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We Are Surrounded By False Minority Idols

The Left follows a simple agenda: they must prove equality, and therefore, they must find exceptions to the rule.

If they find exceptions — in their minds — there can be no rule, and therefore everyone will be equal and Utopia will appear.

As a result, they look to whatever is not succeeding and try to find a way to make a religion, idol, and commercial icon out of it.

Using their media influence, they did this Martin Luther King, Jr., the corrupt and perverse civil rights leader who had serious mental problems:

The transcripts report King, an icon of the Civil Rights era, taking part in orgies, coercing women into performing sex acts upon his friends, and laughing as he watches a fellow minister rape a parishioner. In 1977, a court embargoed tapes of the FBI’s surveillance until 2027. There is no reason to doubt the accuracy of the transcripts. Also in 1977, a report from the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility confirmed that the transcripts faithfully reflect the recordings.

In Las Vegas, King takes part in group sex with the Gospel singer Clara Ward, an unnamed male friend, and a 28-year-old prostitute named Gail LaRue, a mother to four children who describes the evening as ‘the worst orgy I’ve ever gone through’.

No less appalling, if true, is Garrow’s claim that senior editors, almost all white and male, overruled their frequently female and non-white staff when it came to publishing his findings. Naming the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, and the Atlantic, Garrow alleges that the editors are afraid of being attacked as racist by Twitter mobs — a theory that seems to be confirmed by the Post’s attack on Garrow.

In other words, journalists hid rather than revealed the truth, so that they could avoid being on the outs with their gang, the egalitarian kids.

We would think this was unfortunate, or even exceptional, were there not a pattern of journalists covering for their minority subjects.

Consider the CP5 and their obvious guilt:

During the half-hour just prior to their attack on Miss Meili, the Central Park Five and their two-dozen-plus comrades participated in multiple random beatings of other passersby in the park. For example:

  • Shortly after 9 p.m., they punched and kicked an elderly Hispanic man into unconsciousness before stealing his sandwich and pouring beer over him.
  • A few minutes later, they shouted “Whitey” and “Fjucking white people” while attempting to assault a white couple who were riding a tandem bicycle.
  • Three minutes after that, they beat a 52-year-old male pedestrian.
  • Within another five minutes, they threw rocks and sticks at a 33-year-old white man named David Good, who managed to flee the scene.
  • Five minutes later, they struck a 30-year-old white banker named David Lewis, who likewise was able to flee.
  • And a few minutes after that, they beat a 40-year-old white schoolteacher named John Loughlin into unconsciousness.

Not only that but we find out that:

The video footage of McCray, Richardson, Santana, and Wise was damning indeed. Some excerpts:

Antron McCray: “We charged her. We got her on the ground. Everybody started hitting her and stuff. She was on the ground. Everybody stomping and everything. Then we got, each — I grabbed one arm, some other kid grabbed one arm, and we grabbed her legs and stuff. Then we all took turns getting on her, getting on top of her.”

Kevin Richardson: “Raymond [Santana] had her arms, and Steve [Lopez, who accepted a plea bargain rather than face trial] had her legs. He spread it out. And Antron [McCray] got on top, took her panties off.”

Raymond Santana: “He was smacking her. He was saying, ‘Shut up, bitch!’ Just smacking her…. I was grabbing the lady’s tits.”

Kharey Wise: “This was my first rape.”

When investigators at one point asked the fifth suspect, Yusef Salaam, why he had tried to smash the victim’s skull, he replied, “It was fun.”

OK, so they are not innocent. Neither is OJ, neither is MLK. At this point, we have to ask: how deep does the forgery go?

In other words, how much of this is simply political propaganda, in total denial of what is real, being used to control us?

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