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Virginity Explosion Reveals The Isolation And Promiscuity Of Modern People

As if cementing the unfortunate fact that modernity, by liberating people from the social order and context they depend on, creates many lonely people. When there was social order, everyone had a place; now, we have created a free-for-all where some take more than their share, and many others simply go without because they are unable to find a place.

A traditional order after all is a cascading hierarchy, not the binary hierarchy (leaders versus masses) that we have today. In a traditional order, cities are smaller, and most people live in towns where everyone has a role. Each person has a specialty of some kind, meaning that all have roles and no one is truly extraneous.

Modern society, following the wisdom of crowds and factories, turns people into interchangeable parts. You are only what you are worth having jumped through the right hoops and found the right job, but this means that you have no specific role. You are more mass labor, thousands running at the gap like disposable heroes in wars, and no one has an exclusive role except at the very top.

The result is that modern people are soul-crushingly lonely and compensate for that with a number of activities which are essentially empty and thus harmful to their well-being. For example, witness this social media effort to get women to have sex with male virgins:

ANYway, the challenge is for each girl to find ONE virgin in their life (LEGAL please! we dont want our sluts to get in trouble for [expletive deleted] a 15 year old…like i did…ANYwayyy) and approach them to offer to help them out of their serious condition.

…Ok, so the short version!
1) SSC girls, find a virgin. Here or on your own.
2) SSC virgin guys, reply ONCE saying you’re interested and generally where you are.
3) Find and [expletive deleted] each other! (this is the fun part in case you werent sure)

When people are lonely, and cannot form real connections, they rely on a mental subterfuge which says that if you act out a thing of meaning, you obtain the meaning. In this way, those who pretend they are in love can claim they are in love, or at least had a significant but fleeting experience, which appeals to the prole romanticism of the herd.

But in the end, everyone is still lonely. The act ends… the actors withdraw… silence and darkness descend on the stage.

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