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Underneath our fancy justifications, and benevolent altruistic advertising-style overtures to others, our society is about control. Unlike other societies, we do not enact control on the macro level. We do it individual-to-individual. Within a society of individualists, no external goal exists such as “uphold our values and become an epic civilization like the ancient Greeks […]


Nothing in this world exists as a meaning in itself. Instead all things are like concentric layers of cause, as you might find in an eschatological onion, pointing inward. Only after you peel back all but the last do you find some implication of what is actually going on. Today the Supreme Court declared ‘Obamacare’ […]


When we were kids, there was one question we always wanted to ask adults but knew it would bring retribution. Why were people such dickheads? That schoolyard term reflected our knowledge of how people were. They were angry and cruel, pointless and destructive. It originated in frustration and a desire to be in control by […]

You Suffer (But Why?)

When I was young, they told me fairy tales. It took many years, but I have seen through them. The real stories are less complex; however, they are less emotionally satisfying. It can take a decade to trade truth for emotion. The fairy tales we tell ourselves all involve the same theme: the individual as […]

The self-destructive society

Societies tend to have a life cycle that moves from impoverished struggle with a clear purpose to wealth without a clear purpose, followed by a long slow destruction. What makes societies self-destructive? It’s as if they get through the hard times to the good times, and then bloat up and become self-pitying, and thus splash […]

The Israeli revolution

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the last 60 years of politics against nationalism are being undone by the people in whose name nationalism was demonized. Jews in Israel are realizing that like other first-world populations, they have produced a comfortable nation, and now just about everyone else on earth wants to sneak in […]

A normal life

The greatest gift to any person is impossible to buy and very hard to attain, although it can be done with hard work. That gift is the gift of a normal life. As our modern minds are conditioned to point out, “normal” changes with context. Normal for a war zone is collecting shell casings to […]

You’re the victim

The little guy never had a chance in this world. He is hopelessly manipulated by a media owned by criminal elites, pushed around by government with its paramilitary police, and his fortunes wax and wane at the whim of the sociopathic banksters who control Wall Street and the value of our currency. In Europe, the […]

The hunted

Most modern citizens of the West take their society at face value and assume that its intention is what it says its intention is. In contrast to that, some have found out that society is more of a pleasant covering — a perfume, a drop cloth, a euphemism — for the underlying natural order of […]


It strikes me sometimes as I wander through this high-tech wasteland just how puny almost everything is. I am supposed to be awed by the giant buildings, the vast technology and the massive power of our industry, but I can’t find praise in my soul for them. Most products are barely usable, unreliable, inefficient and […]

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