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European blood is not exhausted.


Recently, some European cardinal or other made the statement that European needs immigration because its blood is tired and exhausted and its needs replacing. We hear this trope frequently, which means it is most likely a distraction or deflection and surely a lie, so it is worth looking into.

The idea of blood being “exhausted” — as if its vitality was spent in the past — makes no sense. Children are born as vital as ever. Something crushes them in adulthood. This suggests, then, that our problem is not exhaustion but a society which is exhausting, or “grinding its wheels” by engaging in unnecessary, unproductive and paradoxical activity. This describes modern society beautifully.

Most environmentalists attack modern life as “not natural” which quickly collapses on them when it is pointed out that very little, natural or human, is actually “natural.” It is just a talking point, an advertising term. But looking closely at it, it is self-defeating. Working all day to support parasites, commuting through ugly cities, shopping among commercial charlatans, marrying whores or liars, and listening to absurd nonsense from government and media that our fellow citizens will enforce on us as truth or ostracize us… well, that is exhausting.

In other words, our problem is not that our blood is tired but that our leadership — including this nitwit religious leader — is tired, because they are repeating slogans and ideas which conflict with reality but even more importantly conflict with what we need. We need more time for family and friends, being outdoors and working on things meaningful to us, and less time in meetings, filling out paperwork, shopping, watching television and indulging in other activities which are nonsense proxies for real life experience.

We can lose our tiredness right away by facing the difficult truths that are suppressed in this society: equality is a nonsense concept because most people are bad or at least nothing more than “talking monkeys with car keys,” the good should not work to support the less-than-good, and the good life does not consist of material goods but rewarding, engaging and challenging situations. Our one-size-fits-all bite-sized-pieces modern reality is as toxic as the smoke from our factories, and if there is any exhaustion it is in feeling that we must continue this way, and can thus be quickly removed.

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