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Machine Politics Hits the News

Longtime readers know that here we speak about political machines especially the New Tammany Hall run by the Clintons and 0bamas, but it is rare to see people mention it in scientific political analysis of the Republican failure to take back Washington:

Extending the wave metaphor, Democrats constructed what amounted to a breakwater, effectively fending off the wave. It was particularly successful in about eight states with crucial tight races for statewide offices. Democrats built their breakwater from easy mail-in voting provisions, effective mobilization programs, and massive campaign spending to fuel the push. It succeeded because Republicans failed to counter it.

Of the many explanations offered for the Republicans’ stunning shortfall, this is the only one consistent with all the evidence, with the many forecasts and projections, and with established theories of midterm elections that could not have possibly anticipated the breakwater. The surprising result of the 2022 midterm was not a consequence of vox populi. It was the result of mobilization-friendly electoral systems, organization, and lots of money – essentially 21st century machine politics.

This means that while everyone else on the Right was talking about being left alone to anarchy, fighting the Antichrist, and how politicians have done us all wrong, here at Amerika we were looking at actual causes and effects instead of headline-grabbing symbolism.

That should tell you something about the site that you are reading. Our collection of writers here are experienced in many disciplines and leaders in their fields. Their analysis is for people who want to figure out what is going on, not participate in group cheerleading and Two Minutes Hate.

In the long run, it means that conservative media, both public and underground, has completely failed to tell people what was going on, and instead focused on cheerleading and ignoring those who were offering up a coherent analysis.

As long as the Right keeps handing control to these people, it is easily controlled and will never achieve anything of substance.

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