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Ritual Sacrifice

In contrast to days-gone-by, modernity lacks both initiation ceremonies and public ritual.  Even prayer before meals is becoming less and less common. Ritual sacrifice, as grisly as it is, was a ubiquitous reality common to all religions and cultures of the world.  It is now a thing of the past.  Today we think of it […]


A new type of political thinker is emerging into the shattered hulk of modernity. While the modern time is powerful in technology and gilded in convenience, the dark inner core is a tendency to consume and deconstruct all things, and these new thinkers target that impulse. They tend to be less concerned with the political […]

Conservative anarchy

If you have been to college, or when you go, you will become an observer to the process of people finding political identities. In theory you go to college to learn things, but in reality, you are learning the process of learning, and that includes socialization. When searching for a political identity, the savvy student […]

Liberals deny evolution

Every now and then, you read that is the equivalent of someone turning to you, with their glasses propped out of way on their head, asking “Have you seen my glasses?” The political side that specializes in looking good to its friends, liberalism, makes a habit of doing this. This occurs because while they pay […]


As civilizations grow older, they tend to fall apart. This looks like entropy to me: over time, an increase in disorder. But how can that be, when humans are able to communicate ideas? The answer seems to me that context is forgotten. I can tell you that it is bad to eat fondue, but without […]

Failing history

In history class, you read the textbook and listen to the lectures, then get tested. The task is to remember not only facts, but their interpretations in the broader context of history. We don’t do this (solely) to venerate the past. We teach and study history so that we can avoid past mistakes. However, there’s […]

Rebellion against rebellion

The idea of rebellion is simple: the jerks in power are forcing the rest of us away from the good life, so we’re going to band together, outnumber them, and take over. Rebellion puts the rebels in an unassailable position: we’re the good guys, doing this for you! The bad guys have rules, but we […]

Refuting globalism

Egalitarianism is the foundation of both liberalism and globalism. In fact, globalism was previously known by its true name of internationalism, a liberal policy. Its goal is to ensure equality for all people worldwide by destroying barriers between them. On the positive side, that means no restrictions; on the negative, it means conformity and no […]

Social conservatism

Social conservatism gets a bad rap because it is associated with fundamentalist Christianity and people who seem to take the fun out of everything. Then again, if you listen to the rabid talking heads from any belief, they will show you the most dogmatic and least interesting aspects of it, hammered home like a rote […]

Inside out

It is extremely difficult to explain conservatism to someone who has grown up liberal. While popular opinion (which is always wrong) holds left/right is an illusory dichotomy, in fact the two are opposites. In fact, conservatism is liberalism turned inside-out and vice-versa. The fundamental idea of liberalism is that of human equality, which means that […]

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