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Breaking Free

We hear a lot about freedom in this time because the dominant myth of a prole-run society consists of the notion that whatever people perceive is real. This benefits proles because they have no knowledge of reality, and so they invent small stories that rationalize their position, and this makes them feel better.

Our civilization got to this state because it succeeded. As our readers may know, any quest consists of ascents and plateaus. Each new problem must be overcome by an ascent, after which there is a time of stability before a new problem appears. Each new problem is more difficult than the previous ascent.

Life is like this. Esoteric learning is like this. Civilization is also like this. Life has its patterns, and this is one of them, but it makes sense because re-fighting the same battles would lead to repetition, at which point the energy of life would diminish. Life must constantly bring on larger struggles or collapse within.

In Western Civilization, we beat back nature and conquered our terrain. We developed basic social organization, hygiene, agriculture, wisdom, and civil institutions. We overcome Mongol invasions, plagues, fires, storms, Muslim invasions, and famines. Each made us stronger.

At that point, we created a society in which anyone would survive. Even by the medieval years, our food and hygiene were good enough that even the dumbest person was likely to survive. This occurred not so much through technology, but simply being organized, stockpiling supplies and knowledge, and acting systematically.

That success in turn produced a great evil. Our society allowed those who would otherwise have been checked by nature — proles, serfs, plebes, peasants, normies — to survive in disproportionate numbers to their roles. Ever since then, we have been inventing jobs for them and other ways of subsidizing them.

A quick word on proles: proles are proles of the soul, meaning that the basic makeup of their personality and their inner values determine that they are proles. You can be fabulously wealthy and still be a prole; you can even hide it behind manners, but ultimately, it comes out in the intellectual and moral choices that you make.

All castes follow this pattern. Your king may not have money, but he has the soul and mind of a king. Your warrior may not be in the military, but he has the inner strength of a fighter. Aristocrats are born, not made, but society hates the aristocratic and martial and so they are often, in these days, living in obscurity and poverty.

Our problems started when we produced a society that was bottom-heavy, or had too many plebes and not enough warriors and aristocrats. The plebes outnumbered the rest, but even more, society had already contorted to support them instead of sending them elsewhere. This meant that soon the plebes controlled public opinion.

Eventually, this pushed us to democracy. The proles had gained power through their sheer numbers and, because that pushed them past the carrying capacity of the land, found themselves starving. Rather than admit their own overgrowth, they accused their leaders of having done this to them.

That found sympathetic voices in the middle classes, who secretly wanted to do away with the moral rule of the kings because it impeded some business ventures, who then began a neurotic wail about oppression and injustice. Feeling themselves victims, they staged a coup, and then embarked on a series of wars to force others into compliance.

We can see not just the Napoleonic Wars, but the world wars and the Civil War, as part of this maddened crowd on a rampage for democracy. They wanted to obliterate all rules and standards, and replace social order with an excitable mob. This put Western Civilization into a tailspin.

Now we awaken. We stand among inferior replicas of past glories; our institutions are all corrupted, made into the third world style where saying the right thing and saving face is more important than solving problems, which at this point have been entrenched because all enforcers are taking bribes, whether third world style (packets of money) or first-world style (consulting fees, lobbying, and honoraria).

It seems pointless to resist. The vast inertia of a world full of crazed people, oblivious to the effects of their actions, and motivated only by the desire for personal power, seems to huge to resist. The media echoes what the herd wants to hear, government takes advantage of the mania, and it seems nothing will ever be sane again.

However, no moment provides a better opportunity than the present.

Prole-rule has run into trouble because, after WW2, the West decided not to be like Hitler, and ran straight into Leftism. Starting in the 1950s, it used diversity/multiculturalism (formerly called: internationalism) as a means of forcing the destruction of the founding majorities of European-descended nations.

This picked up speed in the 1960s, where the bitterly bratty children of the “Greatest Generation” decided to lash out in a way that their elders could not criticize, because the youth were using the same ideology, just turned up a bit. This allowed them to overthrow the leaders of the West and replace them with Leftists.

In the 1990s, the people who grew up in the 1960s were hitting their mid-forties and taking over all media, academia, government, and science. This allowed them to collaborate in distorting the narrative so that truth was demonized and only egalitarian-promoting information, known as “political correctness,” made it to the population.

Consequently the Left was able to implement its most desired policies in the 1990s, leading up to — after a brief diversion from the horror of the Clintons — the election of Barack Obama. At that point, they thought, this was it: the Left had won its final battle and would demographically replace those former majorities and forever rule.

Their grand plan of globalism — also part of what was once called internationalism — involved the creation of a worldwide economy which was tied to Leftist regulatory bodies like the European Union, quickly excluding anyone who did not get warm and fuzzy with the new Leftist world order.

Francis Fukuyama wrote in 1992 that liberal democracy might be the final state of humanity. Using this as a flag, Leftists forced democracy, the entitlements state, Civil Rights, and consumerism upon a world that basically just wanted to share in the prosperity of the West, so it went along with the decay.

During the Obama years, American and European leaders busily checked off the boxes for accomplishing the Leftist vision. They pushed immigration, originally justified as being the source of future tax funding for the benefits state that was heading into bankruptcy as it tried to pay out benefits to the Baby Boomers, and Civil Rights.

However, as always happens with grand visions — from anarchy, communes, socialism, to communism — the Leftists faced the “Leftist boomerang,” which is that their policies when implemented tend to backfire because they are based on wishful thinking and not reality.

The world economy began a slow process of collapse. People found themselves feeling like strangers in a strange land in the countries that their ancestors knew as home. Government workers and media players became an entrenched bureaucracy known as the “deep state” which acted as a cartel, promoting itself at the expense of its hosts.

Opioid crises, rising suicide rates, falling birth rates, and lack of social order pushed the West to the brink. When Brexit and Donald Trump won the vote, those were “hail Mary” votes from citizens who really believed that they were taking advantage of the last chance to avoid going screaming over the cliff like the USSR did.

In other words, democracy had been working poorly, and people were dispirited, but gathered enough strength to push back against the encroaching end. An unexpected thing happened: Brexit won, and Trump won, followed by — after a few false starts — nationalist capitalist “populists” rising in Eastern Europe, Austria, and Germany.

In response, the Leftist Establishment doubled down on its horrific policies and made the situation even worse, culminating in an orgy of diversity violence and instability. Not noticing, somehow, that people feared they were the second USSR, Leftists in both US and EU began branding themselves as full socialists in order to stand out.

Mainly because the media covered up so well for them, none of the deep state nor its faithful “base” noticed that the rest of the world was recoiling from them in fear. When you get called a communist, and then demand a socialism where dissent is punished, people start saying “if it quacks like a duck, it is probably a Red.”

As if on queue, Leftist programs began collapsing. The diversity chaos got worse, the economies revealed their rotted core, the media went ballistic on its one-note coverage, and institutions began failing to get a handle on even basic problems across the board. It became clear that Leftism had failed, and needed replacement quickly.

This polarized society into two groups: the deniers, who still want to hold on to the egalitarian dream, and the futurists, who want to discard the dead weight and move on toward real (i.e. not ideological, or what we should do according to some) goals.

Everything that the Left regarded as a triumph — diversity, the entitlements state, pacifism, civil rights, globalism — is crashing down in flames because, like all things Leftist, it was based on an illusion. Proles are not competent to lead, and so their grand plans always turn out to be Wile E. Coyote style disasters.

For example, the global economy turned out to be based on nothingness. Its vaunted “service economy” meant selling each other marked-up products and services so that we could tax those profits and pay ourselves benefits. Its economies are paper tigers, with a few core products generating actual value and everything else just hanging out.

Diversity has turned into a nightmare as well. The white nationalists — an unstable bunch — warned us of minority crime, but in reality what we got was entirely alienated populations. In high-minority areas, no one knows how to act, and so they simply avoid it as much as possible.

People at work behave in a distant manner, never really committing to any viewpoint since if you take a strong viewpoint, any viewpoint, at least one person in the room will be offended. As a result they tend to view society as a failure and disengage entirely, which lets the really bad people take over.

In terms of social lives, they have retreated from the world and spend more of their time watching media at home than going out into their diverse paradise. If they want to order the much-praised ethnic food, they do it online and take delivery.

It seems that across the board, as the writer Michel Houellebecq warned, we have become atomized: tiny particles living in our own orbits, unable to make bonds outside of force or self-interest, fundamentally alone because we pursue only individualism. Diversity increases this by reducing the strength of our bonds to others.

If someone had said five hundred years ago that making a system dedicated to the individual would result in people living in their own little worlds, oblivious to reality and fixated on the trivial, their prophecy would be seen as fully true today. Our philosophers, writers, and religious leaders warned us for centuries that this was coming.

Now we are in a death spiral where it is taboo to mention that the system is failing because to do so requires identifying the part of the system that is failing: that Enlightenment™ sentiment of individualism. We need realism, and that requires an order larger than the individual on multiple levels, namely leadership, caste, faith, and culture.

To avoid breaking this taboo, most people simply double down on the lies. For example, taking money from the necessary to buy votes proves popular with a candidate who represents this doubling-down:

“If people pay their fair share, if corporations and the ultra-wealthy — for example, as Warren Buffett likes to say, if he paid as much as his secretary paid, 15 percent — if he paid a 15 percent tax rate; if corporations paid — if we reverse the tax bill, but raised our corporate tax rate to 28 percent, which is not even as high as it was before, if we do those two things and also close some of those loopholes, that’s $2 trillion right there,” the 28-year-old said. “That’s $2 trillion in 10 years.”

“Now, if we implement a carbon tax on top of that so that we can transition and financially incentivize people away from fossil fuels, if we implement a carbon tax, that’s an additional amount of a large amount of revenue that we can have,” she continued.

…“Then the last key, which is extremely, extremely important, is reprioritization,” she said. “Just last year we gave the military a $700 billion budget increase, which they didn’t even ask for. They’re, like, ‘We don’t want another fighter jet!’ They’re, like, ‘Don’t give us another nuclear bomb,’ you know? They didn’t even ask for it, and we gave it to them. And so a lot of what we need to do is reprioritize what we want to accomplish as a nation.

People like her live in a perpetual present tense where everything will carry on as it has been in the past, regardless of whatever she does. She does not take into account how markets and people react to her plans, mainly because she does not care about results at all. What matters is not breaking taboo.

Taboo becomes difficult to avoid when the system is obviously failing. We either admit that we have failed and try again, or we try to rationalize the system by saying we simply not applied it hard enough. That is what Ocasio-Cortez is doing: socialism is a “solution” to failed democratic socialism, itself a “solution” to democracy’s failures.

Of course, no one is willing to consider that our whole system is based on a lie, individualism, and that from that comes a never-ending need for more money, bureaucrats, politicians, and free stuff to keep the great prole herd afloat.

Like the proles they represent, these bureaucrats are simply not necessary. They invent reasons that they are important, but somehow never solve problems while making more problems so that they have problems to solve. When the grifters run out of money, they use guilt to beg for more:

António Guterres, the UN secretary general, has warned that the organisation is facing an unprecedented shortage of funding for its core budget and will need to make urgent cuts unless member states pay up.

…The UN general assembly budget committee agreed in December on a $5.4bn core UN budget for 2018-19, which US ambassador Nikki Haley said was a cut of $285m from 2016-17. UN peacekeeping is funded separately.

According to the UN, 112 out of 193 member states have so far paid their share of the core budget. The US, which is responsible for 22% of the budget, traditionally pays later because of its budget year.

This weird Asian-looking man is a Socialist: he was President of the Socialist International from (1999-2005), Secretary-General of the Socialist Party in Portugal from (1992-2002), and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (2005-2015).

Without ideology to sell, he would be a nobody. This is who gets promoted in a society dedicated to the individual: self-serving individuals who manipulate the greedy herd by promising it free stuff and appealing to its sappy emotions and social pretense, in which people make friends by offering acceptance to others.

Not surprisingly this society has become incompetent because its values system is based not on results, but on the feelings that other human beings share in social situations. Our institutions, once competent, reveal themselves to be badly inept. Our technology flakes out and has devolved into basically entertainment.

The internal combustion engine, digital computer, and internet have eliminated the need for most jobs but we keep them on because, wow, look at all these people. Our ancestors did the same thing when their hygiene, social order, and quality leadership led to a bloom in the number of proles.

It seems like doom, but as everything fails, remember that we are going back to that early mistake, which was to make an advanced society without a quality filter. The future will fix this. As we balkanize, humanity will separate into bands according to the quality of people. This will effect a filter purge by driving out many from the first world.

When people talk about saving the West, they unconsciously assume that this means saving everyone, when in reality what we are saving is an organic spirit and idea that manifests in people, by saving the people in whom it can manifest. That is not determine by race and ethnicity alone, but requires the right mental state as well.

Over the past centuries, our ranks have swelled with people who would not survive in nature and who constantly act against our interests. We have too many people who are mediocre among us. They do not understand why we would need civilization; they are pure individualists, caring nothing for culture, heritage, fidelity, or even nature.

Our ancestors took people like this and made them into serfs, recognizing that even if they were “intelligent” on the surface, their power of judgment was bad as was their moral character, and therefore, they could not be in charge of anything. It was against this system of hierarchy that egalitarianism was created.

Centuries later, we see that our ancestors were correct in their judgment. Thanks to equality, useless proles have now infested every part of our civilization and they are busy screwing everything up because they are clever but oblivious to results. Their activity pushes aside the more competent, who are never as popular as witty proles are.

Take for example Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. In the time of our ancestors, they would have been out in fields picking turnips because they are moral voids and, while clever on the surface, lack any enduring intelligence. They do what is popular, find clever ways to evade rules and convince others to accept things, and ignore results.

Would a king allow four men to die in Benghazi? Would a king claim Amerind ancestry to get the free diversitybucks? A prole would. However, we never had that much use for proles, and they always bred too rapidly, and now automation has replaced most of their jobs.

As we save Western Civilization, we will be sending away more people than we keep. Quality over quantity is an important principle that made us who we are. All of the criminals, retards, and perverts have to go, of course, but that is a no brainer. The real quality control we have to do is to fix the low average quality of our people.

There are some, even among the serf class, who are decent people. They have reasonable moral character for the level at which they exist. We should keep those, of course. But all of the clever grifters, bureaucrats, and crass selfish people need to go away. We will — as we did before — send them to the third world.

People who are still unconsciously thinking in the terms of this past era will panic at this. “Don’t reduce our numbers! We need as many as possible!” they will say. However, they miss the point that we cannot get going anywhere with this baggage in the trunk. These people will do nothing but hold us back.

Even more, everything comes back to genetics, and we want to weed out whatever deleterious mutations these people carry that make them into fools, bunglers, and sociopaths. Western Civilization succeeds when there is upward pressure to be competent, and fails when “tolerance” allows genetic defectives to survive.

The story of our time is not of freedom, but of breaking free from the consequences of freedom. If both an idiot and a genius are given freedom, the idiot will use his freedom to destroy the work of the genius. Instead of freedom, we need duties and privileges that fit each of us according to our abilities.

In addition, we have to remove the toxic genetic refuse that accumulates like dust on old paintings over the centuries as people who would not be able to survive on their own are granted the ability to live and breed by civilization. Much as breathing air produces toxins our bodies must then purge, a Great Filter cleans the gene pool.

Since we are not monsters, we do not need to eliminate people, merely relocate them to other parts of the world where they can live among those who are headed down the same path. Our civilization needs to take a different path, and it involves reconstructing civilization and designing it to have a substitute for natural selection.

These times seem grim, no doubt, and the statements made on this blog and others seem not only extreme but optimistic. However, as Leftism crashes, and its audience reveals that they are unhappy neurotics bearing deleterious mutations instead of humanist geniuses, the end of the grim dystopian current-day reality becomes more apparent.

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