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Flip turn

The flip turn is a technique used by swimmers where they somersault in the water to turn away from the wall as they swim laps. It is faster than the conventional method of turning, touching, pivoting and launching off in a new direction. Conservatives are at a point where a turnabout is not only necessary, […]

“The internet is a brain disease” video

One of the many people who help us periodically has created this video based on a previous text by Vijay Prozak. The video, which features immersive video imagery and ambient soundworks, explores highlights of the text in a visual context.

Symptoms or causes

Winter was at its peak and people exchanged diverse germs like good neighbors so everyone would have interesting biological strains to bring to office meetings, communal doorknobs, and bathroom fixtures. I overheard a father telling his young son about the limits of medicine: “You see, all cold medicine does is treat the symptoms. It can […]

The Hydra

In Greek myth, the Hydra is a monster with many heads. The Hydra cannot be defeating by cutting off its heads. Each severed head grows back faster and stronger. The only way to slay the Hydra is to strike at the heart. The Hydra is also associated with the astrological constellation Cancer. Like the Hydra, […]


Moan, moan, moan. Ugh. Mmph. Mmmm… That’s me, this morning. I can’t stop moaning. It hasn’t stopped yet, and I’ve been up for hours. Unngh. Gasp. Oh my goodness… I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel as if I am in an ongoing post-orgasmic euphoria of just being, and being in a way […]


Words tell us so easily what to do, and so little about how to get there. When someone says that we should be practical, there are two ways this word is interpreted: (a) use reality-based thinking or (b) shut up and conform and hope for the best since nothing is ever going to change anyway. […]

Modern society is the antithesis of health

If you are are a conservative, you oppose modern society. This will come as a shock to European rightists, who see themselves as modernists, and American rightists, who visualize their goal as one of defending the state. But the fact is that conservatism originates in the time before the French Revolution and carries on those […]

No man’s land

Now the sneaking serpent walks In mild humility, And the just man rages in the wilds Where lions roam – William Blake We live in a no man’s land and a new kind of wilderness. No longer does anyone think they have a rightful claim to anything except the money they make. Your ancestry, your […]


As a child, I remember being fascinated by products advertised in magazines. I remember one or more of the actual objects arriving, and noticing how paltry it was in comparison to the advertisement. The colors weren’t as bright; the product showed seams and gaps from manufacture; and it never performed quite up to the promised […]

Getting to the root causes

Apparently, Barack Obama thought it was a good idea to surround himself with children during his conference on gun control. His supporters, thinking backward, reason that if he did it it must be defended and so point to his sensitivity and good intentions. Those of us who see through this man, who is basically a […]

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