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Liberalism = Globalism

Liberalism is the core of a snowball. Its one concept is that the individual is equal, therefore can do whatever they want independent of shared cultural values or reality itself. As a result, liberalism takes on any value that is compatible with a rejection of allegiance larger than the self. It can for example embrace […]

Circle of blame

Two centuries or so ago, we decided to cut our society free from a center. No longer would we unify ourselves with transcendental values such as culture, values, spirituality and aristocracy, but we would focus on the body. Specifically, the equality of anyone who had one. Ever since that time, our society has been a […]

Under the microscope

We live in a post-totalitarian age. Much like post-modernism is a decentralized form of modernism, post-totalitarianism is a decentralized version of the powerful regimes of the 20th century. To be decentralized, a post-totalitarian state must be self-enforcing. It achieves this through social disapproval. Nothing is against the rules, except that which is not sociable. You […]

Educating for Virtue, by Joseph Baldacchino

Educating for Virtue, edited by Joseph Baldacchino Essays by Claes G. Ryn, Russell Kirk, Paul Gottfried, Peter J. Stanlis, Solveig Eggerz 114 pages, National Humanities Institute, $12 The liberal assault on a commonsense society started through its self-proclaimed outsiders: academics, hipsters, artists and criminals. It also embraced teachers, who because their jobs required education and […]

Take me to your leader

I’ve often wondered how it would go, if an alien landed and walked up to the nearest human. Would an alien assume that all humans were ‘equal’? Would an alien be that liberal? Or that naive? “Take me to your leader!” Well now. That’s quite a request. I don’t know anybody who has access to […]

City lights

When the alien archeologists visit us, they’ll poke through the artifacts and conclude that ours was a society based around paradox. As a simple example, we live in cities but do not design them for living. It is as if we were hiding our true intentions from ourselves, like a gambler trying to bluff his […]


Every city in ancient Greece had its own model of eudaemonia, translated as both “human flourishing” and “the good life.” The point was that society was pointed toward an apex of pleasurable existence, like an optimization of common sense. Now we have no such sane thing. Instead we have utilitarianism, which is basically a statistical […]

Jobs are jails

An unfortunate fact of modern life: we have replaced callings with jobs and careers. “Jobs” are things you attend where other people tell you what to do. In order to insure that you do not become too valuable to replace, your task will be broken down into simple steps and highly isolated fields of “expertise.” […]

Global concreting

The foes of sensible environmental policy want you to believe that there is a binary question to conservation. Yes, you believe in global warming; no, you’re a denier — there are no other options. Either you’re good or you’re not. Many people are suspicious of global warming because it’s one of those-easily abused catch-all concepts […]


Oftentimes one hears it whispered that we live in an age of appearance rather than substance. An age of what seems to be, rather than what is. An era when impression weighs heavier than content. Something catches our eye; we glimpse at it for a brief moment. Perhaps we let the thing slide through our […]

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