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How Diversity Erodes Any Organization From Within

We talk a lot about dark organization on this site because that is what happened to humanity: we formed civilization, dark organization arose, and it took over and now has weaponized the methods of civilization (law, economy, politics) against us.

Briefly, dark organizations occur when an organization formalizes its behaviors from goals to procedures and following the procedure then becomes more important than its results. This shift from ends-over-means to means-over-ends thinking results in a codependency mentality common to jobs and casual dating.

Jobs are like Communism Lite because instead of being rewarded for quality of result achieved, as you would in your own business or farm, you are rewarded for how well you get along with others, follow the procedure, and fit into the system as seen by your superiors.

A job makes it possible to do a terrible job in real-world terms but still be getting top grades as far as others in the organization see, which starts the dark organization process because the system can be manipulated and all the good people flee it because they will not be rewarded.

The classic case study on this occurred to me early in life. A small business succeeded, so it bought a new building and hired more people. At that point, doing what you were told became more important than getting results. The top performers took other jobs, and in came the yes-men and seatwarmers.

Management, like the voters, always remains oblivious. It sees only that everyone is obeying the rules. It has enforced conformity; after all, everyone is there for the all-hands meeting on Monday morning and no one is late. This means success for management in the eyes of its superiors.

Those are usually the shareholders. Shareholders want increased value. For that reason, they prioritize things like regulatory compliance, going along with the current thing, making headlines, following the rules, and other proxies for profit, but basically, just want short-term profit.

For this reason, a boss who hires incompetents at a lower cost and is able to churn out more of a mediocre good or service succeeds. The system pushes him along because he has made the shareholders happy, even if his business is routinely alienating customers.

After all, you can get away with ripping people off for a decade or more before they wise up to the fact that this trusted brand, service, or location has now “gone off” and must be avoided. Until they have that moment of the penny dropping, they will keep going back and figure their bad experience is anomalous.

In that small business, dark organization took over rapidly. Employees did what they were told, and nothing else. Quality suffered. Customers kept coming, however, until there was a competing option. Then suddenly sweaty managers appeared in the door wanting to talk strategy.

Until forced, most people stay in a “me loop” or “me bubble” where they think nothing but individualistic thoughts. Most of these are practical but fanciful, like whether to buy a boat or how to fix that leaky toilet that no one has figured out yet.

Consequently people are perfectly fine with inefficient, ineffective, and destructive behaviors so long as they do not disrupt the solipsism of the human mind. We blame the ego, but really it is a mind that gets the most stimulus from its own thoughts and knows the world only through them.

Managers, so long as the people above them are happy, will do nothing about sub-par performance. Only competition wakes them up. If there is no competition, the managers who want to do nothing will crowd out those idealistic fools who want to actually make things better.

When a business is succeeding, it uses the greater number of morons as a weapon. You might notice the problems, but there are a hundred who have cash just like you who will not, so the business turns around and sells them the corner-cut high-margin lower-cost option instead of worrying about you.

In the same way, democracy quickly passes over the ten percent of the population who might know the difference between quality and garbage. Why fight hard for that ten percent of the vote when you can choose a plurality from the remaining idiot herd? This is why idiots rule.

Dark organization creates a situation like democracy through the heckler’s veto. In this small business, for example, if someone tried to address the elephant in the room and raise quality, all the employees complained about the with invented or exaggerated issues.

Once people realize that they as a herd can shout down anyone who knows better, they will do so and head straight to mediocrity until competition forces an awakening. Complacency sets in, and those who can do better simply head for the exits, leaving an aggregate of semi-competents.

The herd quickly realizes that heterogeneity is its weapon. With unity comes focus, and that makes the task clear, but when they come up with a giant laundry list of complaints and lots of checklists for procedures, that task gets muddled and the dark organization can rule.

This happens in all human groups, including civilizations, but is most evident in business. Once the employees have the heckler’s veto through complaining, they pile on the needless complexity and hoop-jumping in order to paralyze direct ends-over-means action like improving quality.

That way they get the best of both worlds: they get paid for a job, but are not accountable for the quality of that job, so they can camp out at their desks or stations and do a whole lot of nothing. Unions, regulations, high taxes, and diversity make this worse.

Employees love diversity because it creates more special interests for the checklist, paralyzing decisive action further. Diversity makes corruption possible by eroding the group culture. In addition, each group works toward its own interests against those of the group, via a malignant dark organization.

Reading Truth to Power: My Three Years Inside Eskom by André de Ruyter, we see a story of classic kickbacks in action as part of a diversity-fueld dark organization:

In the early 2000s, Marah and an acquaintance, Nothemba Mlonzi, had identified an opportunity to do fuel deliveries for Sasol. While being a full-time Eskom employee, Marah obtained the necessary technical assistance and details from Sasol and helped to put a deal in place.

Mlonzi registered Econ Oil at about the same time and served as its sole director and shareholder. Initially Econ added no value, even as a logistics company. It operated from inside Sasol’s offices, all its deliveries were conducted through Sasol and presumably it did not have much start-up capital either.

Marah then became instrumental in bringing Econ Oil on board as a supplier to Eskom. Asked how this came about, Mlonzi said, ‘The reason is Eskom policy – it supports black-women-owned and operated entities.’

…Marah was an active director and/or shareholder in no less than thirty-three different companies, almost all of which were registered during the period 2000 to 2016. Her husband held interests in twelve companies as an active director. Her brother was the sole director of at least two companies that were also Eskom vendors.

Suddenly, the opulent lifestyles of people associated with Eskom began to make a lot more sense.

We can view diversity here as being like a form of nepotism: protected by the nepotism, those who are protected by diversity policies can then engage in criminal behavior such as reselling products at a markup for no additional value, and then claim “racism” when discovered.

When you create a permanent presumption of victimhood, this places groups beyond consequences, and some of their members will abuse this because they are untouchable, similar to the conditions of nepotism. This can be understood as a type of property.

In many cultures worldwide, positions of power are viewed as sinecures, or recognitions of status that can be exploited for personal gain, sort of like how someone who owns a big piece of land next to a sports stadium will rent it out for parking on big game nights.

A diverse society takes from the strong to give to the weak. This gives the minority group a permanent victimhood sinecure that is then exploited, in addition to a lack of faith in the majority culture and government that encourages corruption.

The same pattern appears wherever diversity is tried as the minority revenges on the majority through corruption:

The nonprofit’s latest tax form shows that although Cullors has departed, contracts to her family have continued.

Her brother, Paul Cullors, and his two companies were paid $1.6 million for “professional security services” for the tax period ending June 2022. He is listed as one of only two paid employees during the year, receiving a $124,702 salary for his role as “head of security.”

According to the organization’s Form 990, Bowers’ company, Bowers Consulting, was paid almost $1.7 million for management and consulting services.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, which represents local BLM chapters, has accused Bowers in a lawsuit of treating the foundation as his “personal piggy bank” and stealing more than $10 million in donations for personal use, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The same impulse behind the corruption extends to censorship. The victimhood sinecure means that minority groups are always seen as morally correct when they encounter a majority, which results in discrimination against the majority.

This eventually becomes streamlined into censorship and repression of not just majority culture, but any idea that might be used to support it and argue against its extinction:

But let’s say when the high school sophomore clicks Tabroom she sees that her judge is Lila Lavender, the 2019 national debate champion, whose paradigm reads, “Before anything else, including being a debate judge, I am a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. . . . I cannot check the revolutionary proletarian science at the door when I’m judging. . . . I will no longer evaluate and thus never vote for rightest capitalist-imperialist positions/arguments. . . . Examples of arguments of this nature are as follows: fascism good, capitalism good, imperialist war good, neoliberalism good, defenses of US or otherwise bourgeois nationalism, Zionism or normalizing Israel, colonialism good, US white fascist policing good, etc.”

Debate judge Shubham Gupta’s paradigm reads, “If you are discussing immigrants in a round and describe the person as ‘illegal,’ I will immediately stop the round, give you the loss with low speaks”—low speaker points—“give you a stern lecture, and then talk to your coach. . . . I will not have you making the debate space unsafe.”

From “I will drop America First framing in a heartbeat,” to “I will listen to conservative-leaning arguments, but be careful,” judges are making it clear they are not only tilting the debate in a left-wing direction, they will also penalize students who don’t adhere to their ideology.

Diversity means suicide. First it erases unity, then culture, and finally genetics. In an organization, it inverts the purpose of that organization into destruction of the majority, then finishes the job with corruption, crime, and eventually, outright persecution.

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