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‘Win Bigly’ Is In Fact Correct English


The subtle and pervasive lying of the mainstream media continues with the most recent non-event, which is an alleged verbal slip-up by Donald Trump, who is accused of using a word incorrectly:

Mr Trump was speaking while toasting his landslide victory in the Indiana primary. “We’ve been losing all the time, we lose with our military, we can’t beat Isis, we lose with trade, we lose with borders, we lose with everything,” he went on.

“We’re not going to lose, we are going to start winning again and we’re going to win bigly.”

…Bigly is a real but very archaic word which has largely gone out of use. It is defined as meaning “comfortably habitable” by the Collins Dictionary.

Is this actually true? To find out, this reporter went to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). It has two entries for “bigly.”

The second is the one that the media cited:


That comes to us from the second definition of “big,” which is defined as an obsolete verb meaning “to dwell.”

But let us look at the first definition of “big,” where we find the adverbial form “bigly,” there in the column for the first definition:


Funnily enough, the Random House Dictionary agrees with the OED:


What does this mean? The media lies, first by commission (an act) and second by omission (failure to act). In this case, they looked around until they found a dictionary which only had a definition which suggested that Mr. Trump used a wrong word, instead of looking at the definitive source, the OED, or one of the two leading American dictionaries. This is dishonesty and misleading, but it is business as usual for the mainstream media.

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