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Why The 2024 Election Belongs to Donald Trump

The Right will always find itself at a disadvantage because it is disunified. We have no singular crusade toward Utopia, no simplistic symbolism to drive us, and none of the sense of those on the Left that to fail to be marching at the front is to have a meaningless life.

We instead are bogged down by thousands of little issues that are essential to the maintenance of normal life even as the Left attempts to erase it, since they reproduce by making more people into soulless hollow shells who need the brief dopamine boost of moral self-righteousness to feel okay about being alive.

Right now the clown show out there is attempting to find a stooge for the 2024 election. A stooge is someone who will not rock the boat and interrupt the New Tammany Hall set up by Leftists who are aiming at permanent government on the back of the diversity vote.

As you may know, the diversity votes overwhelmingly for the Left because it pitches the simplest answer and gives out the most free stuff. That this raises prices is beyond the intellectual capacity of Leftist voters to understand; they simply like the warm feelings and moral righteousness.

Conservatives are those who realize that function is the only morality. What works in reality is right; we might be able to raise the quality a bit, but basically, life is what it always was, so choose what works and then do your best to improve on that gradually.

Leftists start with the notion that reality does not exist, and move from that to the idea that whatever humans want to be true must be true for both individuals and groups. They are anti-realists, or those who deny the real in favor of emotions, socializing, and most of all, selling stuff to morons.

Their viewpoint is the most practical; after all, it will always be popular, so unless some strong force of sanity intervenes, it will win surely as gravity and entropy eventually do. When humans form a group, they choose whatever is least offensive and offers the most warm fuzzy feelings.

This means that any conservative who wants to win must start with making the trains run on time, keeping the lights on, and increasing the value of the country so that the share each of us has will be more valuable. We do not win on moral righteousness; we are not going to beat the Left there.

Donald Trump rose to power because he wanted to make things functional again. Despite all of the media fearmongering, he is a moderate who wants to avoid the extremes of theocracy and militarism. He sees America as a once-great empire that can restore itself to health and become more valuable.

This vision alone is worth voting for because no other candidate is talking about the decay or trying to counteract it. They do not want to make America more valuable; they want to seize a greater share for themselves or their team and then retire to Switzerland.

DeSantis and RFKjr are stooges. DeSantis panders to the social conservative side of things but will keep the tax-and-spend empire on its path to default; his role is to split the conservative vote or at least draw people from Trump. RFKjr is there to lure conservatives to the Democrat side.

Both of these came out of nowhere with lots of funding because it benefits those in the system to avoid change. Change means that some who are winners now will not be in the future, and many more will have to work harder and might not win without the political machine helping them.

He calls it the Swamp, some call it the Deep State, others the permanent bureaucracy, but really it is an organization which runs on favors and crosses lines on both parties. Not every politician is a member of it, but those that are run the show, and others have to do them favors in order to survive politically.

We owe our allegiance to Trump for many reasons, such as his appointing conservative judges to stop the bleeding in our legal system, his willingness to cut back government programs, and his hard diplomacy that kept the world away from the the WW3 toward which Biden is now shuffling.

However, the biggest reason for supporting Trump: he made it acceptable to talk about certain vital issues again. It may turn out that the biggest problem in democracy is not the lies, but that which is not mentioned yet is vital, making a known problem into an “unknown unknown” because it is never voiced.

Before Trump, no one talked about immigration. Like the nineteen stooges who appeared at the Republican convention in 2015, they all want to talk about the warmed-over Reagan platform: strong defense, Jesus/Israel, libertarian economics, and a heavily Evangelical Christian social agenda.

All of these are distractions.

With Trump talking about immigration, we could suddenly focus on the shadow issue of the past sixty years, which is the ethnic replacement of WASPAmerica with a third world substrate who are guaranteed to vote Leftist forever, sort of like in Brazil.

We could also see that all of our social conservative issues have been created by government subsidies, and that the high cost of taxes, unions, affirmative action, and endless regulations was taking a mordida of at least a third out of every transaction, paralyzing both the economy and social life.

Ordinary citizens do not want to slave away on the treadmill until they die. The only way out is for ordinary life to become more affordable, starting with housing costs, so that people can set aside enough to escape and live simply without working and commuting twelve hours a day.

With government managing our economy, we will “own nothing and like it” because we will be working, renting, and borrowing until the day we die. We will exist so that government can profit off of us, and business will become more predatory because government is parasitizing it even more than us.

Even more, Trump showed us what the old America was and can be again. He is a Western European — Scots/German — candidate in a world of whitish people (Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Mediterranean Europeans) and minorities. He is the Old America come back to fix the diversity mess.

He is a moderate, so his method generally involves removing government from the equation, stimulating economic growth, and letting the most competent rise even if every last one of them is White (not whitish or minorities). He likes function. He opposes politics itself.

As usual, the Right-wing media is spewing distractions in order to make profit for its pundits. They do not believe they can win or that civilization can be saved, so they focus on the Rapture and how someday God will save them from the mess made by humankind.

They pander to the Christians because this is easier than tackling the cultural and genetic issue. Anyone can be a Christian, a Republican, a capitalist, and obey the rule of law in America. That is what they want: replacing the Whites with warm grey bodies.

They talk about Israel because the Christians need Israel to be there for the final war after which everyone dies and the good ones go to heaven, presumably taking their 401ks and Mercedes-Benz cars so they can enjoy the good life their bodies expect.

These people are not serious. They are careerists and pragmatists, the worst kind of bourgeois cucks; to them, government is a job and you get ahead by working not just with the system, but the system-within-the-system that is the new Tammany Hall system of favors.

Trump threatened this so much that they enacted Hail Mary plans to steal an election via mail-in voting and mass fakery of votes from the senile elderly. This tells us that they fear him for a good reason. He is going to un-do their comfy dysfunction and replace it with competitive function.

Lots of people make lots of excuses. “We’re not voting our way out of this,” they say, thinking themselves clever, or they start carrying water for DeSantis or RFKjr because they are having a tantrum at Trump for not being the Führer that they think America needs.

None of these people have any clue because none of them have any hope. Their opinions are about making them look cool, not about getting anything done. Trump is the exception, and you will be a fool to do anything but vote for Trump as often and early as you can.

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