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What Is Happening In Canada?

The same forces that in America propelled Donald Trump to victory and in Europe raised nationalist parties to international prominence have risen in Canada, but their overdue release seemed to lag behind. After a recent series of events, there is a feeling that a Chinook wind is blowing down from the mountains and rapidly melting away the deep politically correct snow that has covered the land.

In a shooting one month ago, a man named Faisal Hussain opened fire on random people on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, killing two — two girls of ten and eighteen years of age — and wounding thirteen. Or at least kind of random according to a Jaspal Singh, who happened to run into the shooter and was told “don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot you.” Mr. Hussain did not stop to explain whether he was not targeting Muslims, and had mistaken a Sikh man for a Muslim, or whether he was not targeting brown people in general. In either case, the discrimination offers a particularly edifying glimpse into the mind of the shooter for the majority of Canadians who are neither Muslim nor brown and may have young children of their own.

While still pondering this, and perhaps gaining new insights into what kind of strength diversity really is, Canadians witnessed their prime minister attempt to silence a legitimate question about illegal immigrants by shouting the old leftist attack word “racist!” like it’s still 2015:

“I want to know when you are going to refund the $146 million we paid for your illegal immigrants,” an older woman shouts, in French, multiple times to Trudeau at an event in Sabrevois, Que.

Trudeau’s response? “This intolerance towards immigrants has no room in Canada” and then “racism has no place here.”

Nor is there room for a statue of Canada’s first prime minister in Canada, according to eight of the city of Victoria’s nine councilors.

As if in a commentary of all this, Maxime Bernier, the close second in the Conservative Party’s leadership race last year, has given Canadians permission to publicly stand up to political correctness with a series of statements doing just that himself, epitomized by a tweet that assaults the beast itself:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Diversity is our Strength

-George Orwell (with some help from Justin Trudeau)

The tone of the response to all these events on social media and in comments sections (where not disabled) show general support for Bernier and suggest that he has struck a rich vein of political gold that his Conservative party would be wise to exploit.  But mainstream politicians are not known for being wise, they are known for adhering strictly to globalism and fervently and unflinchingly remaining politically correct:

Former leadership candidate Maxime Bernier is facing a showdown with fellow Conservative MPs for publicly commenting on issues of diversity and immigration without the party’s blessing, but there appears to be significant grassroots support for keeping him within caucus.

…His remarks led Leader Andrew Scheer to accuse him of engaging in “identity politics” and to publicly distance the party from Mr. Bernier’s views.

…Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel on Wednesday said Mr. Bernier has never spoken to her about immigration issues.

“My colleague has a choice to make. Does he want Andrew Scheer to win or Justin Trudeau to win?” she told reporters in Ottawa.

This desperate attempt to stop a rising tide is typical in Canada, where grassroots political groups contend with dishonest and malicious mischaracterization from mainstream media, when it does report on them, venue cancellations due to threats from deranged ideologues, and ideologically-driven political discrimination from government entities.

There is a concerted effort to contain a growing nationalistic sentiment. For those who grew up brainwashed by modern education and Wikipedia, “nationalism” does not mean “intense patriotism”; it means the notion that there is a founding heritage group to a nation and that only this group can legitimately comprise the nation. Nationalism is the opposite of diversity and globalism. As its growth progresses, continued suppression will require harder and more thorough means.

These recent events put the Liberal party’s consideration of a handgun ban into a different light. One must ask, how far are they willing to push all this? Attempting to disarm your citizens en mass by force (which would be necessary) is an extremely dangerous move. This kind of reckless authoritarianism combined with a heartless disdain for the foundational people of a nation dances madly on the edge of mass violence and genocide. It is yet to be seen whether typical Canadians will act with reasonable means in their defense while reasonable means remain available.

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