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Millennials Can Be Nothing But A Disaster

Insightful commentary from Speakeasy(X):

Most of us know (whether we have the chutzpah to say it out loud is wholly another matter) that Millennials and the younger generations are lost. Not because they are stupid, mind you, but because they are indoctrinated with information fed to them since birth. Information that has been skewed, manipulated, and mangled since they were born. There are some astute Millennials using their significant skills with modern technology to find out the truth; to look at the Old Ways and to see the vast difference between being rational and rationalizing.

…Again, who can blame them, when they have so many older generations praising them because those members of those generations always, sometimes secretly, sometimes not, have always desired, as humans do, to cast off the “oppression” of self-governing in favor of doing whatever the hell we want to do, no matter the cost?

…Many of the Millennials believe that the problem of today is that not everyone has rights. Because humanity is often a monster full of pride and entitlement, older generations have heralded these ideas (long before the Millennials) and now find the perfect excuse, through their own children and grandchildren, to forward ideas incompatible with society onto the populous, and beat that populous into submission with nagging and guilt until everyone agrees in order that they might just keep the damn peace for a moment. Why then should younger generations believe that anything else is the truth?

Millennials are the products of the Baby Boomer 1968er hippies who rose to power in the educational system in the 1980s and 1990s and had full control by the 2000s, effectively brainwashing any millennials they found with a steady diet of Howard Zinn-styled selective reading of history to support the Marxist narrative that reality is not real and only equality — a human social construct — matters.

The problem with millennials is that they are bots. Programmed by the Boomers, and having grown up in a time of plenty, they are reality-averse and have a dogmatic reason to stay that way. For them, the only success is social success, which comes from telling people what flatters their pretense of being perfect as they are. People fear risk, and dogma allays that fear by promising social inclusion and support regardless of success or failure.

Undoing the damage will take some time. Millennials are already making horrible life choices which will only be revealed to them in their fifties, and even then, like the Boomers, they will slam shut an iron door of denial instead of admit cracks in their illusion of personal perfection. Equality makes narcissism, and this mess will be a long time in cleaning up, which was always the intention of the neurotics who implemented it in the first place.

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