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Why The Cathedral Wants Some Peasants To Starve

Not everyone fertilizing the crops of the so-called journalism profession wants your communities to die. Some would just appreciate seeing them staggering forward like a poorly fed North Korean fisherman’s hamlet until the media gets an electoral result more in line with its prejudices.

Jamelle Bouie, who spews sub-intellectual Cathedral agitprop at Slate for a living; tells us how economic suffering can sure come in handy in an electoral pinch.

For the better part of two years now, reporters have been trying to find the issue or offense that could fracture Donald Trump’s base of support. They have traveled to “Trump country” for regular updates from working-class whites and other key Trump constituents, only to find that those voters have been unmoved by each controversy. But if there’s anything that could break the president’s hold on his base, it might be an economic agenda that harms their pocketbooks and hurts their livelihoods.

I keep remembering some self-reverent motto above the masthead of a dying newsrag, sinking into the miasmic K-Street swamp. “Democracy dies in darkness” The Washington Post sanctimoniously proclaims. Perhaps they meant to say “The Democrats die in darkness” but had to lay off all the decent proof-reading help. One can understand their concern. The Dems have not adequately prepared themselves for The Coming Separation. Some of their voters want a President who has. Bouie tries to dance around this below.

Trump didn’t just appeal to Republicans with strongly negative attitudes toward Muslims, immigrants, and black Americans—he reached some white Democrats too. The stark racial polarization of American politics can obscure the extent to which neither party has completely sorted itself according to racial views. In a recent working paper titled “Partisanship in the Trump Era,” Vanderbilt political scientist Larry Bartels finds a substantial number of Democrats with “culturally conservative” beliefs, extending to highly racialized views like “discrimination against whites is as big a problem today as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”

Bouie is so subservient as an acolyte to The Great Progressives that he refuses to see the extent to which people in his own coalition pine for the fjords where no honkies park their boats. Anyone who thinks Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes didn’t win a victory jet-fueled by anti-white racism doesn’t engage brain cells when spewing political opinion. One of her key slogans was “It’s time for one of us!” Is Joe Stalin’s Iniquitous Wraith one of them? Umm, no. It wasn’t the Democratic Socialism. Hugo Chavez’s phenotype was way more popular amongst the racial nationalists in Venezuela than any of his crocked economic prescriptions.

Maxine Waters’ followers no longer consider our current President a legitimate ruler. Not because he is Trump; but because he is white. They proclaim their Queen Maxine below.

The Democratic counter protesters were heard chanting as they shouted: ‘This is not the American flag, this is their flag.’ The group had been shouting a slew of other slogans such as ‘black power’ and ‘Resist!’ Signs read things such as: ‘Don’t mess with our Queen Maxine,’ ‘We support you Maxine our congresswoman’ as well as ‘Trump/Pence must go!’ and ‘Deport Trump.’

When people are burning the Amerikan flag as a standard convocation ritual, it really isn’t too far-fetched to compare Maxine Waters’ constituents to the Iranians dutifully echoing the ritual “Death to America!” chants. Perhaps I should make like Barack Obama and try being nicer to the Iranians. I don’t totally get their culture. Queen Maxine’s is very transparent and makes me wish I had a can of bug spray handy.

They see the American flag as a representation of the Western Europeans who founded America. Let us be first to offer the olive branch and say they are correct. Western Europeans created this nation over the objections and intransigence of other groups. Our only problem is that now, drugged by democracy and egalitarianism, we refuse to admit that every group acts in its own interests, and that should and must include ourselves.

If we can reduce the Maxine Waters Doctrine to a simple phrase, this is it: patriotism is dead, but ethnic patriotism (nationalism) is on the rise. We, the sons and daughters of the Western European founders of this land, are ready to cut ourselves loose from the swelling multitude of third-world people who want to tax us to death for their gimmes and then displace us with demographic erasure.

People get rude and arrogant when you are effete enough to let them get away with it. Life is not complicated until we search for excuses to serve as a fig leaf that covers self-emasculation. You get Queen Maxine when you are lame enough to tolerate that sort of turkey dung sacked-up in a human being’s skin. Why aren’t people trying to burn Maxine’s version of Versailles every time her maggot folk burn Old Glory as their symbolic prayer of “Death to America”? The Cathedral needs them too demoralized to care. If the constant television blitz of anti-white propaganda does not do, maybe the opioids and junk food will.

When the worst are filled with stupid passionate intensity and the backbone of our nation is ossified in debased and demoralized tolerance of this festering lifestyle septic tank, we are no longer a nation, but a series of warring groups, much as America was under the Amerinds. The Jamelle Bouies, the Queen Maxines the Ocasionally-Coherents feast upon the carrion because they want to conquer what is left for their people, not yours. If “democracy dies in darkness,” it is because it committed suicide, as it seems to about every 250 years every time it is tried.

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