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White trash

White trash. This is the term we use when talking about any individuals from european races, who hate their own ethnicity and cannot overcome ‘poverty’ because they lack the aptitude for greater things (majority) and sometimes are not allowed to advance themselves because corporations and other objects appear as the scapegoats (minority).

White trash is the wigga who wants to be the underdog, ‘the gangster wid all da sex drugs n da money’, they do not want to represent their own race nor honour higher culture because they are cowards, cultureless, stupid and a drain on natural resources.

Their parents are like dogs on heat and far outnumber the more sensible higher castes in society. They think that it’s cool to wear trousers around their ankles, and speak wid no spellinz man (coz we 2 cool innit!) they thrive in ghettos, listen to hip hop and r&b, basically they want to become africans, and not the respectable africans, but the gangster type who are pushed under society by their lack of willpower and victimize themselves rather than leading their evolution into greatness.

Problem for western nationalism

We must NOT support those individuals that tear any attempt that we have at greatness into nothingness, they do so because they’re too stupid and are not bred through any tradition whatsoever, they lack discipline and respect for their elders and most annoyingly blame everyone else for their own incompetence. 

We have to discriminate against those who are counter-productive. Nationalism is the first step and only protects a certain group, an ethnic group that has laid claim to the land, as sacred land for hundreds maybe thousands of years before the recent invasion of immigrants from third world countries.

But there are also secondary considerations, nationalism alone cannot cure a nation of its dumb poisonous undercastes, we must introduce caste systems and in doing so prioritise those of our ethnic groups which wish to preserve themselves and treat other ethnic groups with the same respect in their own nations, to appreciate human culture and heritage collectively instead of the self defeating attitude that is common place today in our society – that being, an appreciation of our races and of our cultures and traditions (within respect to the earth) and toward that which we revere as being sacred.

Far from that reality, similar to many modern nations – In Britain, there is this sub-human underling race called the chavs, they sometimes call themselves ‘rudebois and rudegals’, wearing fake gold chains and driving around their trashy council estates in ‘pimped out’ 30 year old pieces of neon shit on wheels.

They assert their authority of the street through turning the volume on their pimped out speakers to full bass, and then drive above the speed limit like, obviously, badass whiteboy gangsters who listen to dubstep or some other retarded, valueless, turd of audio.

They will yell out ‘WANKAAAA’ ‘DICK HEADDD’ to everyone they drive by as they attain social superiority through loudmouthing, any reversion of loudmouthing gives them a threat and they will, in a herd of approximately 30 apes, swarm around the individual who happens to be more intelligent then all of them combined.

Individually they are easy to take down, throw into shop windows, into bins and leave them a bloody face – and they know this, but instead of learning their lesson not to attack their own fellow citizens for ‘fun’ again, they will repeat their attack by drawing in the hive. They are cowards individually, which is why they only attack in swarms of insects, with knives, bats and anything else they can get their hands on.

In london and manchester, areas that are urban ghettos, these pests infest, like ghouls in an underworld. They coulden’t give a flying fuck about the environment (wat iz an environmet? fkin loserrr man innit!). Any sane nationalist leader would genocide these, drunk, ugly, useless undermen.

If you really want to see what these apes are like, then simply watch the underlord jeremy kyle and his plethora of chavs, they speak like retards, they are dumb, have aids, every genetic disease and these are your average voters!

Their facial features resemble chimpanzees, they think any hair longer than a finger nail is for ‘poofs’ and tend to brand themselves with a nike tick shaved into their head with a quif of gelled hair. They mix with half castes and other ‘underpriveledged’, lesser intelligent races within the occident’s poisonous undercaste. Their parents tend to die from those inherited diseases quite frequently (yes all twenty of them) although medicine is here to save them that little bit longer, they begin to go on heat at 13 years old and reproduce as many times as they can before they die from inserting their head into a lawnmower.

They happily repeat the lies of the media for their own advantage, individually, and use them as an excuse to carry on stealing tvs from their proletariat neighbours ‘don’t pick on me cop, iz it cos i iz err,.. poor! discriminashan! its my rite!’ – And then the push over proles will think, oh well, he has no money.. Aww go on! steal everything! you poor soul you!

Nationalists take note of this

When many white nationalists mention ‘increasing the birth rate’ – do not just accept this without further scrutiny. Of course we need to increase our birth rate of indigenous populations which are declining, this is sensible for actually preserving a race – but take care to make sure that is not poison we are reproducing here.

We do not want more unintelligent, senseless, careless or irrationally aggressive ghouls due to their own low self esteem – we want only the best, the intelligent, the elites, the artisans, those who are able to deal with our problems through adapting toward them and making something great out of a dull situation. We must discriminate against those who go out of their way to cause unnecessary problems, those who are prone to cry ‘witch!’ or ‘racist!’ ‘xenophobe!’, we want a less self-destructive population. We most importantly need individuals who have respect for their own ethnicity and in doing so can achieve a compromise with other ethnic groups as to have respect toward each other in our respective territories.

For north america, there needs to be a continued consensus on race. White Americans, American Indians and African Americans need their respective territories within their own states, and in doing so only the best of these groups should ever reproduce – do not poison yourselves with the least productive of your castes.

Likewise for europe, each european needs to be in their distinct european state and the immigrants, who have, on the majority, come in the last 60 years, the majority of them should consider returning to their own countries and learn some respect for indigenous ethnic groups – only reserving minority rights for those who are beyond the crowd, who help out our races, who benefit the nation collectively instead of chopping it up, colonizing it into little third world urban states.

We must take out the trash, the gangsters, the oblivious, the white collar criminals – everyone who does not respect their race nor common earth are poison to everything, they are themselves deceasive microbes, id species. Once we put them in their place – only then may we create cultures from the best of our ethnic groups and take pride in our strength and qualities.

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