Doug says:

          C’mon, North America was up for grabs, and somehow I have a feeling that your scorn would be much less severe if the Pilgrims had had a better tan.

          Whites are the ones who, with good if not noble intentions, legislated diversity, and now are the only race who can not get away with publicly expressing suspicion of ill intent of other races. Reverse the colors and your statement is correct: the brown and black skinned people would rather not have to deal with whites (or at least the healthy uncucked ones), which naturally provokes a reciprocal sentiment from any and all whites who have resisted the narrative that we are all devils.

          The African American issue is clearly the more pressing one since other races seem much more likely to accept any hypothetical repatriative offers. Perhaps we should have opted for slower growth over the slave trade. Although certainly not devils, we are still less than perfect and really bungled African slavery and now our entire society is hobbled as a result. Because of this, some are of the opinion that we have a duty to make every effort to resolve the situation as amicably and with as little bloodshed as possible, although suiciding whiteness altogether is not on the list of options despite universal liberal insistence to the contrary.

          • -A says:

            The slave trade was already slower than what pop history would have any of us believe. In the case of the U.S., only 3% of exported slaves came to us. Of course, having so many slaves in the Golden Circle had a lot to do with the devastation in French Haiti.

          • Noah says:

            “C’mon, North America was up for grabs, and somehow I have a feeling that your scorn would be much less severe if the Pilgrims had had a better tan.”
            You don’t get it. I’m white. German Jewish technically, but I look downright Aryan. Blonde hair, blue eyes. I understand the points you guys make about race, the problems of lumping different ethnic groups together. I can also admit that I prefer socializing with white people, unconsciously feel more comfortable with white people. I don’t affirmative action my social life. But one race isn’t actually superior to others.

            And none of this makes genocide alright. Ever. North America was not up for grabs. There were people who lived here for thousands of years, and really did a much better job with the place than the whites did. The global ecological crisis that is endangering everyone everywhere, your sort and mine, is largely due to European colonialism and subsequent global capitalism.

            I will restate, if you wanted a world defined by its traditional ethnic lines, you should not have deliberately smashed those ethnic lines. You take no responsibility for your hand in this mess. And the deportation thing may be an enjoyable wet dream, but you are going to have to come around to the fact that the brown people are here to stay. You are the ones that will have to get real.

            • Doug says:

              Exactly. At first glance you appear to be full Western European, which makes your scorn and hatred that much more perplexing if not an even bigger crisis than the scorn and hatred from those clearly non-white even to the inattentive eye. This is what’s so great about having people like Noah around. Sure it’s fun to observe the master craftsmen, but it’s also fun to watch someone just pound away aimlessly and then once in awhile accidentally hit the nail square on the head.

              Where do you think your iPhone, indoor plumbing and double door refrigerator came from? So do we really have to keep clarifying it that, yes, white people have made our fair share of mistakes? The rest of your comment (and others above and below) is so steeped in knee-deep whitey hatin’ rhetoric that one wonders if it might just be an elaborate joke. Only the most hopeless of soulless leftists could 100% agree with your condescending, arrogant and vicious tone. I predict we’ll be a witness to your project at least through the primaries (and you may want to temper the hate a little bit or you’ll end up with heart disease or HBP or any of a host of other anger related health issues) so more power to you but I for one cannot commit to robust point by point responses to such a prolific commenter (except maybe on the weekend!).

              As for my contribution to the biographical trend as of late, like many of us I was much more Noahish at his age and surely am better for the experience. But that was thanks to a brainwashed lack of information back around 1990 before things like the LA Riots and the Internet kicked off the modern era. There’s not a trace of Jewish or brown blood in my lineage, nor do I typify blonde native European lineage. The stature of my father and grandfathers is fairly modest and I’m the tallest of the four at 6ft. People ask my nationality and the easiest answer is American. In college I dated a half Jewish chick. She was hot but I’m very glad the relationship ended in the naivete of youth because of the irreconcilable religious and cultural aspects among other reasons (and no, not because of a claim to racial superiority).

              Even that may be too much information because unfortunately I’m not protected by the bulletproof enclosure of lazy political views like my friend Noah. Some of the loving Reality clarification put forth by the authors and commenters on this site does indeed conjure up murderous fantasies among the soulless score keepers, and this Badge of Honor loses its lustre when it’s six feet under ground. Non-compliance is a treacherous path, Jack. Hell, they got drones and shit now!

              This may very well be my final lengthy Noah reply, so if the whole thing is an elaborate joke then this will hopefully be the last time I take the bait (ha ha)! Thanks for the reply, dude.

        • -A says:

          A part of me wonders if Noah is Rosey in disguise. Haven’t all of the relatively leftoid commenters been coming at us one at a time, and only after the previous left in a huff? They all have Jewish names, too. Like it is a theme. They never seem to get that the contributors to the site do not give much of a fig about Jewish involvement with the left (as if there is a problem, in their method, it would be taken care of anyway) and they assume that Jewspiracy laden comments reflect the site.

          I also want to say that it is noble of Brett to try to avoid all cruelty in fixing the West but, that might not be a possibility. Even exile, as kind as it is, will lead to certain death.

          The liberal signals altruistic ideas to the herd for the right to be more equal than some, the Conservative strives for Noble ends to Noble means in the hopes of letting right seek its own level at the expense of no man’s pain.

    • crow says:

      Noah, old chap: from now on you’re going to be disintegrated by those you came here to disintegrate. There’s no stopping it.

      But you could turn that to your advantage.
      You have been thoroughly indoctrinated, duped, and misinformed. You’ve bought it, completely, and have become what you are.

      Therefore, in your upcoming disintegration, why not do the unthinkable, and let yourself be disintegrated?

      Reduce yourself/your ego to nothing, and start over. This time knowing only what you actually know, taking nobody’s word for anything, and completely eschewing doctored versions of history, specifically calculated to indoctrinate people like you.

      Show the enemy you’re actually not one of them. Reconstruct yourself. Get it right.
      Be free. And leave other people to also be free.

      Great lesson in humility, and what humility actually is. It’s very, very easy, once you realize just how very little you actually count for.

      And if you’re dead set on changing the world, you’d probably come to regret having changed it for the worse.

      Might be a good plan to fix yourself, first, before trying to go global.

      Sound reasonable?

      • Noah says:

        More like contradicted by those I came here to contradict. Kinda part of the program.
        Simply posting more frequently than me on an internet blog doesn’t demonstrate your dominance or superiority. Nothing you can post does, although if any of you could actually point to an accomplishment or something you have demonstrably done in the larger world, that would be a start.

        I have no lessons in humility to learn from people who thump their chests constantly about how much better they are than everybody else. I am on an active spiritual path that I believe has taken me into a degree of ego transcendence, but I generally don’t discuss this because the language itself is incredibly loaded, and actual ego transcendence doesn’t really fit most people’s preconceptions.
        I am so sick of people with preposterous egos telling me I am arrogant for not falling in line with their stupid little trip. If you wanna discuss the issue itself, that is what I go for. But saying that every disagreement I have with you is derivative of a character flaw on my part would cross the line into abuse if this were an exchange that actually counted for anything in the real world.
        Lucky for me, you guys still have no real power… Call me when you get some, and throw it in my face how wrong I was. Brett will give you my email address.

  4. Relampago says:

    I linked to this article on my blog. I think we have many views in common.

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  7. V. says:

    Noah stutters and sputters while trying to make an important point – we do have blood on our hands. However, his failure to see his arrogance and deep-seeded indoctrination invalidates what are actually some important reflections.

    • crow says:

      He absolves himself of his own guilt by the act of blaming you.
      He cares only about what he imagines you are supposed-to think of him, for his elaborate display of caring.
      It’s difficult to understand madness, without first being mad yourself.

    • Jpw says:

      Time to remount my Democracy Fetishism horse. It took the US ofA 17 years to go from Boston Tea Party to functional Democratic Republic. We were arrogant and stupid to believe Iraq would simehow.get their faster just because we hped them out.

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