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  • ‘Canada is a racist colonialist project like Israel’

    Told you. This war is the third world versus the first world, with the first world having “helpers” encouraging the class revolt and diversity warfare, on the Left.

  • Hidden Figures: Nasa renames street after black female mathematicians

    More diversity propaganda. We are told how important these people are, but their individual contributions are never discussed. Translation: this is political woo and symbolism, not reality.

  • Memphis police officers injured in unrest following officer-involved shooting: reports

    Another day, and another minority person engaged in multiple dangerous crimes is shot by the police, leading for all the misfits — minorities, soyboys, single dipsomaniac cat ladies, neurotics, the insane, criminals, perverts — to unite in calling for the rest of us to do something because minorities are suffering and it is injustice, or something.

  • France’s Le Pen to go on trial for tweeting gruesome IS images

    Do we live in a controlled society with something to lose if its ideology becomes widely criticized? We do. This is comedy and self-parody by the West, which prides itself on its independence of thought and “freedom,” yet is willing to punish for pretense in order to keep its rapidly unraveling hold on power.

  • Judge awards $4.1 million in neo-Nazi website lawsuit

    The article in question made it clear that it was satire, but somehow the minority person fears for his life and reputation, so a giant award is passed down. This will be used to confiscate the domain name and shut down the site. Obviously, this suit is a farce, but they found a Leftist judge, so it will stand until reversed (if they can find a non-Leftist judge). Leftists are ideological zombies who do whatever they have to in order to increase their power.

  • 12 white male officers sue San Francisco police for race, sex bias

    We are seeing more of these lawsuits. This is good, because it recognizes that affirmative action, disparate impact, and Civil Rights law are fundamentally broken: you cannot post minorities to positions without displacing competent white people. Now to undo all of these crazy Leftist laws.

  • Melbourne councillor regrets bowing to Chinese ‘political influence’

    Are we ready to admit how much the Manchurians have compromised our intelligence services, business, and governments? Probably not, because the Leftist politicians and media are in their pockets as well.

  • U.S. death rates from suicides, alcohol and drug overdoses reach all-time high

    They try to backpedal this into a discussion of free healthcare, but the reality remains that much like school shootings, general self-destruction arises from misery. Leftism has brought misery. Leftism is over, and people are willing to face that fact after years of opposing it out of fear of change. However, change is upon us, because we are living in an empire of death.

  • The trade war shows China‚Äôs economic dream is dying. Beijing now has a choice: open up or stagnate

    China was always a paper tiger built on rigid ideological obedience, much as the Soviet Union was. It was able to buy Obama, but not Trump, and now the pushback has begun in earnest. This means that China will fade, its house of cards of an economy will fall, and war will begin.

  • Home prices in Vancouver are quadruple what average millennial can afford: report

    These massive housing price leaps are caused by Chinese buying up Western real estate because they want to get their money out of the paper tiger economy. Your average Chinese person wants to make his money and get out, and that need will — much like their demand for Pangolin scales is killing the species — strangle the West when we get population replaced by ethnic Chinese.

  • France busts neo-Nazi cell over plot against Jewish, Muslim places of worship

    People are tired of diversity. Instead of lashing out against one group, they are targeting them all, hoping to raise the cost of living among French to the point that the Others leave.

  • The disturbing return of scientific racism

    They thought they could suppress learning by making it politically unacceptable. As it turns out, race and ethnicity are genetic and have real consequences, and so people are looking into this instead of accepting the Leftist idea that “we are all equal” and “we are all one.”

  • Colorado Christian cakeshop sued a third time for discrimination

    Neurotics want to force all of us to accept them. When there was a clear majority, this seemed to make sense as a means of ending discrimination. Now that every group wants its own power, this becomes insane, since their values and behaviors clash. With luck, this will lead to the downfall of the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964, and the associated laws which make government into an enforcer of equality instead of protector of the founding ethnic group of this nation.

  • Ethnic massacre in central Mali leaves 95 dead, officials say

    Diversity not working anywhere. When you have more than one group, you have set up a competition for domination, since a group can either be conquered or conqueror but not both, and the conquered live in fear. Diversity destroys nations and ends in genocide.

  • UK said to have foiled 2015 Hezbollah London bomb plot, then covered it up

    Diversity means that those who want to destroy us walk among us. Do all Muslims want to kill us? Let us rephrase that: all foreign groups want to conquer us because they have no choice. Either they conquer us, or they are conquered, and they must repudiate their origins because those failed in comparison to our better methods and standards, including genetics.

  • Watchdog: Abuse and neglect in nursing facilities unreported

    Generation X laughs. We opposed the Greatest Generations and Boomers — these two groups act identically — when they wanted diversity so they could have cheap health care. Now that they are getting thrown down stairs, killed with the wrong drugs, and so forth, we are shrugging and saying both, “I told you so” and “this is not my problem to fix.”

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